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Voix du Congo

From 2017 onwards, IPIS has embarked on a collaboration with non-governmental organisations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), called «Voix du Congo». These organisations operate in different Congolese provinces and have worked around diverse topics. Within the framework of the «Voix du Congo» project, organisations are invited to share research on human rights issues related to mining activities in eastern DRC.

The publications, including the analyses and recommendations presented, are based on the research conducted by our Congolese partners and solely belong to them. IPIS’ input remains limited to providing the necessary support and guidance in terms of structuring and reviewing the publications, and to supporting the dissemination of these articles by making them available on its own website.

The «Voix du Congo» publications in no way represent IPIS’ research or views, but provide an insight into how civil society organisations in DRC work and analyse the issues and realities they are confronted with