Voix du Congo: Misisi, why so many incidents in the gold supply chain?

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In the “Voix du Congo” series, the non-profit organisation “Action pour la paix et le développement” (APDE) presents a study of incidents in the gold supply chain in Misisi, DRC. This study is published in the “Voix du Congo” series, a series of publications by local partners and that aims to bring their work to a wider audience.

APDE is an NGO with a socio-legal, apolitical and non-confessional vocation; their researchers specialise in the mining & human rights fields and are able to carry out concrete actions such as : restoring peace in the mining and agricultural sector, conflict prevention and resolution, sustainable development of Congolese citizens, …


The study : “Misisi, why so many incidents in the gold supply chain”

At the end of 2018, IPIS developed, with the support of the social company Ulula (Toronto, Canada), a reporting and tracking system for incidents in the artisanal mining sector in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  This system has since been used by a number of local NGOs working in South Kivu, DRC.  NGOs have joined together in a platform with the objective of combining their efforts to facilitate the resolution of mining-related incidents in their respective fields of action in order to make the gold supply chain more accountable. The system allows anyone who witnesses an incident to report it by sending the word “kufatilia” to the numbers 08 50 29 12 51, 08 24 44 33 91 or 09 74 72 91 00, from a Congolese line. The system then generates a questionnaire that the informant can fill out anonymously. Civil society organisations associated with this project have access to an online database of incidents. This platform allows organisations to work together to monitor and evaluate reported incidents.

One particular mining area has caught the attention of APDE, Misisi. Every month, incidents are reported there by local stakeholders (from November 2018 to the end of July 2019, 28 incidents were reported, including 10 fatal accidents). This has prompted APDE to conduct an investigation to find the causes of the latter and propose solutions.

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The “Voix du Congo” series

IPIS supports non-governmental organisations in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and provides the support and platform to disseminate their research results, within the framework of the project “Voix du Congo”.

The opinions and facts reported in these reports do not, in any way, reflect IPIS or IPIS’ researchers’ positions but give an insight into the way Congolese civil society organisations work and analyse the problems and realities they face.

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