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IPIS has significant experience in working on research and capacity building projects for a variety of entities. Partners and clients have included NGOs from the global North and South, governments, international organisations, intergovernmental institutions, and companies.

As an independent research institute our services are sought after because of the high quality of our research, the integrity and expertise of our staff and the impartiality of our work.

IPIS has a particular expertise in

  • security and natural resource exploitation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • international arms transfer controls and defence logistics
  • the obligations of business regarding human rights, in particular due diligence processes as they relate to the extractives sector
  • using Geographic Information System (GIS) based solutions to map and analyse conflict motives, most notably the relation between natural resources and armed conflict

IPIS’ technical know-how focusses on data management, statistics and map making.  Our technical consultancy options are listed here.

Support for NGOs

Our knowledge of the international arms trade, the extractives industry, and the social, political, cultural, security and economic situation on the ground in African Great Lakes has enabled us to support the valuable work of NGOs devoted to peace, development and human rights through innumerable projects. IPIS works with and for ngo’s in the global North and South. Recent work includes research for and support of the Kimberley Process Civil Society, research on pastoralism in the Central African Republic for the British ngo Concordis and training on artisanal and small-scale mining mapping in Zimbabwe for the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA).  Previous work for ngo’s included a business and human rights analysis of the oil extractive sector for ActionAid Uganda, a study on perceptions of local communities on mining reform initiatives in the DRC for EurAc/Humanity United, and case work on arms transfers for Amnesty International.

In addition to its research, IPIS offers capacity enhancement for partners in the Global South and serves as a platform to disseminate their reports and findings through IPIS’ Voices from the South series.

Although we often carry out research for campaigning organisations, we do not engage in campaigning and lobbying activities, this to ensure the unbiased nature of our reporting.

Policy-oriented service for Governments and International/ Intergovernmental Organisations

We offer analysis, policy advice and capacity building to governments in the Global North and South. IPIS is conducting research and produces maps on natural resources, business and human rights and conflict in DRC, Central African Republic and Tanzania. Aside from projects undertaken for intergovernmental organisations and international institutions, a number of our staff have formerly worked as UN experts on topics related to our field of research.

Through the IPIS briefing and IPIS’ Arms Trade Bulletin, IPIS provides regular and valuable insights and news overviews for a wide audience of practicioners, government officials, humanitarian aid workers and researchers.

Business Consultancy for Companies

IPIS’ expertise and contacts have enabled us to assist companies to obtain crucial information or analysis needed to inform investigations and due diligence practices, and manage country risk. Requests for information are undertaken for a fee and should be directed in the first instance to

Technical Consultancy overview

For an overview of the technical subjects we can provide help for, such as data collection and (web-)maps, see our dedicated page on technical consultancy.

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