Voix du Congo: Taxation and parafiscality in artisanal mining in Tanganyika, DRC

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This publication, by the non-profit organization “Commission Diocésaine Justice et Paix” (CDJP Kalemie-Kirungu), presents a study on the legal and illegal taxation of artisanal mining activities by various actors in the province of Tanganyika, DRC.

Artisanal mining is an activity that employs several thousand people in Tanganyika. Despite a 2002 law aiming at organising and formalising artisanal mining, neither the state nor local communities receive benefits from mining operations, and dysfunctions are multiple.

In addition to being an aide-memoire on the taxation and parafiscal system of the artisanal mining sector, this study highlights the weaknesses identified in the collection of taxes and other duties as well as the responsibilities for these weaknesses. One issue that emerged was the difference between legal payments and payments that are actually made.

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