Voix du Congo: Sexual exploitation of underage girls in the mining areas of South Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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This publication, by the non-profit association “Centre pour l’Education, Animation et Défense des Droits de l’Homme” CEADHO, presents a research on the sexual exploitation of underage girls in mining areas in South Kivu.

The sexual exploitation of underage girls in mining areas is an increasingly recurrent phenomenon in South Kivu and is taking on a more worrying dimension in this part of the DRC. The most worrisome aspect is that the abuse of these children takes place in full view of the administrative, military, and police authorities.

The situation of underage girls in mining areas is so worrisome that NGOs specialising in Human Rights are implementing strategies to alleviate the suffering of this particularly vulnerable category of people.

This article shows the consequences of these sexual abuses based on a survey conducted in six different areas. The causes of these abuses are also analysed.

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The “Voix du Congo” series

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