Voix du Congo: Fraud and mineral smuggling in the territory of Kalehe, South Kivu

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This publication, by the “Centre National d’Appui au Développement et à la Participation Populaire” (CENADEP), presents a study on the channels of mineral fraud and smuggling in Kalehe (South Kivu) and, more specifically, the case of the Numbi/Lumbishi supply chain.

In Kalehe territory, Numbi’s supply chain is one of the most important because it can produce up to 30 tons of ore per month (coltan and cassiterite). Its coltan is highly valued for its grade. Numbi’s mining area is also characterised by persistent insecurity due to the presence of several armed groups in the surrounding areas, the persistence of certain conflicts at mining sites, and allegations of mineral fraud and smuggling.

This report attempts to highlight the drivers of mineral fraud and smuggling, to detail the routes of mineral fraud and smuggling in Numbi/Lumbishi, and will present recommendations to mitigate this issue.

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