Voix du Congo: Monitoring incidents in artisanal supply chains in the Rubaya mining zone, Masisi territory, North Kivu

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In the ‘Voix du Congo‘ series, Pole Institute presents a study on incidents in artisanal supply chains in the Rubaya mining area, Masisi territory in North Kivu province (DRC).

This study focuses on incidents reported between September 2019 and June 2020 via the “Kufatilia” platform in the Rubaya Mining Zone, Masisi Territory, North Kivu Province. It focuses on different categories of incidents: mining accidents armed attacks, armed robberies or other cases of violence around mining sites, illegal barriers & fraud, child labor and environmental problems.

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The ‘Voix du Congo’ series

IPIS supports non-governmental organisations in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and provides the support and platform to disseminate their research results, within the framework of the project “Voix du Congo”. The opinions and facts reported in these reports do not, in any way, reflect IPIS or IPIS’ researchers’ positions but give an insight into the way Congolese civil society organisations work and analyse the problems and realities they face.

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