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Welcome to Kufatilia, the ASM Incident Tracker developed by IPIS in collaboration with the Expertise Centre on Mining Governance (CEGEMI) based in Bukavu, and powered by Ulula. The ASM Incident Tracker is a tool for Congolese civil society organisations to report and monitor incidents in Eastern DRC in a transparent, independent and participatory way.

The reported incidents, in line with Annex II of the OECD Guidance on Responsible Minerals Sourcing, include accidents, violence, child labor, environmental degradation, corruption, roadblocks, etc.

This system allows anyone witnessing an incident to alert partner organizations by sending the word “kufatilia” (which means “to report” in Swahili) to the 08 50 29 12 51 (Orange) / 08 24 44 33 91 (Vodacom) / 09 74 72 91 00 (Airtel) from a Congolese telephone line. The system automatically creates an incident survey which can be anonymously filled by the informer in Swahili, French or English. 18 civil society organisations which have been working with miners’ communities for many years are involved in this project. These organisations have access to the incidents online database. Therefore, they can work together to validate, follow-up and evaluate the reported incidents in a transparent, independent and participatory way.

Screenshot of the questionnaire generated when “Kufatilia” is sent by text message.

Screenshot of the web application for managing the incident database available to partner civil society organisations.

For more information, please check our Ground-based incident reporting Progress Report 1, Progress Report 2, Progress Report 3 or Final Report. This project was financed by the European Partnership for Responsible Mining (EPRM).

View Final Report on Incident Monitoring (2018-2019)

The dashboard below has been conceived to allow local authorities and other stakeholders to visualise validated incidents and their status regarding follow-up by partner organisations. Authorities can thus monitor the evolution of the number of incidents as well as their different status: under monitoring, persistent, unresolved or resolved.

Kufatilia Dashboard

Access Kufatilia dashboard