Author : Mieke Thierens

Webmap “Business and Human Rights in Tanzania”

18 août 2021

This interactive map presents an overview of the main project activities and output that IPIS and its project partners CHRAGG and BHRT have delivered as part of their project to “Improve monitoring, research and dialogue on Business and Human Rights in Tanzania ”. This project ran from December 2017 until February 2021. The map locates project activities in Tanzania and allows you to find out more

L’exploitation minière artisanale à Beni-Mbau

L’exploitation minière artisanale à Beni-Mbau : Etat des lieux et cartographie des sites miniers

30 octobre 2020

Dans le cadre du consortium « Ensemble pour Beni », l’OIM, l’IPIS, l’ASSODIP et l’ASADHO ont réalisé une évaluation de base du secteur minier artisanal dans le territoire de Beni. Ce rapport donne une vue d’ensemble du secteur et analyse les possibilités de promouvoir des chaînes d’approvisionnement en minéraux responsables.

IPIS Briefing September 2020

IPIS Briefing September 2020 – The human rights impact of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

8 octobre 2020

The IPIS briefing offers a selection of articles, news and updates on natural resources, armed conflict, Business & Human Rights and arms trade.  Every month, an editorial and related publications shed a light on a specific topic in IPIS’ areas of research. In focus: The human rights impact of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. In the news: Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligar


The impact of Covid-19 on artisanal mining communities in northern Tanzania

4 août 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, IPIS closely monitors the impact of the pandemic on 3T+G mines and national supply chains in Tanzania, the Central African Republic (CAR) and the DR Congo. Through structured quantitative and qualitative data collection, IPIS measures the impact on a large amount of mining sites. IPIS is working through its long-established network of local surveyors wh

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