Annual report 2016

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In its 2016 annual report, IPIS gives an overview of its research projects and activities. It covers the four research programmes that IPIS focusses on: natural resources, arms trade, conflict mapping and business and human rights. In 2016, IPIS continued to be a rally point for hard to get data on natural resources, often visualised in maps. Our flagship map for 2016 is the interactive map of artisanal mining areas in eastern DRC. In its arms trade programme, the Larcier publication of a commentary on the ATT and the development of e-learning modules on this treaty, stand out. IPIS has deepened its expertise and widened its network on Business and Human Rights and has engaged in a new programme on human rights and mining and Tanzania. Due attention is given to capacity enhancement, both as an element of all IPIS activities and a research area in its own right.


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IPIS Annual Report 2016