Arms Trade & Security

IPIS’ Jaarrapport 2018


Het jaarrapport van 2018 geeft een overzicht van de IPIS’ onderzoeksprojecten, capaciteitsversterking en ‘outreach’-activiteiten van het afgelopen jaar. IPIS heeft haar werk in de DRC, Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek en Tanzania geconsolideerd en haar expertise op het gebied van mapping, data-analyse en onderzoek van conflict motieven, natuurlijke rijkdommen, bedrijven & mensenrechten en wapenhandel. IPIS heeft het […]

Arms Trade Bulletin May – June 2019


Arms proliferation still undermining peace prospects in LibyaThe chaos within Libya has given rise to a score of armed groups. Porous borders and the cross-border proliferation of arms and ammunition enables these armed groups to engage in a wide variety of illegal activities, which in turn undermine peace and security in Libya and the neighbouring […]

IPIS’ Annual Report 2018


This 2018 annual report provides an overview of IPIS’ research projects, capacity enhancement and outreach activities throughout last year. IPIS consolidated its work in DRC, Central African Republic and Tanzania and deepened its expertise on mapping, data analysis and research on conflict drivers, natural resources, Business & Human Rights and arms trade. IPIS worked closely […]

Anti-Diversion Measures. Real-Time Locating Systems


Diversion is largely a self-inflicted problem that stems from negligence by states, militaries, and civilians (Small Arms Survey, 2008). The illicit trade of small arms and light weapons remains a serious problem internationally and in many countries. To prevent the illicit trade States call for responsible arms export control systems to be put in place. […]