Democratic Republic of the Congo, mining contracts – state of affairs. The Congo wants to raise the profits of its mining sector.

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IPIS, Antwerp March 25, 2008, On Thursday 20 March the Congolese government published the final report of the Interministerial Commission for the Revisitation of Mining Contracts (the “Revisitation Commission”). The publication had been announced two days earlier in a press release from the Ministry of Mines.
With the publication, a first phase is completed. The next stage should be that the government engages in renegotiations with private companies in order to obtain a new partition of mining revenues and thus a larger share for the poverty-ridden DRC.
The report, which is dated November 2007, consists of two parts. The first part (228 pages) analyses the mining contracts the state concluded directly with private enterprises and the partnerships of the state- owned enterprises EMK-Mn, Okimo, Miba, Sodimico and Sakima2. The second part, containing 246 pages, focusses on the partnerships concluded by the state-owned company Gécamines. Both parts can be found on the website of the Ministry of Mines.


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