Cartes du Commerce des Armes et de la Sécurité

La gestion du matériel létal dans les situations de conflit : actuels défis et opportunités pour la Facilité européenne pour la paix

Ce document, fruit d’une collaboration entre Eric G. Berman (directeur de l’initiative « Sauvegarde des Stocks du Secteur de la Sécurité» (S⁴)) et de IPIS, montre que les niveaux de perte de personnel en uniforme servant dans des opérations soutien de la paix dans la région du bassin du lac Tchad sous l’égide de la Force multinationale

Defence-related companies in Africa

Africa’s domestic defence industry remains relatively unknown. Therefore, the International Peace Information Service (IPIS) and Omega Research Foundation have compiled a database of the main entities comprising this industry, including companies that manufacture, assemble or maintain: arms and ammunition; aeronautical components; vehicles; as well as importing and management companies. This data has been mapped to

Maps of Arms Trade & Security

Infographic – The ATT, arms trade to Saudi-Arabia and violence in Yemen

The ongoing war in Yemen has transformed into a humanitarian catastrophe of unknown magnitude. Civilian casualties, estimated in the millions, continue to rise as do the number facing severe famine. Saudi Arabia and other parties to the Yemeni conflict stand accused of repeatedly violating international humanitarian law. In spite of these allegations, countries continue to

Arms Trade Corridors to Burundi

Burundi has seen a period of unrest following the failed coup d’état by a Burundian general in May 2015. In order to better understand the situation, IPIS drafted a new map entitled ‘Arms transport to Burundi’, which puts the 2015 unrest in the geographical perspective of the Great Lakes region and in the relevant timeframe

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