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Voix du Congo: Misisi gold, a polluted supply chain. Causes and consequences.

24 januari 2022

In this Voix du Congo publication, the Congolese civil society organisation Action for Peace and Development (APDE) analyses mining-related incidents reported via the “Kufatilia” platform between July 2020 and June 2021 in the mining region of Misisi.

Evaluating Due Diligence Programs for Conflict Minerals

29 maart 2021

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act requires that US-listed companies sourcing so-called “conflict minerals” from Africa’s Great Lakes region conduct due diligence. Since January 2021, the EU imposes its 3TG importers to conduct due diligence in line with the OECD Guidelines (for a comparison between the two regulations, see IPIS Insight: Regulating Responsible Sourcing of 3TG Minerals). D

Voix du Congo: Analysis of incidents in 3TG supply chains in Walungu and Kabare, South-Kivu, DRC

2 februari 2021

Since November 2018, International Peace Information Service (IPIS) has been implementing the “Kufatilia” project which aims at strengthening transparency in the monitoring of incidents related to artisanal mining.

Suivi des incidents Nord Kivu

Monitoring van incidenten in de ambachtelijke toeleveringsketens in het Rubaya-mijngebied, Masisi-gebied, provincie Noord-Kivu

15 december 2020

Een publicatie in de reeks: VOIX DU CONGO In de reeks ‘Voix du Congo’, stelt Pole Institute’ een studie voor over incidenten in de artisanale toeleveringsketens in het Rubaya-mijngebied, Masisi-gebied in de provincie Noord-Kivu (DRC).  Deze studie richt zich op incidenten die tussen september 2019 en juni 2020 zijn gemeld via het “Kufatilia”-platform in het Rubaya-mijngebied, Masisi-territorium, p

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