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The research programme Natural Resources brings in-depth research on the exploitation of natural resources and puts into perspective issues such as the redistribution of rents, poor governance and corruption, and the financing of conflicts.

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Kufatilia wint de 2021 Stop Slavery Award

De 2021 Stop Slavery Award, toegekend door de Thomson Reuters Foundation, is toegekend aan Ulula voor het project Kufatilia, in de categorie “samenwerking”. Kufatilia is een tracker voor incidenten in de artisanale en kleinschalige mijnbouw (ASM), ontwikkeld door IPIS en mogelijk gemaakt door Ulula. Het is een instrument voor Congolese maatschappelijke organisaties om incidenten in


Kufatilia – Towards a more responsible gold supply chain in eastern DRC

Artisanal and small-scale gold is widely used in the electronics industry. But gold is also the predominant conflict mineral in eastern Congo, where it is illegally traded to fund armed actors. Artisanal gold is difficult to trace, and because of its volume it can be easily smuggled. Few gold mines in eastern Congo are officially

Supporting mining cooperatives in Beni

The population of Beni Territory has been victim of deadly violence since 2014, following the presence of national and foreign armed groups such as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebellion and Mai Mai groups. The stabilisation project ‘Ensemble pour Beni’ aims to address insecurity and promote stability in the territory through a variety of initiatives,

Story map DRC

Story Map of ASM Sites in the DRC

Explore IPIS’ eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) webmap with a guided narrative. In its new story map, IPIS presents data gathered on eastern DRC’s artisanal mining sector and highlights key information from its reports investigating the interactions between natural resources and conflict dynamics in the region.

ICGLR Database

IPIS’ successful handover of the Regional Mineral Database to ICGLR

IPIS finalised the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Regional Database on Mineral Flow and successfully handed it over to the organisation. Once operational, this web-based database will be gathering and updating data on mine sites, chain of custody, and exporters.

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