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The research programme Natural Resources brings in-depth research on the exploitation of natural resources and puts into perspective issues such as the redistribution of rents, poor governance and corruption, and the financing of conflicts.

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New 5-year project aiming to empower communities and civil society to foster justice and human rights in Tanzania’s natural resource sector

In 2022, IPIS launched new work on the human rights impact of the natural resource sector in Tanzania. Our new five-year project “Empowering Tanzanian communities and civil society to foster justice & human rights in natural resource governance” builds on the expertise IPIS has been developing on northern Tanzania’s small- and large-scale mining sector as

Feedback session: Sharing the results of the data collected in Shabunda

Since 2021, IPIS undertakes another large-scale mapping effort of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sites in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), – in partnership with USAID and the Congolese Ministry of Mines (through its technical service SAEMAPE).   The project aims to provide observers, supply chain actors and policymakers with reliable data to understand artisanal mineral supply chains and

KP CSC Highlights of 2021

At the start of this new year the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition looks back on the previous one with these highlights from 2021

Kufatilia wint de 2021 Stop Slavery Award

De 2021 Stop Slavery Award, toegekend door de Thomson Reuters Foundation, is toegekend aan Ulula voor het project Kufatilia, in de categorie “samenwerking”. Kufatilia is een tracker voor incidenten in de artisanale en kleinschalige mijnbouw (ASM), ontwikkeld door IPIS en mogelijk gemaakt door Ulula. Het is een instrument voor Congolese maatschappelijke organisaties om incidenten in


Kufatilia – Towards a more responsible gold supply chain in eastern DRC

Artisanal and small-scale gold is widely used in the electronics industry. But gold is also the predominant conflict mineral in eastern Congo, where it is illegally traded to fund armed actors. Artisanal gold is difficult to trace, and because of its volume it can be easily smuggled. Few gold mines in eastern Congo are officially


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