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Jan Leysen

Jan Leysen

As IPIS’ project officer for the DRC, Jan supports IPIS’ partners in the implementation of joint projects and advocacy work and collaborates closely with partners on a number of projects. Previously, Jan worked for 11.11.11 as a volunteer coach in the province of Antwerp. After that, he worked on capacity building projects for the Belgian NGOs …

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Markus Fahlbusch

Markus Fahlbusch is a human rights researcher with a current focus on arms trade and business & human rights. He also worked in the field of migration. Markus studied law in Germany, France and Belgium. He holds a PhD in European human rights law and an LL.M. in International and European law.  He joined IPIS …

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Lies Sebrechts

Lies has a professional background in financial auditing and consultancy. She holds a master’s degree in applied economics at the KU Leuven (Belgium) and majored in finance and accountancy. She started working for IPIS on a part time basis in February 2022 to support the financial administration of the organisation. As she is passionate about skiing and loves being in nature, the mountains are …

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Lisa Loeper

Lisa joined IPIS’ team as programme manager in February 2022. She is responsible for managing the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of all programmes and projects of IPIS and is the contact person for all programme-relevant networks and platforms. In her work, she focuses on conflict resolution in the Great Lakes region, encouraging a feminist and gender sensitive approach …

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Laure Gerig

Laure studied international relations at Sciences Po Strasbourg and holds a master’s degree in conflict and development studies form Sciences Po Lille. She has a strong interest in the mineral and human rights implications of the energy transition as well as in sustainable development dynamics in the central Africa region. In 2020, Laure interned and worked …

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Patrick Vanderstukken

Patrick Vanderstukken

Patrick started working at IPIS as a Financial Controller in October 2020 to support the financial processes. Previously Patrick worked for 34 years at KBC Bank & Insurances mainly in different IT functions, technical as well as management related with budget planning, follow up and reporting. He also worked for 4 years at the Belgian …

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Ellen Talloen

Ellen Talloen is supporting the further development of the IPIS organization and initiatives, by contributing a flavor of her finance and corporate administration experienced built up at PwC, Danone Deutschland, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen and currently Woonpunt Mechelen.

Patient Birindiwa

Since January 2020, Patient BIRINDWA has been the focal point in the project “Improving social security and cohesion and human rights in mining areas in eastern DRC”, in consortium with International Alert, OGP and Eurac. From June 2018 to January 2020, Patient worked as an assistant to the focal point of IPIS and was responsible …

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Thomas Muller

Thomas joined the IPIS team in September 2019 as GIS & Data officer. He provides a scientific support to projects related to the exploitation of natural resources and conflict mapping in Sub-Saharan Africa. This includes developing scientific research methods on data collection and analysis, conceiving and developing digital tools for data visualisation and managing the IPIS …

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Julien Marquet

Julien started working at IPIS as logistics and partners support officer in September 2019. Previously Julien worked as a logistician for Médecins sans frontières and Médecins du monde in Belgium, in the DRC and in Haïti. He also worked as a Technical Manager both for governmental actors and in the private sector. Julien is passionate …

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Liliana Lizarazo Rodriguez

Liliana Lizarazo Rodriguez joined IPIS as an associate researcher in 2019. She is an expert in the areas of Business & Human Rights, law and sustainable development, international economic law and judicial adjudication. Liliana is attorney at law at the West Flanders Bar (Belgium), at the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid (Spain) and in …

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Jean-François Thalo

Jean-François is a development and humanitarian professional with extensive experience in project management and research coordination. He joined IPIS in 2019, as Field coordinator for the project of “Mapping artisanal and small-scale mining sites in Western Central Africa Republic”. Prior to joining IPIS, Jean-François managed several UN and INGOs projects supporting refugees and local populations …

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Erik Gobbers

Erik Gobbers holds master degrees in Biology (University of Ghent), Biomedical Sciences (Free University of Brussels) and Political Science (Free University of Brussels). He is a voluntary researcher at the Department of Political Science of the Free University of Brussels, focusing on the socio-political dynamics of urban ethnic associations in the former province of Katanga, …

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Elard Mawala

Elard Mawala is a development professional with extensive experience in project management and research coordination for a number of local and international organizations. He joined IPIS in 2017, as project manager for the “Mapping of the socio-economic and human rights situation of artisanal and industrial mining in northwest Tanzania”. Prior to joining IPIS, Elard worked …

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Mieke Thierens

Mieke has a PhD in Geology (National University Ireland, Cork) and a Master in Political and Social Science (Conflict and Development studies, Ghent University). She has previously worked as an academic researcher on international palaeo-climate and marine sedimentology projects (AWI Bremerhaven and Columbia University New York) and as a project administrator for the Development Education …

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Saartje Boutsen

Saartje Boutsen joined the IPIS Board in 2016. Mrs. Boutsen is currently advisor Environment & Sustainable Business at the Flemish Chamber of Commerce. Before she was CSR Manager in the Belgian private sector, and also project coordinator and advocacy officer for the Belgian/Flemish NGO Vredeseilanden.

Jean Reynaert

Jean Reynaert joined the IPIS Board in 2016. Mr. Reynaert is former Director of the Belgian/Flemish NGO Federation and former policy advisor and programme coordinator of 11.11.11.

Han Verleyen

Han started as IPIS’ project officer in March 2022. She supports IPIS’ partners to implement joint projects and advocacy work and collaborates closely with partners in Tanzania and with the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition. Han has been with IPIS since 2016.  Previously she worked with Amnesty International as coordinator of the Policy and Movement …

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Didier Verbruggen

Didier Verbruggen has a longstanding career as a researcher and consultant on natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa. He has published on a broad range of issues including mining sector governance, the Kimberley Process and OECD due diligence.

Hans Merket

Hans Merket is a researcher focusing on the link between natural resources and conflict, development and human rights. Hans has among others worked on a grass-roots monitoring pilot for artisanal gold mining in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on the human rights impact of small and large-scale mining in Tanzania and on the operationalisation of …

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