China North Industries Corporation Working paper 2

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The International Peace Information Service (IPIS) and the Omega Research Foundation (Omega) have undertaken a comprehensive review of one of China’s largest state-owned companies.
Norinco – known formally as China North Industries Group (CNGC) was established in 1999 and it consists of at least 46 member units which then have several subordinate companies, joint ventures and associate companies. CNGCs main purpose is to research, develop and manufacture weapons and military equipment for the Chinese armed forces. To accomplish this primary task CNGC combines military research objectives with civil development and production enterprises and often the two are difficult to separate.

Our previous Working Paper (October 2014) focussed on the structure of CNGC, listing its Member Units and the associated subsidiaries, joint ventures and associate companies. In this paper we focus our attention upon one Member Unit, namely China North Industries Corporation (Norinco).

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