Mapping artisanal mining sites in the Western Central African Republic (2019)

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This report presents an analysis of the artisanal mining sector in western Central African Republic (CAR) and outlines some of the challenges surrounding gold and diamond mining, trade and export. From April to July 2019, the International Peace Information Service (IPIS), in partnership with national authorities, carried out a mapping of artisanal mining sites in western CAR. A total of 322 sites were visited in 7 prefectures. Of these, 201 exclusively mined gold, 61 exclusively mined diamonds and 60 mined both gold and diamonds.


Download the full report


The report is accompanied by an interactive Webmap presenting the results of the data collection. Click here to open it in a new tab or download the webmap fact sheet (pdf).

IPIS also produced a static map presenting the artisanal mining sites in western CAR.


Download the static map


Finally, you can access the dataset on IPIS Open Data page.

The report was produced in partnership with the Artisanal Mining and Property Rights Project (USAID AMPR).