Central African Republic

Central African Republic – Ouham-Pende Basemap

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Each year the annual migration of transnational transhumance through the prefecture of Ouham-Pende, in northwestern Central African Republic (CAR), uproots a deep-seated mistrust between nomadic and sedentary communities. Escalating militancy and environmental pressures in the region has only amplified these issues in recent years. These maps, created by IPIS, detail the towns, villages, roads, IDP […]

The Politics of Pillage: the political economy of roadblocks in the Central African Republic

IPIS puts roadblocks on the map as key mechanism of conflict funding besides natural resources, revealing its devastating scope in funding armed actors in Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic Mapping over a thousand roadblocks, IPIS uncovers the shocking extent of armed predation on trade routes in conflict-ridden Central Africa. Roadblocks, IPIS claims, […]

« Laissez-piller » L’économie politique des barrières routières en République centrafricaine

IPIS, l’institut belge de recherche, dresse la carte des barrages routiers et pointe leur rôle clé dans les mécanismes de financement des conflits en Afrique centrale et des acteurs armés en République démocratique du Congo(RDC) et en République centrafricaine. Deux rapports de IPIS  révèlent l’étendue de l’emprise des acteurs armés sur les routes commerciales en […]

Pastoralism corridors in Central African Republic

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While pastoralism can generates wealth and economic interdependence between farmers and cattle herders, it can also causes tension and conflicts. In the current Central African Republic crisis context, transnational livestock migrations, particularly by Chadian and Sudanese herdsmen to CAR, have led to clashes between pastoralists and the local population. IPIS has developed a map showing […]

République Centrafricaine: Portait d’un territoire riche en crises (2012 – 2017)

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This poster is a compilation of maps and graphics related to the situation in the Central African Republic. A map of natural resources and poaching corridors presents the known wealth of this country, often considered as conflict drivers in the absence of well functioning state authorities. A small map presents the current armed groups area […]

Natural Resources in Central African Republic

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With an area of 622 984km2, the Central African Republic is the 20th largest country in Africa and one of the poorest in the world.  Its economy is highly dependent of the primary sector. Whereas distribution of income is deeply unequal, the unstable political situation and the violent confrontations between different armed groups all around […]