Central African Republic

The impact of Covid-19 on Gold and Diamond artisanal mines in Western Central African Republic


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, IPIS closely monitors the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on 3T, Gold and Diamond mines and national supply chains in Tanzania, the Central African Republic (CAR) and the DR Congo. Through structured quantitative and qualitative data collection, IPIS measures the impact on a large amount of mining sites. […]

IPIS Briefing April 2020 – Incident Reporting on Gold Supply Chains in eastern DR Congo.


The IPIS briefing offers a selection of articles, news and updates on natural resources, armed conflict, Business & Human Rights and arms trade.  Every month, an editorial and related publications shed a light on a specific topic in IPIS’ areas of research. In focus: Mobile Phone-Based Incident Reporting – A Step Towards Cleaner Gold Supply […]

Cartographie des sites miniers artisanaux dans l’ouest de la Centrafrique

Le présent rapport constitue un diagnostic du secteur minier artisanal dans l’ouest de la République de Centrafrique (RCA) et présente les enjeux de l’exploitation, du commerce et de l’exportation de l’or et des diamants. D’avril à juillet 2019, l’International Peace Information Service (IPIS), en partenariat avec les autorités locales, a réalisé une cartographie des sites […]

Mapping artisanal mining sites in the Western Central African Republic

Pour accéder au rapport et à la carte en français, cliquez ici This report presents an analysis of the artisanal mining sector in western Central African Republic (CAR) and outlines some of the challenges surrounding gold and diamond mining, trade and export. From April to July 2019, the International Peace Information Service (IPIS), in partnership […]

Article – The Political Economy of Roadblocks in the Central African Republic

From September 2016 to September 2017, the International Peace Information Service (IPIS) and the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) conducted a mapping of roadblocks in the Central African Republic. This data collection campaign also features more than 200 interviews with various actors and was combined with data from other reports on roadblocks to form […]

Central African Republic – Ouham-Pende Basemap

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Each year the annual migration of transnational transhumance through the prefecture of Ouham-Pende, in northwestern Central African Republic (CAR), uproots a deep-seated mistrust between nomadic and sedentary communities. Escalating militancy and environmental pressures in the region has only amplified these issues in recent years. These maps, created by IPIS, detail the towns, villages, roads, IDP […]