Ambushed in Bangkok? The U.N. Panel on North Korea and the case of the IL-76 “4L-AWA”

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This new IPIS/Transarms report explains why the conclusion of the latest United Nations report on North Korea sanctions about an arms flight grounded in Thailand is not supported by facts, but based on a misalliance of wrong and misleading information gleaned both about the cargo aircraft. its flight and the entities involved, together with erroneous interpretations of standard aviation practices made by the UN Panel of experts on North Korea.

The authors of this report have analyzed the information presented by the Panel as evidence to support its claim against three individuals accused of being complicit in the organization of an illegal arms flight from North Korea. Regrettably, the conclusion is that those accusations are not supported by facts.

Unfortunately this is not the first time a UN Expert Panel report is failing in use of sound methodological practices, and with (possible) serious consequences.

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