Peter Danssaert

Arms Trade Bulletin March – April 2020


UNITED STATES SANCTIONS ENFORCEMENT POLICY On 9th March 2020 the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of State for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions presented the United States Government’s sanctions policy and future sanctions enforcement posture at an event organised by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The measures will impact the global maritime industry. (1) “The […]

Arms Trade Bulletin January – February 2020


THE LIBYAN CONUNDRUMSince ousting Gaddafi in 2011 Libya has succumbed into chaos. The country is since 2014/15 split into two factions: the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), which enjoys UN recognition, and the Tobruk-based Libyan House of Representatives. Despite a UN arms embargo both sides receive material support from various countries. The Libyan House […]

Arms Trade Bulletin November – December 2019


THE CASE FOR ON-SITE INSPECTIONS South Africa has decided to block arms exports to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Algeria after these countries refused to allow South African officials to inspect their facilities to verify compliance with the South African National Conventional Arms Control Act and South African National Conventional Arms Control Regulations. […]

IPIS Briefing December 2019 – Focus on defence-related companies in Africa


The IPIS briefing offers a selection of articles, news and updates on natural resources, armed conflict, Business & Human Rights and arms trade.  Every month, an editorial and related publications shed a light on a specific topic in IPIS’ areas of research. In focus: defence-related companies in Africa In the news:  human rights under pressure […]

Defence-related companies in Africa

DEFENCE-RELATED COMPANIES IN AFRICA Africa’s domestic defence industry remains relatively unknown. Therefore, the International Peace Information Service (IPIS) and Omega Research Foundation have compiled a database of the main entities comprising this industry, including companies that manufacture, assemble or maintain: arms and ammunition; aeronautical components; vehicles; as well as importing and management companies. This data […]

Arms Trade Bulletin May – June 2019


Arms proliferation still undermining peace prospects in LibyaThe chaos within Libya has given rise to a score of armed groups. Porous borders and the cross-border proliferation of arms and ammunition enables these armed groups to engage in a wide variety of illegal activities, which in turn undermine peace and security in Libya and the neighbouring […]

Anti-Diversion Measures. Real-Time Locating Systems


Diversion is largely a self-inflicted problem that stems from negligence by states, militaries, and civilians (Small Arms Survey, 2008). The illicit trade of small arms and light weapons remains a serious problem internationally and in many countries. To prevent the illicit trade States call for responsible arms export control systems to be put in place. […]