WEBINAR ALERT: Conflict diamonds are real, real talk is rare & affected communities want answers

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On 20 October 2021, the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KP CSC) is convening its second webinar of 2021 in the conversation on “Conflict diamonds are real, real talk is rare”. IPIS, as part of the KP CSC, is co-hosting this 90-minute webinar.

The webinar is an opportunity for the diamond and jewellery industries to continue engaging with the Coalition directly and learn more about what communities affected by diamonds truly want. The Coalition has identified three interconnected realities to focus on during this webinar:

  1. Conflict-free” does not mean what most people, including diamond jewelry consumers, think it means.
  2. People living in communities where mining is taking place, or are involved in mining themselves, often see their lives and needs being referenced, but they’re rarely directly asked what they actually want and need.
  3. Diamond buying due diligence measures are inadequate and human rights violations persist in diamond mining-affected communities.

“Responsible diamond sourcing may be an abstract concept, but there are very concrete actions businesses can take to start putting it into practice” – Shamiso Mtisi, Coordinator of the KP Civil Society Coalition

Leading up to this webinar, individual Coalition member organizations have been conducting country-specific field research in collaboration with IPIS, a sampling of which will be shared during the session. Additionally, the Coalition will highlight specific actions that the diamond and jewellery industries must take to reduce risks and support affected communities.

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