The management of lethal materiel in conflict settings

IPIS is working in close collaboration with the Safeguarding Security Sector Stockpiles (S⁴) Initiative and its director Eric Berman. In 2021, IPIS supported the publication of a first report entitled “The management of lethal materiel in conflict settings: existing challenges and opportunities for the European Peace Facility”. This study builds on the S⁴ dataset that includes more than 500 reported incidents of attacks on security and peacekeeping forces in the Lake Chad Basin region. To allow a wider dissemination of the results and thanks to Swedish government support, S⁴ and IPIS also produced a French and Chinese translation of the study.

To visualize the location of security sector stockpile losses, IPIS developed an interactive map of the region that allows users to filter the data and find details about selected incidents. S⁴ and IPIS aim to further expand the coverage of the interactive map by supplementing the attacks recorded, both in the Lake Chad Basin region and elsewhere in Western Africa.