Maps & Data

Printed maps

All the static maps done by IPIS and available on our website can be ordered as printed maps. These maps are either thematic or geographic and can be used to plan field activities, to share with your local partners or for decorative purposes. IPIS offers to print these maps and optionally have them shipped to …

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Open data dashboard

Open Data

Welcome to the IPIS Open Data page. IPIS publishes a growing number of datasets as Open Data. Here, you can find out how to access and use them. About our Open Data The International Peace Information Service (IPIS) publishes a selection of its datasets as Open Data. These datasets originate from our data collection campaigns …

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Every year, IPIS proudly hosts a handful of Missing Maps mapathons in its library, which it co-organises together with OpenStreetMap Belgium. Why do we organise this? NGOs working in the South need decent maps in order to reach people who need help – be it to deliver medication, plan their operations or respond to crises. However, …

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Stakeholder and power mapping tools

IPIS has developed a methodology to map stakeholders and power structures. Following an in depth study through interview and literature review, this approach uses modern visualisation techniques to create interactive tools that map and visualize the power dynamics in conflict and post-conflict areas. These tools can be used to describe local, provincial, national, regional and …

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IPIS Technical Consultancy

Over the years, IPIS has learned a lot about field-data collection, GIS mapping, data management and analysis, and development of visualisation tools such as interactive web-maps and dashboards. Do you prefer learning from an NGO with similar mapping or data-oriented projects as yours? We can help you! Insight into our technical support What can we …

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