IPIS is committed to gender equality and pays particular attention to cross-cutting themes for development cooperation in so far as they are relevant to the specific research we carry out. These are: environment (already part of sustainable entrepreneurship), gender (the position of women in artisanal mining), children’s rights (e.g. issues with child soldiers, child labour…), and social economy (e.g. cooperation in artisanal mining). Human rights figure as a transversal theme in all research programs.

Gender equality concerns equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women, men or any other individuals who do not fit the typical binary notions of women and men. Equality means that the responsibilities, rights and opportunities of all individuals do not depend on whether they are born male or female. Equality means taking into account the interests, needs and priorities of all individuals while recognising the diversity of the different gender identities. Gender equality must concern and involve the society as a whole1.

IPIS endorses and supports the initiatives that are being taken towards more gender equality in Belgian development cooperation. Just like the NGO federation, IPIS commits itself to create and maintain a positive momentum around gender equality within our organisation. IPIS therefore takes the necessary actions to realise its intentions on gender equality.