Brian Wood

Brian Wood


Brian Wood has been leading Amnesty International’s campaign for a strong global Arms Trade Treaty as Manager of Arms Control, Security Trade and Human Rights. An expert on the global arms trade, he has acted as a consultant to the United Nations on the prevention of illicit brokering in small arms and light weapons and […]

Opinion on the Legality of Arms Transfers to Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and other members of the coalition militarily involved in Yemen

This opinion addresses the legality under international law of the transfer of conventional arms and related equipment to the parties currently engaged in the conflict in Yemen. The opinion does not assess the legality of the export, import or sale of arms to those parties in the light of the domestic law of each supplying […]

Avis sur la légalité internationale des transferts d’armes vers l’Arabie saoudite, les Émirats arabes unis et les membres de la coalition militairement impliqués au Yémen

Le présent avis traite de la légalité, au regard du droit international, des transferts d’armes vers l’Arabie saoudite, les Émirats arabes unis et les membres de la Coalition militairement impliqués au Yémen. L’avis n’évalue pas la légalité de tels transferts à la lumière du droit interne de chaque État fournisseur, pas plus qu’il n’examine en […]

Surplus and Illegal Small Arms, Light Weapons and their Ammunition: the consequences of failing to dispose and safely destroy them

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This joint report by IANSA and IPIS documents recent failures in some countries across world regions to properly dispose of and destroy excess small arms and light weapons (SALW), and their ammunition. It illustrates the different ways that excessive, poorly secured, weapons, especially firearms and ammunition, leak out into the hands of abusers and to […]

Weapons and International Law: the Arms Trade Treaty

IPIS is pleased to announce its contribution to a new book on the Arms Trade Treaty published by Larcier. Weapons and International law: The Arms Trade Treaty gives a thorough legal and practical analysis of this important new legal instrument to regulate the global trade of the most commonly-used conventional arms. Amongst our IPIS personnel, Brian […]

Informal Expert Group Meeting, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), Vienna, 22–23 April 2015

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Between 22–23 April 2015 IPIS was invited to participate in a two-day informal expert group meeting for UNIDIR’s project “Examining Options and Models for Harmonization of End Use/r Control Systems” ( The objective of the informal expert meeting was to review common positions on practices and procedures, as well as to explore approaches and methods […]

A Code of Conduct for Arms Transport by Air. Transport Services under an Arms Trade Treaty Series

This report is a discussion of some key considerations for the development of and “Air Cargo Industry Voluntary Code of Conduct relating to the transport of arms, ammunition and other military equipment” (ACI Code). The purpose of such a Code is to encourage as many aviation companies and other actors as possible in the air […]