Arms Trade Highlights: March – April 2016

This edition of IPIS’ Arms Trade Bulletin highlights two international arms transfers that continue to create a stir in arms-related media coverage. These are namely, the Heckler & Koch arms deal with Mexico – inquiry into which has seen German journalists fall into the cross hairs of prosecuting authorities –, and the Franco-Saudi-Lebanese arms deal.

Mimicking the Turkish handling of journalists investigating illegal arms deals, German authorities are exhibiting an equally disturbing take on press freedom. The Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office has targeted several journalists for allegedly leaking ‘confidential information’ in the Heckler & Koch scandal. Here, the journalists in question had exposed the delivery of G36 assault rifles to certain states in Mexico in circumvention of Germany’s arms export laws. German regulations prohibit transfers to these states due to the high human rights risks in these localities. The accusations that lie at the heart of this scandal are based on internal documents from Heckler & Koch as well as from federal government ministries. “The documents suggest the German government may have colluded with H&K to circumvent its own export controls”. Whilst several newspapers have also reported on criminal charges brought against Heckler & Koch employees, including membership of a criminal organization, it would seem that no charges are currently being brought against those Federal ministry officials implicated. IPIS’s own request to consult the indictment has been denied by the regional court of Stuttgart.

The illegality of strikes and humanitarian catastrophy unfolding in the Yemeni conflict have seemingly had no influence on arms sales to the Middle East (business as usual, then). Indeed, April saw the Neue Zürcher Zeitung report that the Swiss government has now lifted its own ban on arms exports to the Middle East following pressure from industry. Other countries exporting military equipment to the Saudi led coalition include: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and France. It is diffcult to concieve of how these countries can still justify their authorisation of arms exports to Saudi Arabia in the face of overwhelming evidence of abuses committed with these weapons in Yemen.

Meanwhile, French and Saudi authorities have found a particularly unscrupulous and convenient way to sidestep relevant export controls seeking to ameliorate the adverse impacts of arms deliveries on Yemen’s population. Within the framework of a three-party deal, France has authorised the delivery of $3 billion of arms to the Lebanese army and $1 billion to the Lebanese internal security service – a deal financed by Saudi Arabia. The complex arrangement – known as DONAS (“donation Arabie Saoudite”) – involves 50 French companies in total, including Renault Trucks, Panhard and Nexter Systems. A first weapons shipment was delivered on 20 April 2015. Official sources state that this delivery contained dozens of armoured combat vehicles, half a dozen armed transport helicopters, artillery equipment such as CAESAR systems and 48 MILAN missiles. Further shipments under the deal have however suffered various delays and setbacks, including the news on 9 February 2016 that Saudia Arabia had “suspended” aid to Lebanon under DONAS. If media reports are well founded, chances are that arms deliveries will nevertheless contiune to go ahead regardless.

In a hearing before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French Parliament on 16 February 2016, the French ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Bertrand Besancenot, reassured the committee that Saudi Arabia had provided guarantees that it would, if necessary, acquire the weapons itself. If Saudi Arabia does indeed claim these weapons for its own use, it must be asked whether such a change in destination would conform with the requirements of the original export authorisation issued by France. Indeed, was this change of destination already envisaged in the original DONAS contract signed by the parties? This is certainly a state of affairs suggested by Ambassador Besancenot in addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee and hinting at certain contractual clauses that would allow the weapons to be reallocated to the Saudi military. If this is correct, one might ask whether the original export risk assessment required under French export control procedures incuded an assessment of Saudi Arabia as a possible end destination instead of Lebanon. If not, a new risk assessment will be needed before authorising the delivery of the weapons to Saudi Arabia. If, by contrast, a possible change of destination was not provided for in the original DONAS contract, a new risk assessment for this new destination will in any case need to be undertaken.

Public and parliamentary debate in France since the Saudis called off the DONAS deal suggests a specific motive behind France’s desire to maintain it: furtherance of the economic interests of the French government and French companies. Certainly, it does not appear to be motivated by any genuine desire to assit in strengthening the Lebanese army. This suspicion is supported by the allegation that French weapons delivered to Lebanon last year did not really match the Lebanese military’s needs. Thus, upholding the deal at any price seems to be the predominant concern, irrespective of who the recipient might be and what they might use the arms for. Here, issues of legality and a prudent approach to regional peace and security take second place. Notably, any delivery to Saudi Arabia would requre an assessment of the possible use of those weapons in Saudi operations in Yemen, where violations of international humanitarian and human rights law have been widely documented. Indeed, when the DONAS agreement was concluded in November 2014, the conflict in Yemen and Saudi Arabian participation in it had not yet begun. As such, it would seem that an export assessment taking into account these developments has not yet been – though certainly needs to be – undertaken.

General Arms Trade

Regeln für Roboter – die Rüstungskontrolle braucht Deutschlands Unterstützung | 29 April 2016 |

Während die internationale Rüstungskontrolle insgesamt an Unterstützung verliert, fordern neue Technologien verstärkte Aufmerksamkeit. Im Rahmen der VN-Waffenkonvention beraten Staaten nun über die Regulierung von autonomen Robotern. Anja Dahlmann und Marcel Dickow kennen die Hintergründe.

Arms Trade Treaty

Mauritius ratifies Arms Trade Treaty and Convention on Cluster Munitions | 1 March 2016 | ICRC

Mauritius ratified the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) in 2015. While the country is unlikely to experience the consequences of armed conflict, Mauritius has displayed its support for international humanitarian law (IHL) by ratifying this IHL instrument. Devendre Gopaul, chairperson of the Mauritius National IHL Committee, explains why Mauritius is so advanced in the IHL process.

Kelly leads call for prohibition of federal funds supporting United Nations Arms Trade Treaty | 22 March 2016 | Ripon Advance News

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) called on members of the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday to prohibit federal funding that supports the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in appropriations bills.

The Arms Trade Treaty inquiry | 15 April 2016 | Committees on Arms Export Controls | UK Parliament

The Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) launch an inquiry into the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), a multilateral treaty that regulates the international trade in conventional weapons. The inquiry looks at the impact that the treaty has had on the arms trade and how it could be made more effective. The Committees also examine how the UK has applied the treaty to its defence exports and the effect this has had.

Benin to ratify Arms Trade Treaty | 27 April 2016 | Shanghai Daily

Benin’s Parliament on Tuesday passed a resolution authorizing the government to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that was adopted in New York on March 28, 2013.


Egyptian Parliament Approves Defence Loan Agreement with France | 3 March 2016 | African Defence

Egypt’s new ‎parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a defence loan agreement ‎with France, aiming to boost ‎the powers of the former country’s armed forces. A parliamentary report explained that the agreement is between Egypt’s ‎defence ministry and a number of French banks led by Credit Agricole for Companies and Investment.

Les « belles affaires » des trafiquants d’armes et de drogues sur les navires battant pavillon togolais | 8 March 2016 | iciLome

Le drapeau togolais est-il devenu un label pour toutes sortes de trafics en haute mer ? C’est une question qu’on peut désormais légitimement se poser au vu des multiples cas d’arraisonnement de navires togolais enregistrés ces dernières années avec à leur bord drogues, armes ou migrants clandestins. Le dernier remonte au dimanche 28 février dernier.

Four-week National Survey on illicit arms begins in Anambra state | 9 March 2016 | Daily Post (Nigeria)

Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons (PRESCOM) has commenced four weeks national survey in Anambra State as part of its mandate to curtail proliferation of illicit small Arms and Light Weapon in Nigeria.

35 pays africains utilisent des équipements militaires chinois, selon un think tank londonien | 9 March 2016 | Radiodiffusion Television Senegalaise (RTS)

35 pays africains utilisent actuellement des équipements militaires chinois, selon un rapport sur les capacités des diverses puissances militaires dans le monde publié le 2 mars par l’Institut international des études stratégiques (IISS).

Egypt Buys Mistrals – Kitting Out With KA-52 & KA-52K | 18 March 2016 | Defense Industry Daily

Negotiations between Russia and Egypt over communications equipment external link for the Egyptian Navy’s two new Mistral-class helicopter carriers is progressing well. The French made vessels initially intended for Russia had several armament, command-and-control, navigation systems, as well as radio and electronic equipment taken out in accordance with the terms of the cancellation of the sale.

Programme EDA, de nouveaux armements pour les FAR | 24 March 2016 | Médias 24

240 Humvee et camions lourds, ainsi que 5.500 mitrailleurs lourds viennent d’être cédés à titre de dons à l’armée marocaine dans le cadre du programme étasunien Excess Defense Articles (EDA). Ces armements contribuent au renforcement de la logistique des FAR en termes d’équipements lourds et légers. Ils améliorent également la performance militaire des postes de surveillance des frontières, notamment au niveau de la ceinture de sécurité au Sahara.

Algeria to get dual-control Mi-28 helicopters | 21 March 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters that Algeria has ordered will have dual controls, the Interfax news agency cited a source in Russia’s arms export structures as saying on 18 March.

L’Egypte rachèterait de l’armement français | 30 March 2016 | Le Monde

L’histoire se répète. En février 2015, l’Egypte ouvrait le carnet de commandes des exportations d’armement français en étant le premier pays à acquérir des Rafale. Cette année, Le Caire serait sur le point de faire de même, cette fois dans le naval et le spatial. Mercredi 23 mars, La Tribune évoquait sur son site Internet l’achat de quatre bateaux et d’un satellite de télécommunications pour un montant global avoisinant le milliard d’euros. Ces contrats pourraient être annoncés lors de la visite dans le pays de François Hollande le 16 avril.

Le Maroc renforce le contrôle des exportations | 4 April 2016 |

Le Maroc est en train de blinder sa législation nationale pour lutter contre la prolifération des armes de destruction massive. Pour commencer, les exportations des produits à double usage (civil et militaire) seront soumises à un sévère contrôle.

Selon des experts de l’ONU, Guillaume Soro et les FN ont violé l’embargo sur les armes | 5 April 2016 | Jeune Afrique

Dans leur dernier rapport, le groupe des experts de l’ONU sur la Côte d’Ivoire affirme que le président de l’Assemblée nationale, Guillaume Soro, et l’ex-rébellion des Forces nouvelles qu’il dirigeait ont profité de la crise postélectorale de 2010-2011 pour acquérir plusieurs centaines de tonnes d’armements.

Algeria Increases Order of Russian-made Mi-28 Helos to 42 | 7 April 2016 | Defense News

The Algerian Air Force (AAF) has ramped up its order of Russian-made Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” attack helicopters from the eight initially reported in January to 42, the Russian-language newspaper RIA-Novosti reported.

Nigeria To Buy Attack Helicopters From South Africa | 7 April 2016 | Leadership

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, yesterday disclosed that the Nigerian army might soon procure the South Africa (SA) made Rooivalk attack helicopters or any other deemed okay for the full take off of the newly introduced Army Aviation Corps.

Namibia violates UN sanctions against North Korea | 15 April 2016 | Mail & Guardian

The Namibian army has been exposed for violating United Nations sanctions against North Korea since 2006, severely denting Namibia’s international reputation as an exemplary African government. President Hage Geingob, in his recent State of the Nation address to parliament, defended Namibia’s ties with North Korea, claiming their soldiers fought alongside Swapo during the liberation struggle years.

La France soutient l’Egypte en dépit de la répression | 15 April 2016 | Amnesty International France (Communiqué de presse)

La visite de François Hollande le 18 avril en Égypte devrait s’accompagner de la signature de nouveaux contrats d’armement. Les ventes d’armes françaises en Egypte qui ont toujours été relativement importantes, sont en hausse depuis deux ans.

South Africa confirms joint military venture with Saudis | 16 April 2016 | TMG Digital | Sowetan Live

The Presidency has confirmed that South Africa is involved in a joint military venture with Saudia Arabia. It has also confirmed that President Jacob Zuma attended the opening of a military facility during his recent visit to the kingdom.

« Les armes françaises seront achetées par l’Egypte avec l’argent des Saoudiens » par Kader Abderrahim, chercheur à l’Iris | 18 April 2016 | La Croix

Le président Hollande est arrivé au Caire avec beaucoup de choses à vendre, notamment des armes. En réalité, elles seront achetées par l’Égypte avec l’argent des Saoudiens. Car l’économie égyptienne est à terre, avec l’arrêt de la manne touristique, du fait de la situation dans le pays. Par cette visite, la France se donne l’illusion d’être toujours une grande puissance. Elle veut croire notamment qu’elle peut influer régionalement sur le processus israélo-palestinien, que l’on ne peut plus qualifier de processus « de paix ».

Critics dismiss South Africa corruption probe clearing arms deal | 21 April 2016 | Daily Mail

A South African judicial inquiry clearing all government officials of corruption over a multi-billion dollar arms deal was greeted with scorn on Thursday by critics of President Jacob Zuma. “It’s a whitewash,” leading anti-arms-deal campaigner Terry Crawford-Browne told AFP. “It is very much as expected.”

Tunisia’s Getting More Guns Than Democracy | 21 April 2016 | Foreign Policy

In the early morning hours of March 7, dozens of Islamic State fighters appeared in the center of Ben Guerdane, an arid, roughshod Tunisian market town that serves as a smuggling hub with Libya. The Kalashnikov-wielding militants launched coordinated assaults on the local military barracks, a police station, and the headquarters of the National Guard…. The U.S. response has been to open the floodgates of military assistance to this small North African nation.

Egypt plans to buy Russian «Tigr» light armoured vehicle | 22 April 2016 | Defence Blog

Egypt confirms plans to buy Russian «Tigr» light armoured vehicle. The delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt expressed their interest in purchasing the latest version of Russian armored police car SBM VPK-233136 “Tiger”; This week the Ministry of Interior delegation got acquainted with the possibilities of the machine in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Le Maroc pourrait acquérir l’avion de combat pakistanais JF17 | 24 April 2016 |

Le Maroc serait très intéressé par l’avion de combat Joint Fighter-17 (JF-17), fruit de la coopération entre la Chine et le Pakistan.

Où va l’argent de l’aide militaire américaine ? | 24 April 2016 | African Manager

Les attentats successifs qui ont frappé la Tunisie en 2015 ont amené les États-Unis à lui ouvrir les vannes de l’aide militaire, selon le magazine bimensuel américain « Foreign Policy ».

Alte Waffengeschäfte holen Zuma ein | 29 April 2016 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Südafrikas skandalumwittertem Präsidenten Jacob Zuma droht neues Ungemach: Nach einem Gerichtsentscheid könnten 783 Korruptionsvorwürfe gegen Zuma neu untersucht werden.

Fin d’embargo Côte d’Ivoire – Déjà une commande de 800 milliards de FCFA d’armes envisagée | 29 April 2016 |

Le pouvoir d’Abidjan voulait de la levée totale de l’embargo sur les armes qui frappait le pays depuis 2004. Alassane Ouattara s’y est mis à fond en exerçant les pressions nécessaires sur la France qui a l’initiative des résolutions sur la Côte d’Ivoire. Depuis le jeudi 28 avril 2016, c’est chose faite.


Venezuela activa el 43 Grupo de Artillería y lo armará en mayo con lanzacohetes Norinco SR.5 | 2 March 2016 |

El Comando de Infantería de Marina de Venezuela ha activado el 43 Grupo de Artillería Autopropulsado ‘Mariscal Juan Crisóstomo Falcón’.

Fuerza Aérea Boliviana pagó $us 40 millones por dos aviones chinos de $us 26 millones | 3 March 2016 |

La Fuerza Aérea Boliviana (FAB) desembolsó 40 millones de dólares en 2008 por la compra de dos aviones chinos que valían 26 millones. El paquete presentado por la fuerza castrense incluía insumos, capacitación de pilotos y otros ítems que fueron cuestionados desde un principio.

The Times’ Attempt to Exonerate Hillary Clinton’s Role in Libya | 3 March 2016 | Accuracy in Media

The Washington Post recently penned a major story on Hillary Clinton’s leadership on the fate of Libya, integrating positive comments from an anonymous source in order to bolster her scandal-ridden reputation. Now The New York Times has followed suit, publishing an autopsy of what went wrong in Libya that extends over 12,000 words between its two parts.

La industria militar de México se lanza a construir aviones de adiestramiento | 7 March 2016 | La Jornada (San Luis)

En el centenario de su creación, la industria militar puso en marcha un ambicioso proyecto: la construcción de aviones de adiestramiento para el Colegio del Aire y, en un plazo de 20 años, estar en condiciones de producir aviones de reacción (cazas) “de capacidades similares a los que existan en ese momento en el mundo”.

La Guardia Nacional de Venezuela adquirirá equipos antimotín de última generación | 8 March 2016 |

La Guardia Nacional de Venezuela, cuarto componente militar de la Fuerza Armada Nacional, adquirirá materiales y equipos antimotín de última generación, por 181.752.144 de bolívares (28,7 millones de dólares). La información está contenidaen resolución del Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Defensa, publicada en la Gaceta Oficial de la República del 29 de febrero pasado.

Rheinmetall Oberndorf proporcionará cañones BK 27 a los Gripen brasileños | 9 March 2016 |

Rheinmetall Oberndorf, después de la selección hecha por Saab, ha sido elegido para proporcionar su cañón automático modelo BK27 de 27 mm para armar 88 unidades del avión Gripen NG. Este número cubre 60 Gripen NG monoplazas suecos y los 28 ejemplares de un asiento del contrato brasileño.

Top Paraguay Official Reveals Arms Trafficking Modus Operandi | 10 March 2016 |

A raid on a weapons “supermarket” in Paraguay has led officials to offer details of the inner workings of the country’s arms trade, depicting a familiar mix of corruption, stolen military arms, and guns legally bought in the United States.

More family members plead in Cedar Rapids gun smuggling conspiracy | 11 March 2016 | The Gazette

Cedar Rapids man pleads guilty in gun smuggling conspiracy | 11 March 2016 | The Gazette

A Cedar Rapids man and his sister-in-law pleaded guilty on Friday to conspiracy charges involving smuggling guns hidden in shipping containers from Cedar Rapids to Lebanon.

KMW modernizará ocho blindados ‘Gepard’ del Ejército de Brasil | 11 March 2016 |

La compañía KMW anunció este miércoles que modernizará ocho blindados antiaéreos Gepard que serán utilizados por el Ejército de Brasil para la defensa de las instalaciones de los Juegos Olímpicos de Rio de Janeiro.

Mistake to sell fighter jets to Pakistan | 12 March 2016 | Bowling Green Daily News

Pakistan has proven time after time that it plays both sides of the fence when it comes to its relationship with the United States and other countries that aren’t our allies. We can’t totally isolate Pakistan because it has helped us in the past with intelligence and other types of aid, but we certainly shouldn’t be in the business of selling the nation fighter planes.

The black hole of Pentagon foreign aid | 15 March 2016 | The Hill

During Sunshine Week, Americans celebrate access to public information as a cornerstone of democratic accountability. Only by knowing what our government is spending, and what policies it is carrying out on our behalf, can we ensure that officials are upholding the letter and spirit of the law and the will of the electorate.

Why the Saudi arms deal is void | 17 March 2016 | The Globe and Mail

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends the $15-billion sale of armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia on the basis that he must respect a contract signed by Canada’s previous government. However, the contract is already void – because of crimes against humanity committed by Saudi-led forces in Yemen.

El Ministerio de Defensa de Argentina denuncia a funcionarios de Fabricaciones Militares | 18 March 2016 |

Argentina investiga un cargamento de armas supuestamente robado a fábrica militar ‘Fray Luis Beltrán’ | 13 April 2016 |

El ministro de Defensa, Julio Martínez, presentó una denuncia penal el pasado 14 de marzo para que sean investigados los funcionarios responsables de unas serias irregularidades descubiertas en la fábrica militar ‘Fray Luis Beltrán’ de la Dirección General de Fabricaciones Militares ubicada en Santa Fé. Las anomalías fueron constatadas en una auditoría practicada en el establecimiento fabril, la cual fue ordenada por el titular del departamento de Defensa.

Vente de blindés à l’Arabie saoudite: l’Opération «Droits blindés» poursuit le gouvernement fédéral | 20 March 2016 | Al Huffington Post

Un groupe d’étudiants en droit de l’Université de Montréal et le professeur Daniel Turp vont traîner le gouvernement Trudeau devant les tribunaux pour qu’il annule son lucratif contrat de véhicules blindés en Arabie saoudite.

President Obama’s Lesser-Known Legacy: “Arms Dealer in Chief” | 23 March 2016 |

Calls for stricter gun control are rather predictable, as the regularity of mass shootings has become a new norm within the United States. Laws regulating the purchase of firearms are now a fiercely debated issue and utilized to rally support on both sides of the political spectrum. Society has become mired in politically expedient catchphrases, such as “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” or “God isn’t fixing this.” These catchphrases allow politicians to feel politically active within the debate, yet remain conveniently distant from the heart of it.

Brasil escoge las torretas ‘Remax’ de Ares para sus blindados ‘Guarani’ | 23 March 2016 |

El Ejército de Brasil ha seleccionado la torreta Remax de diseño nacional para armar los blindados intermedios del Proyecto Guaraní. Por el momento, las torretas, fabricadas por Ares Aeroespacial e Defesa, se instalarán en los 6×6 y en un futuro en los 4×4, mientras que los 8×8 montarán tubos de 120 mm capaces de disparar misiles anticarro.

Erik Prince in the Hot Seat. Blackwater’s Founder Is Under Investigation for Money Laundering, Ties to Chinese Intel, and Brokering Mercenary Services | 24 March 2016 | The Intercept

Erik Prince, founder of the now-defunct mercenary firm Blackwater and current chairman of Frontier Services Group, is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies for attempting to broker military services to foreign governments and possible money laundering, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case.

Last member of Cedar Rapids family accused in Lebanon gun smuggling conspiracy pleads guilty | 25 March 2016 | The Gazette

The last family member charged with smuggling guns from Iowa to Lebanon pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court.

International gun smuggler arrested and charged at Dulles Airport | 25 March 2016 | Fairfax Times

An alleged international gun smuggler named “Ghandi” who officials say sold weapons to terrorist-supporting countries was arrested and charged March 24 at Dulles International Airport.

Russian weaponry selling best in Latin America | 30 March 2016 | TASS

Latin America these days is one of the main markets for Russian defense industry products.

Rosoboronexport reiniciará la construcción de la fábrica de fusiles Kalashnikov en Venezuela | 30 March 2016 |

Rosoboronexport reiniciará el próximo 1 de abril la construcción en Venezuela de las fábricas de fusiles de asalto Kalashnikov AK-103 y de municiones, contratadas por el Gobierno de ese país en 2006. Así lo comunicó Serguéi Ladiguin, ejecutivo de esa corporación estatal rusa en Santiago de Chile, donde asiste a la feria aeronáutica Fidae 2016.

Rusia concluirá este año la entrega de los últimos lotes de armamento a Venezuela | 31 March 2016 |

Rusia concluirá este año el cumplimiento de los contratos de suministro de armamento a Venezuela que fueron firmados en 2009, según ha informado el vicedirector del Servicio Federal de Cooperación Técnica Militar, Anatoli Punchuk, en la feria chliena Fidae.

Rusia espera que Venezuela “reaccione” ante su oferta de suministro de 12 cazas Su-30 | 1 April 2016 |

El conglomerado estatal ruso Rostec está a la espera de que el Gobierno de Venezuela responda a su oferta de suministro de 12 cazas Sukhoi Su-30. La noticia fue lanzada ayer por el subdirector del Servicio Federal de Cooperación Técnica Militar (FSVTS) Anatoli Punchuk.

US should not arm the rebels | 4 April 2016 | Al Jazeera

When Henry Kissinger’s name was cited in a recent debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the reference immediately reopened cleavages of generations past. As she mentioned Kissinger among many voices she consults on foreign policy issues, Sanders emphatically riposted “he’s no friend of mine”, referencing Kissinger’s role in the illegal bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Arms deal by Canadian firm violated international embargo | 5 April 2016 | The Globe and Mail

A new UN panel report says a shipment of armoured personnel carriers to Libya from a Canadian-owned company’s Mideast facilities several years ago violated an international arms embargo – an incident that raises questions about how extensively Ottawa should be policing the defence and military trade conducted by its citizens abroad.

Panama Papers: Links revealed to spies and Iran-Contra affair | 5 April 2016 | Irish Times

One day during his presidential re-election campaign in September 1996, Bill Clinton walked into a room in Westin Crown Center hotel in Kansas City. At stake was a quarter-million dollars in campaign fundraising. Clinton turned to his generous host, Farhad Azima, and led the guests in song.

Heckler & Koch to build new US Army sniper rifle | 7 April 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Heckler & Koch has been awarded the US Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) with a potential USD44.5 million initial contract, according to a 1 April announcement.

P-8A patrol plane draws broad interest among US allies –Pentagon | 8 April 2016 | Reuters

American allies including Norway and Singapore have expressed interest in acquiring Boeing’s P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol plane, Deputy U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Work said on Friday ahead of visit by a British counterpart expected to focus on a proposed P-8A purchase.

Echo Papa Exposed. Inside Erik Prince’s Treacherous Drive to Build a Private Air Force | 11 April 2016 | The Intercept

On a crisp Saturday in November 2014, a black Mercedes SUV pulled onto the tarmac of an Austrian specialty aviation company 30 miles south of Vienna. Employees of the firm, Airborne Technologies, which specialized in designing and equipping small aircraft with wireless surveillance platforms, had been ordered to work that weekend because one of the company’s investors was scheduled to inspect their latest project.

La Fuerza Aérea de Venezuela recibe nueve aviones chinos Hogndu K-8W ‘Karakorum’ | 11 April 2016 |

La Aviación Militar de Venezuela recibió de manera oficial nueve aviones de entrenamiento/ataque Hogndu K-8W Karakorum, adquiridos en China y que se suman a 15 unidades existentes del mismo modelo.

In rare move, a Senate Democrat takes aim at arms sales to Saudi Arabia | 12 April 2016 | Washington Post

As Congress and the administration look for ways to contain Iran, one Democratic senator is launching a new effort to deny weapons to Tehran’s chief rival in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

Dion quietly approved arms sale to Saudi Arabia in April | 12 April 2016 | The Globe and Mail

Canadian government ‘lied’ over $12bn arms sale to Saudi Arabia | 13 April 2016 | The Guardian

Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion has quietly issued export permits for the bulk of the shipments tied to a controversial $15-billion sale of combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia, a crucial green light for the deal that many thought had already been granted.

Russia may re-equip Bolivian army within next 10 years | 12 April 2016 | TASS

Russia and Bolivia plan to make contact in connection with the requests for reequipping the Bolivian Armed Forces, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday after talks with Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca.

Dynamit Nobel Defence offers Panzerfaust 3 rocket launcher to Uruguay | 13 April 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Germany’s Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) has submitted an updated proposal for the long-delayed Uruguayan Army rocket launcher tender, offering the Panzerfaust 3 (Pzf 3) light anti-tank weapon system, a source told IHS Jane’s on 12 April.

Avibras presenta en la feria de Brasil la versión policial de su vehículo ‘Guará’ | 13 April 2016 |

La compañía brasileña Avibras Industria Aeroespacial realizará la presentación oficial del prototipo del vehículo Guará 4WS 4X4, en su versión para la Policía, durante LAAD Security 2016, que tendrá lugar entre el 12 y el 14 de abril en centro de convención y exhibición Riocentro, en Rio de Janeiro.

Le gouvernement Trudeau approuve l’exportation des blindés vers l’Arabie saoudite | 14 April 2016 |

La vente controversée de blindés légers canadiens à l’Arabie saoudite a franchi une nouvelle étape ce mois-ci. Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Stéphane Dion, a autorisé la vente des véhicules, vendredi dernier.

Canada: le gouvernement défend la vente d’armements à l’Arabie saoudite | 14 April 2016 | L’Orient-Le Jour

Le gouvernement canadien de Justin Trudeau, sous le feu des critiques de l’opposition et des défenseurs des droits de l’homme, a défendu mercredi sa décision d’autoriser des ventes d’armes à l’Arabie saoudite.

Ce que le gouvernement ne vous dit pas sur les ventes d’armes | 18 April 2016 | L’actualité

Le ministère des Affaires mondiales utilise l’Indice de développement humain (IDH) des Nations unies pour classer les pays qui s’approvisionnent au Canada. Mais cet indice ne prend pas en compte… les droits de l’homme.

Opposition parties push Liberals to let committee probe arms trade | 18 April 2016 | The Hill Times

As Liberal government officials stand by their much-criticized decision to honour a controversial arms deal with Saudi Arabia, some MPs are pushing for a parliamentary committee to examine the Canadian arms trade. But they’ll need Liberal support to set it up. The NDP’s foreign affairs critic, Hélène Laverdière, intends to move to vote on the creation of an arms control subcommittee at Tuesday’s foreign affairs committee meeting, her office confirmed to The Hill Times.

Iveco suministrará 186 vehículos blindados al Ejército de Brasil | 19 April 2016 |

Iveco ha ganado una concurso del Ejército de Brasil para el suministro de 186 unidades de su vehículo blindado ligero LMV, que pasará a formar parte del proyecto Guaraní de mecanización de las fuerzas terrestres.

Canada’s Liberal government finalizes $15 billion Saudi arms deal | 20 April 2016 | World Socialist Web Site

In the latest example of the unbridled hypocrisy and prevarication that is the stock-in-trade of all parties in the Canadian parliament, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his minister of foreign affairs, Stephane Dion, have been caught out lying shamelessly about Canada’s $15 billion arms deal with the brutal, US-backed Saudi monarchy.

Canada’s Liberals kill arms panel in Saudi exports row | 20 April 2016 | Middle East Eye

Members of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party blocked a motion to create a parliamentary sub-committee to oversee Canadian arms exports, as Ottawa continues to field criticism over a $15bn weapons deal with Saudi Arabia.

Etats-Unis et Arabie saoudite : une relation cimentée par les ventes d’armes | 21 April 2016 | Les Échos

Malgré les tensions actuelles entre les Etats-Unis et l’Arabie saoudite, Washington n’a jamais vendu autant d’armes à son allié du Golfe que sous la présidence Obama.

Rusia reanuda la construcción de la planta de Kalashnikov en Venezuela | 25 April 2016 |

Las obras en la fábrica venezolana de Kalashnikov vuelven a estar en marcha. En el presente mes de abril se reanudó la construcción en Venezuela de las plantas para la fabricación de fusiles de asalto Kalashnikov y de municiones, según anunció el subdirector general del Servicio Federal de Cooperación Técnica Militar de Rusia, Anatoli Punchuk.

Accord pour un contrat d’armement avec l’Australie | 25 April 2016 | Le Figaro

Les Etats-Unis ont autorisé lundi un contrat de vente d’armes par des entreprises américaines privées à l’Australie pour un montant de 1,22 milliard de dollars, comportant notamment des missiles air-air, a annoncé l’Agence américaine de coopération militaire (DSCA).

What Makes Erik Run? | 25 April 2016 | LobeLog

The Intercept recently revealed Erik Prince’s attempts to sell military services in Libya and other countries in Africa. He has done so even though his newest company, Frontier Services Group (FSG), has repeatedly stated that it only provides non-military, logistics, and aviation services, and if Prince is selling military services he is doing it strictly on his own, without their knowledge or approval. The Intercept has also written on Prince’s efforts to build a private air force for defeating terrorists and insurgencies in Africa and the Middle East by converting crop dusters into light attack aircraft.

Attempted Thefts from Uruguay Military Arsenal Raise Concerns | 27 April 2016 |

A rise in attempted arms thefts from Uruguay’s military barracks in 2016 has sparked debate over the criminal nature of the perpetrators involved, and again drawn attention to the country’s role as a source of weapons for regional arms traffickers.

Rusia prepara el envío de un primer lote de 20 tanques T-72B1 a Nicaragua | 27 April 2016 |

Rusia se prepara para enviar el primer lote de 20 tanques T-72B1 a Nicaragua, de un total de 50 que habrían sido adquiridos por el país centroamericano. La expectativa es grande, ya que sería el primer envío importante de equipo militar ruso a Nicaragua, después de muchos años anunciado la renovación de equipos en distintos niveles delas Fuerzas Armadas nicaragüenses.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take French weapons in scrapped aid for Lebanon | 5 March 2016 | Arab News

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said on Saturday that the kingdom will take delivery of French arms it originally ordered for Lebanon. “We made the decision that we will stop the $3 billion from going to the Lebanese military and instead they will be rediverted to the Saudi military,” Al-Jubeir told journalists during a visit in Paris.

Somalia-Bound Weapons Cache Worth $2m Seized | 7 March 2016 | SkyNews

A huge cache of weapons bound for Somalia has been seized off the coast of Oman. The Australian navy, which patrols waters around the Indian Ocean as part of an international maritime force, said it seized nearly 2,000 AK-47 rifles, 100 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and 49 PKM machine guns.

Saudis defend human rights record over $15-billion arms deal with Canada | 11 March 2016 | The Globe and Mail

The government of Saudi Arabia is speaking out for the first time about the controversy surrounding a $15-billion arms deal with Canada, saying it will not accept outside criticism of its human rights record and pointing out that Riyadh could have easily purchased the armoured combat vehicles elsewhere.

Turkey’s TOMA manufacturer posts record profit | 11 March 2016 | Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey’s leading producer of infamous riot control vehicles with water cannons, popularly known as TOMAs, posted record profits and revenue in 2015 – the highest since the company’s foundation some 30 years ago.

Russia to start supplying Su-35 fighter jets to China after 2016 | 11 March 2016 | TASS

China’s deal to buy Russian Su-35 fighter jets will be ratified this summer or fall and the supplies will begin after 2016, the head of Russia’s Rostec state corporation Sergey Chemezov said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

10,000 Kalashnikov guns donated by Russia to Afghan government | 15 March 2016 | TASS

Russia donated to the Afghan government 10,000 Kalashnikov guns and 2.1 million cartridges in February, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Tuesday.

Millionen-Waffendeal: Indien sucht diesen Schweizer | 22 March 2016 |

Die indische Justiz sucht einen Schweizer Mittelsmann wegen einem 500-Millionen-Waffendeal. Dem Geschäftsmann wird Geldwäscherei vorgeworfen. Die Schweizer Behörden gehen in Deckung.

Russia supplied artillery systems, reconnaissance equipment to Syrian army | 23 March 2016 | TASS

Russia has supplied to Damascus artillery systems, communication and reconnaissance equipment and other technologies, the commander of Russia’s group in Syria, Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov said on Wednesday.

Financial donors prohibit Afghanistan from buying Russian weapons | 25 March 2016 | TASS

Western financial donors have prohibited the Afghan government from spending the funds they provide to purchase weapons of Russian manufacture, Russian presidential envoy for Afghanistan, director of the Foreign Ministry’s Asia Department, Zamir Kabulov, has told TASS in an interview.

Indian defence exports surged in 2015, says report | 28 March 2016 | The Hindustan Times

The net value of India’s military hardware exports touched almost Rs 1,400 crore in 2015, a report has said. According to the annual report of the defence ministry, the Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs), Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and the private sector companies exported products worth Rs 1,397 crore from April to December 2015. The final figures for the fiscal ending March 31 are yet to be tabulated.

Ashok Leyland sticks to trusted truck in defence plans | 28 March 2016 | Livemint

Is there life beyond the Stallion for Ashok Leyland Ltd’s defence ambitions? The tough truck from India’s second largest truck maker by sales has served the Indian Army for decades, but its maker has no plans to diversify into other defence segments like many of its Indian peers.

Russia, India set to sign contract on after-sale maintenance of Mi-8/17 helicopters | 28 March 2016 | TASS

Russian Helicopters Group, part of state hi-tech corporation Rostec, plans to sign a long-term contract with India’s Defense Ministry soon on the after-sale maintenance of Mil Mi-8/17 helicopters, Group Deputy CEO Igor Chechikov said on Monday.

UAE to start testing IFVs with Russian combat module in 2017 | 28 March 2016 | TASS

The tests of an infantry fighting vehicle with a Russian combat module, which the United Arab Emirates is developing, will start next year, Director for Military and Technical Cooperation of Russia’s armored vehicle manufacturer Uralvagonzavod Igor Kulikov said on Monday.

La Corée du Nord agit secrètement en Afrique | 28 March 2016 | Cameroonvoice

Un nouveau rapport d’un comité d’experts de l’Onu publié en début de semaine signale notamment que la Corée du Nord possède 54 usines d’armement et qu’elle fait le commerce des technologies d’armement depuis 1996.

Le premier Scorpene indien débute ses essais en mer | 28 March 2016 |

Mis à l’eau le 29 octobre dernier à Mumbai, le Kalvari, premier sous-marin indien du type Scorpene, a appareillé le 23 mars du chantier Mazagon Dock Limited afin de débuter ses essais en mer. Sa livraison à la marine indienne est prévue en fin d’année (septembre normalement).

British soldiers train female Peshmerga fighters to combat ISIS | 29 March 2016 |

British soldiers deployed to Northern Iraq have completed a training programme for female Peshmerga fighters, in a bid to strengthen Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS.

L’exportation grandissante d’armes chinoises peut faciliter des déstabilisations | 29 March 2016 | Epoch Times

Le régime chinois tente d’accélérer les capacités de son industrie de la défense, ce qui est une mauvaise nouvelle pour la démocratie et les droits de la personne.

Middle East eyes Russian Su-34 bombers after Syria operation | 29 March 2016 | TASS

Foreign customers, in particular, some Middle East countries, are showing increased interest in Russian-made Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers after Russia’s air task force successfully accomplished its anti-terror missions in Syria, Deputy CEO of Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport Sergey Goreslavsky said on Tuesday.

Licensed production of Kalashnikov assault rifles to be set up in India | 29 March 2016 | TASS

Russia’s arms exporter Rosoboronexport plans to set up the licensed production of 100-series Kalashnikov assault rifles in India after preproduction tests are over in the country, deputy director general Sergey Goreslavsky said Tuesday.

Russia-India draft agreement on supply of S-400 missile systems ready | 29 March 2016 | TASS

Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) has prepared a draft agreement on the supply to India of the S-400 antiaircraft defense missile systems and now is awaiting a response from the partners, FSMTC deputy head Vladimir Drozhzhov told reporters on Tuesday.

Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 – Rebooting Defence Production and Procurement | 30 March 2016 | Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses

An incomplete version of what would be the ninth version of the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) was released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 28 March 2016 to coincide with the opening of DefExpo 2016 in Goa. The document is incomplete because the chapter containing the revised standard contract document as well as various annexures and appendices have not been released. These are to be notified shortly. In addition, a new chapter on ‘strategic partners’ will also be notified separately.

Internationale Bewegung fordert Waffenembargo gegen Saudi-Arabien wegen Kriegsverbrechen im Jemen | 30 March 2016 | RT Deutsch

In Kanada wurde in der vergangenen Woche eine Klage eingereicht, um den Verkauf von leichten gepanzerten Fahrzeugen an Saudi-Arabien zu stoppen. Der Wert der Lieferung soll 15 Milliarden US-Dollar betragen. Die Initiative ist Teil einer wachsenden internationalen Bewegung, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, Waffenlieferungen an die saudische Regierung wegen ihrer Kriegsverbrechen im Jemen zu stoppen.

Waffenverkäufe an Golfstaaten für 33 Milliarden Dollar | 30 March 2016 | Telepolis

In den vergangenen 11 Monaten haben die USA ihre Waffenkammer für den Nahen Osten großzügig geöffnet.

Private defence firms keen on Make in India | 30 March 2016 | Livemint

Domestic telecom equipment maker Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL) is known for two things: in the late 1990s, it made outrageous bids for telecom licences and later on it had its share of run-ins with the capital markets regulator for its suspected involvement in rigging share prices in a case dating back to 1999-2001.

Five reasons why defence production in India will take off | 30 March 2016 | Livemint

Since assuming office, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has been stressing that defence manufacturing is a crucial pillar to revitalise the manufacturing sector and put India on the road to self-reliance in defence products.

Indigenization push in defence manufacturing a force multiplier | 30 March 2016 | Livemint

India is the world’s largest importer of defence equipment, with 60% of its requirements met from outside the country. This, in itself, translates into a great business opportunity for those building domestic capabilities in defence.

Qatar signs 10 Memoranda of Understanding for arming and developing Qatar armed forces | 30 March 2016 | The Peninsula (Qatar)

The State of Qatar signed today 10 memoranda of understanding with a number of international companies fro arming and developing Qatari Armed Forces. The memos were signed on the sidelines of the ongoing Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX 2016).

Reliance Defence, Israel’s Rafael to set up missile, air defence joint venture | 30 March 2016 | Livemint

Reliance Defence Ltd, a unit of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd (R-Infra), and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd have agreed to set up a joint venture (JV) in the specialized areas of air-to-air missiles, air defence systems and large aerostats.

Analyse zu den Mega-Rüstungsdeals der USA mit Katar, Kuwait und Israel | 31 March 2016 | RT Deutsch

Die USA stehen kurz davor, erneut riesige Rüstungsdeals mit Katar, Kuweit und Israel abzuschließen. Aber das Weiße Haus zögert allerdings mit der Umsetzung: Die Golf-Staaten gelten wegen ihrer Unterstützung für militante Islamisten als politisch schwierige Partner. Die internationale Opposition gegen Waffenlieferungen an Saudi-Arabien und andere Golfstaaten nimmt zu. Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der amerikanischen Sicherheitspolitik im Nahen Osten.

Saudi Arabia opens new ammunition manufacturing facility | 31 March 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

President of South Africa, Deputy Crown Prince open projectiles factory at Military Industries Corporation | 27 March 2016 | Saudi Press Agency

The Saudi Arabian government has opened a new artillery projectiles factory in conjunction with South Africa’s Rheinmetall Denel Munitions, the Saudi Press Agency has reported.

French firm sees ‘continued growth’ in Qatar, Middle East defence industry | 31 March 2016 | Gulf Times

French multinational company Thales has forecasted continued growth in the defence and security industry in Qatar and the Middle East despite streamlined government budgets and persistent low oil prices.

Indonesian defense minister confirms plans to purchase Su-35 fighters from Russia | 1 April 2016 | TASS

Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has confirmed his intention to sign a contract on the purchase of the Su-35 multi-purpose fighter jets during his upcoming visit to Russia in the next few days. The minister made this statement in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.

Raytheon to supply Stinger air-to-air missiles to India | 1 April 2016 |

Raytheon has secured a contract under the framework of a foreign military sale to supply Stinger air-to-air missiles to the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

La Russie accuse la Turquie d’armer le groupe EI | 2 April 2016 | Métro Montréal

La Russie accuse trois fondations turques de fournir des armes et de l’équipement militaire au groupe armé État islamique (ÉI) en Syrie et affirme que l’équivalent de 1,9 million $ US en explosifs et en produits chimiques industriels ont été trafiqués à la frontière turque pour être remis à des extrémistes.

U.S. Navy Seizes Suspected Iranian Arms Shipment Bound for Yemen | 4 April 2016 | USNI News

Two U.S. Navy vessels seized a ship laden with illegal weapons in the Persian Gulf that were bound for Houthi fighters in Yemen, the service announced on Monday. The stateless dhow was initially intercepted by the Cyclone-class patrol craft USS Sirocco (PC-6) on March 28 and the boarding team discovered 1,500 AK-47s automatic rifles, 200 RPG launchers and 21 .50-caliber machine guns in the hold that had been presumably shipped from Iran, according to the service.

Make in India yet to help forces get a new assault rifle | 5 April 2016 | Hindustan Times

An assault rifle is the basic requirement of any army. But at the Make in India-themed Defence Expo 2016 here, little headway was made to find a suitable replacement for the Indian Army’s Insas rifles in use since 1996.

Israel’s arms exports to Europe doubled in 2015 amid refugee crisis and terror attacks | 7 April 2016 | International Business Times

Israel’s weapons sales to Europe more than doubled in 2015 compared to the previous year, in the wake of an unprecedented inflow of refugees into the continent and sporadic terror attacks. According to the official figures released by Israel’s defence ministry, $1.6bn (£1.15bn) worth arms were exported in 2015 compared to $724m in 2014.

US State Department approves Pakistan’s request for arms worth $1b | 7 April 2016 | Awaz tv

The US State Department has approved Pakistan’s request to purchase US-made attack helicopters, missiles and other equipment valued at almost $1 billion, aimed at fighting insurgent’s in the country.

US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed | 8 April 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Documents released by the US government’s Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website have provided an indication of the types and numbers of Eastern European weapons and ammunition the United States is providing to Syrian rebel groups as part of a programme that continues despite the widely respected ceasefire in that country.

Israel offered Armenia same weapons it sold to Azerbaijan | 11 April 2016 | PanARMENIAN.Net

The arms trade market is open to Armenia, but there are some political restrictions connected with export control, Armenia’s First Deputy Defense Minister said.

CIA-Backed Rebels at War With DOD-Backed Rebels | 12 April 2016 | Huffington Post

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse … . A year ago, shortly after some atrocity in the Middle East (I can’t remember which one — there are so many), our Commander-in-Chief ordered our military to “degrade and ultimately defeat” ISIS in Syria. The military said “Yes, Sir, Sir,” and according to published reports, the CIA then tried to conjure into existence a fighting force of 5000 bloodthirsty fighters, to “ultimately defeat” roughly 30,000 ISIS psychopaths. (I apologize for the split infinitive, even though it’s not my fault.)

UK military officers give targeting training to Saudi military | 15 April 2016 | The Guardian

Senior British military officers are providing targeting training to Saudi forces, including for cruise missile attacks, despite the kingdom’s airstrikes on neighbouring Yemen provoking an international outcry over civilian casualties. The extent of the assistance to Saudi units from the Ministry of Defence has emerged from freedom of information (FoI) requests made by the human rights organisation Reprieve, which is urging the British government to reconsider providing military support.

U.S. considers supporting new U.A.E. push against al Qaeda in Yemen | 15 April 2016 | Reuters

The United States is considering a request from the United Arab Emirates for military support to assist a new offensive in Yemen against al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate, U.S. officials tell Reuters.

Iran aims to buy fighter jets, advanced tanks from Russia | 16 April 2016 | The Times of Israel

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan is planning to raise the purchase of warplanes and tanks during an upcoming meeting with his Russian counterpart in Moscow, Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars reported Friday, citing Russian media.

Iraqi Kurds Want More Military Aid Against Daesh Amid Growing US Support | 18 April 2016 |

Members of the US-led coalition against Daesh should consider providing additional aid to the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters following the US announcement of a new assistance package, Kurdistan Region Security Council Chancellor Masrour Barzani said in a Twitter message on Monday.

U.S. to Send Military Advisers Closer to Front Lines of ISIS Fight in Iraq | 18 April 2016 | NYT

President Obama will send American military advisers closer to the front lines of the conflict against the Islamic State in Iraq, part of a series of measures that will escalate the United States military campaign to defeat the extremist group.

U.S. poised to approve Boeing fighter jet sales to Qatar, Kuwait | 18 April 2016 | St. Louis Post Dispatch

The U.S. government is poised to approve two long-delayed sales of Boeing Co. fighter jets to Qatar and Kuwait, and could announce the multibillion-dollar deals during President Barack Obama’s visit to the Gulf this week, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Pakistan ought to consider the Denel Dynamics Marlin missile program | 18 April 2016 | Quwa

One of the central driving aspects of Pakistan’s armed forces procurement strategy is the need to avoid risks, complications, and added costs where unnecessary. It is for this reason that the vast majority of the country’s defence equipment – including those produced locally – are of foreign (mostly Chinese) origin.

New batch of Russian strike fighters delivered to Iraq | 18 April 2016 | TASS

A new batch of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-25 strike fighters has been delivered to Iraq, spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry Nasir Nouri Mohammed al-Tamimi said on Monday.

Israelische Waffenexporte nach Europa mehr als verdoppelt | 20 April 2016 |

Israel hat 2015 seine Umsätze im Handel mit Waffen im Vergleich zum Vorjahr leicht verbessern können. Insgesamt wurden Verträge im Wert von rund 5,7 Milliarden US-Dollar geschlossen. Der größte Absatzmarkt ist weiterhin Asien.

Les uniformes militaires pour Daech sont d’origine saoudienne | 21 April 2016 | Objectifeco

Les liens entre l’État islamique et certaines pétromonarchies sont particulièrement troubles, sans oublier que même la France ou encore l’Amérique avec la CIA arment plus ou moins indirectement des factions plus ou moins terroristes…

La Chine exporte des drones militaires | 21 April 2016 | Le Figaro

La Chine a exporté des drones militaires vers plus de dix pays, dans des opérations commerciales totalisant “des centaines de millions de dollars”, et Pékin ambitionne désormais de vendre des drones capables de lancer des bombes guidées par laser, a indiqué aujourd’hui un média d’Etat.

USA wollen “gegen Terror gesicherte” Flugabwehrraketen für Syriens Rebellen entwerfen | 22 April 2016 | RT Deutsch

Der von Saudi-Arabien gegründete Verhandlungsrat (HNC) forderte in dieser Woche bereits neue Waffenlieferungen. Am liebsten wollen die irregulären Milizen in Syrien schulter-gestützte Flugabwehrraketen erhalten. Washington muss allerdings nach jedem Regime-Change mit teuren Programmen die tragbaren Raketen vom Schwarzmarkt zurückholen. Die Gefahr, dass die ehemaligen Verbündeten die Waffen gegen westliche Flugzeuge oder gar Verkehrslinien richten, ist zu groß.

L’Arabie lie ses contrats d’armement au développement d’une industrie locale | 25 April 2016 |

L’Arabie saoudite lie désormais ses contrats d’armement au développement d’une industrie militaire locale qui puisse couvrir 30 à 50% des besoins du pays, a annoncé lundi son vice-prince héritier et ministre de la Défense.

Police import 10,000 sound grenades to stop violence | 29 April 2016 | Dhaka Tribune

Police have imported 10,000 sound grenades from Brazil in a bid to stop violence and sabotage activities. However, the sound grenades remained stuck in Chittagong port for not paying taxes and VAT.


Drones de combat : un accord franco-britannique à 2 milliards d’euros | 3 March 2016 | Le Monde

La France et le Royaume-Uni vont investir « plus de 2 milliards d’euros » dans un programme commun de fabrication de drones militaires, selon une déclaration sur la sécurité et la défense, signée jeudi 3 mars, entre les deux pays, lors d’un sommet franco-britannique à Amiens.

Espagne: la police saisit 20 000 uniformes militaires destinés aux djihadistes | 3 March 2016 | RTBF

La police espagnole a annoncé jeudi avoir saisi 20 000 uniformes militaires, une quantité “suffisante pour équiper toute une armée”, qui étaient destinés à des organisations djihadistes, dont le groupe Etat islamique, actives en Syrie et en Irak.

US sanctions had no effect on sales of sole Russian producer of night vision devices | 3 March 2016 | TASS

Sales volume of Novosibirsk company Katod that produces night vision devices and image intensifiers (the main element of the devices) has not decreased after the United States imposed sanctions against the company, Katod Executive Director Sergei Kesaev told TASS Thursday.

Slovakia exports weapons that allegedly end up in Syria | 3 March 2016 | NewEurope

Slovakia has been secretly exporting weapons to Syria, according to an unconfirmed report published in the local daily newspaper Denník N. The report alleges that Slovak weapons are being delivered to Saudi Arabia, from which they are sent to the armed groups fighting in the Syrian war.

Österreich: Granaten für die Emirate | 4 March 2016 | Spiegel Online

Österreichs Außenminister Sebastian Kurz gerät unter Druck, weil sein Ministerium umstrittene Waffenexporte in die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate erlaubt hat. Die Gesetze der Alpenrepublik stellen solche Ausfuhren in kriegsführende Länder unter Strafe.

Des drones italiens pour les Emirats Arabes Unis | 9 March 2016 | Air & Cosmos

Mardi 8 mars, les Emirats Arabes Unis ont annoncé l’acquisition de 8 drones P.1HH Hammerhead. Le contrat représente un investissement de 316M d’euros.

Le Luxembourg, plaque tournante du trafic d’armes de guerre | 9 March 2016 | Le

Les ministres de la Sécurité intérieure et de la Justice affirment que le Luxembourg ne joue pas de rôle dans le trafic international d’armes de guerre. C’est faux. Un réseau en partie implanté au Grand-Duché et démantelé en février 2015 alimentait le grand banditisme français mais aurait peut-être aussi fourni les terroristes de janvier 2015 à Paris.

Les cinq défis de Dassault Aviation pour 2016 | 9 March 2016 | La

Entre l’aviation militaire qui cartonne et l’aviation d’affaires qui hoquette, Dassault Aviation a devant lui une année charnière pleine de défis.

Russian Defense Ministry wants to buy 5 dolphins | 9 March 2016 | TASS

Russia’s Defense Ministry is planning to buy five bottlenose dolphins for 1.75 million rubles ($24,475), according to a document posted on the website of state purchases on Wednesday.

Gabriel will Waffenexporte vor Ort kontrollieren lassen | 9 March 2016 | Spiegel Online

Deutsche Waffen, die ohne Wissen Berlins weiterverkauft werden – das will die Bundesregierung nicht mehr hinnehmen. Beamte sollen künftig den Verbleib auch nach der Lieferung vor Ort kontrollieren.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia face inquiry and high court legal action | 10 March 2016 | The Guardian

British sales of arms to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen will be the subject of a full-scale inquiry by a cross-party committee, while the government is also facing a high court challenge to examine whether its actions break UK and EU arms export laws.

Use of UK-manufactured arms in Yemen inquiry | 10 March 2016 | Committee on Arms Export Controls – Inquiry | UK Parliament

The inquiry will look at the size of arms sales to the gulf region and ask questions about the role the trade plays in advancing UK interests there. It will also examine if weapons manufactured in the UK have been used by the Royal Saudi Armed Forces in Yemen, if any arms export licence criteria have been infringed and discuss what action should be taken in such cases.

Rüstungsexportgesetz überfällig? | 11 March 2016 |

Wirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) macht sich öffentlich immer wieder stark für eine zurückhaltende Rüstungsexportpolitik. Insbesondere bei den sogenannten Kleinwaffen, zu denen auch Sturmgewehre gehören, hat es weniger Genehmigungen gegeben.

Gabriel genehmigt neue Waffenexporte nach Saudi-Arabien | 14 March 2016 | Zeit Online

Hubschrauber für Saudi-Arabien, Gewehre und Pistolen für den Oman: Die Rüstungsindustrie hat neue Millionengeschäfte abgeschlossen. Genehmigt hat sie die Bundesregierung.

Contrat d’armement Donas : la France livrera l’Arabie saoudite, en violation du droit ? | 14 March 2016 | Libération

Avec l’entrée en vigueur du Traité sur le commerce des armes (TCA), et les allégations de crimes de guerre portées contre la coalition saoudienne au Yémen, autoriser des exportations d’armes vers Riyad pourrait constituer une violation du droit international.

Netherlands votes to ban weapons exports to Saudi Arabia | 16 March 2016 | The Independent

The Dutch parliament has voted to ban arms exports to Saudi Arabia in protest against the kingdom’s humanitarian and rights violations. It sees the Netherlands become the first EU country to put in practice a motion by the European Parliament in February urging a bloc-wide Saudi arms embargo.

Rheinmetall auf Wachstumskurs – Dividende steigt kräftig | 17 March 2016 | WirtschaftsWoche

Nach dem Gewinnsprung schüttet die Düsseldorfer Waffenschmiede Rheinmetall eine höhere Dividende aus. Dank gefüllter Orderbücher erwartet das Unternehmen für 2016 weiteres Wachstum.

Comment Pilatus tire parti du marché indien et réciproquement | 17 March 2016 |

Premier importateur d’armes au monde, l’Inde est un grand marché pour les entreprises suisses actives dans ce secteur. C’est aussi une source d’innovation. Les acteurs privés indiens aident à la fabrication de produits suisses haut de gamme pour le marché mondial. Reportage.

UK and Ukraine sign defence cooperation agreement | 21 March 2016 |

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ukrainian Government.

Le Parlement européen réticent sur le contrôle des armes à feu | 21 March 2016 | EurActiv France

La Commission européenne veut compliquer l’achat d’armes à feu et justifie sa décision en invoquant les attentats de Paris. Mais le Parlement doute de l’efficacité d’une telle mesure.

Airbus verkauft Sparte für Rüstungselektronik an Finanzfirma KKR | 23 March 2016 | Industriemagazin

Airbus baut seine Waffensparte weiter um. Das Geschäft mit Rüstungselektronik geht um 1,1 Milliarden Euro an die amerikanische Finanzfirma KKR. Die Entscheidung hat massive Auswirkungen auf den deutschen Standort Ulm.

Der Saudi-Deal der Lürssen-Werft | 23 March 2016 | Weser-Kurier online

Die Bremer Lürssen-Werft baut Patrouillenboote für Saudi-Arabien, obwohl die Machthaber in Riad diese nicht nur zu friedlichen Zwecken einsetzen könnten.

Deutsche Waffen kämpfen weltweit | 27 March 2016 | WDR Nachrichten

Krieg und Gewalt sind die größten Fluchtgründe auf der Welt. Täglich fliehen Tausende davor. Deutschland gilt immer noch als einer der fünf größten Waffenexporteure der Welt. Befeuern auch deutsche Waffen die Kriege dieser Welt?

Bulgaria Security Agency Inspecting Arms Trader | 28 March 2016 |

The State Agency for National Security (DANS) is conducting an inspection at Kintex, a state-owned company dealing with weapons trade, the Bulgarian National Radio has said. Short of being a perquisition, the activities carried out at Kintex are related to deals done by the company, the public broadcaster quotes DANS sources as saying.

Russian arms manufacturers score big in Syrian campaign | 29 March 2016 | Washington Times

Russian armament manufactures experienced a marketing bonanza in Vladimir Putin’s Syrian expedition. TASS, the Russian state news agency says negotiations are now going on with countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The SU-34 bomber seems to be the biggest hit, having proved itself in a combat theater and helping to defeat the Islamic State in places like Palmyra.

Russian weapons owe their popularity to reliability and effectiveness | 29 March 2016 | TASS

The decision to create within the Almaz-Antey concern a new industrial plant in Nizhni Novgorod stemmed from the need for easing the work load on other defense-industrial complex enterprises, which are no longer capable of coping with the amount of export contracts, Putin said while visiting the 70th Victory Anniversary Plant in Nizhni Novgorod.

Après le Rafale, la France espère engranger de nouveaux succès au Qatar | 29 March 2016 | La Croix

Le ministre français de la Défense Jean-Yves Le Drian a défendu mardi les couleurs de l’industrie française de l’armement, sur les rangs pour de juteux contrats au Qatar dans la foulée du succès de l’avion de combat Rafale.

Russian Defense Ministry wants to buy 5 macaques | 29 March 2016 | TASS

Russia’s Defense Ministry wants to buy five rhesus macaques for about 1.5 million rubles ($21,700), according to documents posted on the state purchase website on Tuesday.

Les livraisons d’armes françaises et européennes à l’Arabie saoudite se poursuivent malgré les controverses | 30 March 2016 | Observatoire des multinationales

Un an après le début de son intervention dans le conflit armé au Yémen, l’Arabie saoudite est plus que jamais critiquée par les défenseurs des droits humains. Les grandes nations occidentales – dont la France, les États-Unis et la Grande-Bretagne – continuent à livrer au royaume arabe des armes et des équipements militaires, malgré les demandes d’embargo émanant de la société civile et du Parlement européen. Un cynisme parfaitement assumé par les dirigeants européens.

La Suisse épinglée pour ses exportations d’armes en Arabie saoudite | 30 March 2016 |

La Confédération aurait violé un traité onusien genevois en vendant du matériel de guerre au plus grand pays du Moyen-Orient, selon une ONG.

MBDA va fournir des système de missiles côtiers au Qatar | 30 March 2016 | Air & Cosmos

Lors du salon d’armement DIMDEX qui se tient a Doha, MBDA a signé, aujourd’hui, un protocole d’accord pour la fourniture de systèmes de défense côtière pour la Marine qatarienne. Ce protocole doit être suivi d’un contrat estimé à 640 millions d’euros.

Ukroboronprom delivers upgraded BTR-4 APCs to Ukrainian forces | 31 March 2016 |

Ukraine’s state enterprise Ukroboronprom has delivered a batch of upgraded armoured personnel carriers (APC) BTR-4 to the Ukrainian military in the ATO zone. The company has also delivered indigenously developed 120mm-calibre Molot mortar launchers to the Ukrainian forces.

Britischer Banker soll Nordkorea beim Waffenhandel geholfen haben | 5 April 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Die Firma eines Briten soll von den Jungferninseln aus Sanktionen ignoriert und den nordkoreanischen Waffenhandel unterstützt haben. Doch der Banker weist jede Verantwortung von sich.

Dublin firm acted as sales agent for aerospace, defence giant | 5 April 2016 | Irish Times

An Irish company with a registered address in Drumcondra, Dublin, has acted as a sales agent in the Philippines, India and elsewhere for customers that include one of the world’s largest aerospace and defence conglomerates, the leaked files of the Mossack Fonseca (MF) law firm reveal.

Russian arms gain new luster after Syria campaign | 5 April 2016 | Christian Science Monitor

There’s nothing quite like a victorious war to change perceptions about a country. Russia’s reduced-but-ongoing military intervention in Syria appears to have already accomplished several of its intended geopolitical goals. But it may also be yielding a surprise windfall: stepped-up orders for the weaponry that starred in the globally televised Syria mission.

El Congreso pide revocar las ventas de armas a Arabia Saudí mientras haya riesgo de que se usen en Yemen | 6 April 2016 | El Dario (Spain)

El Congreso de los Diputados ha instado al Gobierno español a “revocar las autorizaciones” de venta de armas concedidas a las partes enfrentadas en Yemen desde el 25 de marzo de 2015, fecha en la que la coalición de países árabes lideraba por Arabia Saudí emprendió una campaña de bombardeos para repeler la ofensiva lanzada por los rebeldes hutíes que expulsaron al Gobierno yemení de la capital.

Sagem to supply Patroller UAV to French Army | 7 April 2016 |

Sagem has secured a contract to supply the Patroller unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for the French Army’s tactical drone system programme. Awarded by the French Defence procurement agency (DGA), the contract requires the company to provide 14 Patroller UAVs to replace the French Army’s Sperwer tactical drones in 2018.

Bulgaria to Put Out Arms Companies for Privatization | 8 April 2016 |

Two state-owned weapons companies, a manufacturer and an exporter, are to be put out for privatization over the next few years, Bulgaria’s draft midterm budget forecast reads. VMZ-Sopot, which produces equipment, is to be offered in 2018, and defense equipment exporter Kintex comes next in 2019, according to a version of the forecast which has been offered to the general public for a debate.

Russia set to continue arms supplies to Azerbaijan and Armenia | 8 April 2016 | TASS

Russia will continue delivering weapons to Azerbaijan and Armenia as its strategic partners under existing contracts, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Friday.

Geld für Bombengeschäfte | 8 April 2016 | Zeit Online

Deutsche Banken werben mit nachhaltigen Geschäften und geben sich kritisch gegenüber der Rüstungsindustrie. Eine Studie zeigt nun, dass die großen Geldhäuser und Landesbanken zahlreiche Waffenbauer finanzieren.

Konflikt um Nagorni Karabach – Kamikaze-Drohnen im Einsatz | 8 April 2016 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Über dem umstrittenen Gebiet von Nagorni Karabach sind offenbar erstmals israelische Kamikaze-Drohnen im Kampf eingesetzt worden. Das zeigt ein Video der aserbaidschanischen Streitkräfte.

Wie Deutschland zum weltweiten Waffenhändler wurde | 10 April 2016 | Sü

Das ergründet eine angesehene Historiker-Zeitschrift und stellt fest: Der Bundestag ließ sich von der Regierung entmachten.

Betreibt der Rüstungskonzern Rheinmetall illegale Geschafte in Saudi-Arabien? | 10 April 2016 | RT Deutsch

Undurchsichtige Geschäfte betreibt der deutsche Rüstungskonzern Rheinmetall derzeit in Saudi-Arabien. Offenbar um rechtliche Vorschriften zu umgehen, betreibt der Konzern von Südafrika aus eine Munitionsfabrik in der Golf-Monarchie. Falls es – wie vermutet werden kann – dabei auch zu einem Technologietransfer gekommen ist, wäre eigentlich die Zustimmung des Bundessicherheitsrats nötig gewesen. Das Unternehmen blockt Presseanfragen zu dem Deal ab.

Russland beginnt mit Raketenlieferung an Iran | 11 April 2016 | Deutsche Welle

Während der Zeit des Atomkonflikts mit dem Iran hatte Russland das lukrative Rüstungsgeschäft auf Eis gelegt. Nach Aufhebung der Sanktionen gegen Teheran ist der Weg für den Deal nun frei.

Kalashnikov to buy NPO Precision Systems | 13 April 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Efforts by Russian defence group Kalashnikov to diversify away from its reliance on producing small arms have continued with the announcement the group intends to acquire Russian missile systems venture NPO Precision Systems and Technologies.

Bulgaria Backtracks on Plan to Sell Arms Firms VMZ, Kintex in 2018-2019 | 13 April 2016 |

Bulgarian arms manufacturer VMZ-Sopot and arms trader Kintex will remain state-owned, it emerged on Wednesday after a weekly cabinet meeting. According to a transcript of the meeting released by the government press office, the ministers of finance and economy, Vladislav Goranov and Bozhidar Lukarski, have proposed to return the two companies to a list of state assets banned for sale.

Simmel Difesa expands 40 mm LV ammunition range | 14 April 2016 | IHS Jane’s International Defence Review

Simmel Difesa has developed a complete suite of 40 x 46 mm low-velocity (LV) grenades that are insensitive munition (IM)-compliant and fitted with point-detonating self-destruct (PD SD) fuzes.

Protesters who blockaded London arms trade fair acquitted after judge sees evidence of illegal weapons on sale | 15 April 2016 | The Independent

There is compelling evidence that arms were illegally being sold at the world’s biggest arms fair which takes place in London, a judge has ruled. Acquitting eight anti-arms trade protesters who tried to disrupt the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) event at Stratford’s ExCel Centre last September, District Judge Angus Hamilton accepted the defendants’ argument that they had tried to prevent a greater crimes, such as genocide and torture, from occurring by blocking a road to stop tanks and other armoured vehicles from arriving at the exhibition centre.

Italy, France Clash Over Naval Deal With Qatar | 15 April 2016 | Defense News

Italy and France are locked in a battle to sell new naval vessels to Qatar, which is in a hurry to buy a defense kit as it prepares to host the Soccer World Cup in 2022.

Exportación de armas: una visión comercial de un buen negocio | 16 April 2016 | El Dario (Spain)

La administración española está mucho más interesada en defender el lobby militar-industrial de nuestro país que en detectar y evitar aquellos usos y destinos del comercio de armas que son más que dudosos.

Pressure builds for investigation into London arms trade fair after judge sees evidence of illegal weapons sales | 16 April 2016 | The Independent

Anti-arms trade campaigners have put pressure on the Government to act after officials’ business-as-usual response to a court ruling warning that illegal arms could be changing hands at at London arms fair. Yesterday a judge ruled that there was “compelling” evidence to suggest unlawful activity was occurring at the bi-annual DSEI gathering that takes place in London’s docklands.

MPs to investigate evidence of illegal weapons sales at London’s DSEI arms fair | 18 April 2016 | The Independent

MPs are to investigate allegations of illegal weapons sales at British weapons fairs after a judge ruled there was “credible” evidence of wrongdoing at the biggest event in the arms trade’s calendar. The House of Commons Committee on Arms Export Control, made up of MPs from all the main parties, will look into the allegations that a judge said had not been “appropriately investigated by the authorities”.

Denmark picks five bidders for artillery procurement | 18 April 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Denmark has prequalified five contenders to meet its self-propelled howitzer requirement, the country’s defence procurement agency (FMI) has announced. The contenders are vying to replace the Royal Danish Army’s existing M109A3 155 mm self-propelled howitzers.

Sistiertes Rüstungsgeschäft – Leiter der Bodluv-Untersuchung bestimmt | 18 April 2016 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Kurt Grüter, der ehemalige Direktor der Eidgenössischen Finanzkontrolle, leitet die Administrativuntersuchung zur sistierten Raketenbeschaffung Bodluv 2020. Zur Untersuchung der Indiskretionen im Zusammenhang mit dem Rüstungsgeschäft wird die Militärjustiz beigezogen.

UK licences £2.8bn of arms sales to Saudis since kingdom entered Yemen war | 19 April 2016 | The Guardian

The British government released licences for the export of £7m of arms to Saudi Arabia in the last three months of 2015, taking the total value of such licences since the country entered the civil war in Yemen to £2.8bn.

Why is Britain still selling Saudi Arabia arms to use in Yemen? | 20 April 2016 | The Guardian

In the House of Commons debate on intervention in Syria last December, one message rang out loud and clear: Britain will not tolerate indiscriminate violence committed by extremists, and will act decisively to counter any threat to our national security.

Waffenexporte in den Nahen Osten – Das Moratorium ist Geschichte | 20 April 2016 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Government eases Middle East weapons export ban | 20 April 2016 | Swiss Info

Das Seilziehen um Kriegsmaterialausfuhren ist vorerst beendet. Der Bundesrat hat Exporte in Länder wie Saudiarabien im Umfang von 178 Millionen bewilligt. Panzer für Katar gibt es aber keine.

Kritik an Rüstungsgeschäft – Rechnungshof rügt Bundeswehr | 20 April 2016 |

60 Millionen Euro für 30 Lenkflugkörper – ohne sie vorher ausreichend zu testen: das wirft der Bundesrechnungshof der Bundeswehr vor. Bei späteren Tests fielen die Waffen durch. Der Hersteller konnte nicht an den Kosten beteiligt werden.

Switzerland lifts ban on arms export to Middle East | 22 April 2016 |

The Swiss Ministry of Defence (MoD) has reportedly lifted a ban on the exports of certain arms to the Middle East. The decision approves the foreign military sale of air defence system, military aircraft and artillery spare parts and other defence equipment.

Schweiz liefert Ersatzteile für den Jemen-Krieg | 24 April 2016 | Der Bund

Gemäss einem Bericht werden Schweizer Komponenten für Kriegseinsätze verwendet.

Wofür müssen sich die Heckler & Koch-Manager vor Gericht verantworten? | 25 April 2016 | SWR Nachrichten

Die Staatsanwaltschaft Stuttgart klagt zwei ehemalige Geschäftsführer von Heckler und Koch an. Gegen die verantwortlichen Kontrollbeamten im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium wird dagegen nicht ermittelt.

Et si la Finlande s’offrait le Rafale ? | 25 April 2016 | La

La Finlande lance le renouvellement de sa flotte de F-18. Helsinki a envoyé en fin de semaine dernière une demande d’informations à quatre pays : États-Unis (F-35, F-18, F-16 et F-15), France (Rafale), Grande-Bretagne (Eurofighter) et Suède (Gripen).

Les principaux contrats de ventes d’armes de la France | 26 April 2016 | TV5MONDE Info

Le mégacontrat estimé à 34 milliards d’euros, décroché par le groupe français DCNS pour la construction de 12 sous-marins australiens, sera, s’il est confirmé, le plus important conclu par la France avec un pays étranger.

ThyssenKrupp verpasst milliardenschweren U-Boot-Deal | 26 April 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Dem Essener Industriekonzern ist einer der größten Industrieaufträge in der deutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte entgangen. Den Zuschlag zum Bau von zwölf U-Booten erteilt die australische Regierung jemand anderem.

German prosecutors investigate prize-winning arms trade journalists | 26 April 2016 | Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Waffenexporte – Erst Grimme-Preis, jetzt Staatsanwalt | 26 April 2016 |

Anklagen gegen Heckler & Koch und Regisseur Harrich nach TV-Doku | 26 April 2016 | Merkur

A five-year saga surrounding Heckler and Koch’s illegal export of assault rifles to corrupt Mexican police forces escalated drastically this week. After pressing charges against six former H&K employees in November, the Stuttgart prosecutor investigating the case has now formally asked his Munich counterpart to open an investigation into four journalists and an activist who uncovered the documents and then published them.

Ex-Gerichtschef als Mitglied von Bande angeklagt | 27 April 2016 | Stuttgarter Zeitung

Als Präsident des Landgerichts Rottweil war er hoch angesehen. Dann ging Peter Beyerle zur Waffenfirma Heckler & Koch. Nun steht er wegen illegaler Exporte unter Anklage – und soll sogar einer Bande angehört haben.

Befremdlich enge Bande zu Saudi-Arabien | 27 April 2016 | Deutschlandfunk

Seit Francois Hollandes Amtszeit sind die Staatsbesuche in Saudi-Arabien massiv angestiegen. Ein Grund ist der Waffenhandel mit den Saudis. Kritiker monieren, dass Präsident Hollande mit einem Staat flirte, dessen politische Position sich nicht sonderlich von den Positionen der Attentäter von Paris und Brüssel unterscheidet.

Avec le contrat australien, “DCNS franchit une étape de plus dans sa transformation en un groupe international” | 28 April 2016 | L’Usine Nouvelle

L’Autralie a décidé : ce sera le groupe français DCNS qui construira les 12 sous-marins. Le contrat total avoisinerait les 34 milliars d’euros. Pour Philippe Plouvier, spécialiste des questions de Défense pour le BCG (Boston Consulting Group), ce succès signe la réussite de l’internationalisation de DCNS, capable de rivaliser face à ces concurrents américain ou japonais. Entretien.

Vom Platzen eines allseits beliebten Rüstungsgeschäfts | 28 April 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Die Bundesregierung wollte unbedingt U-Boote an Australien verkaufen – die Australier machen das Geschäft aber lieber mit Frankreich. Das könnte an der restriktiven deutschen Rüstungspolitik liegen.

Waffenexport nach Kasachstan – Teilerfolg für Waffenhändler vor Bundesgericht | 29 April 2016 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Das Bundesstrafgericht muss sich nochmals mit einem Schweizer Waffenhersteller befassen, den es wegen einer Widerhandlung gegen das Kriegsmaterialgesetz verurteilt hatte. Das Bundesgericht hat eine Beschwerde des Mannes teilweise gutgeheissen.