Arms Trade Highlights: June – July 2015

Recent years have seen increasing emphasis placed on the need to eradicate the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons. Governments – and civil society generally – have recognized the trade as contributing to insecurity that has occasioned mass human displacement on a scale not seen since the end of World War Two. When cases of illicit arms trading come to light, the world is often reminded that many if not most truly destabilizing arms transfers are made not by sinister arms traffickers or ‘terrorist’ groups, but by governments and their agents in pursuit of covert self interest.

In May this year the Turkish newspaper ‘Cumhuriyet’ published photographs and video footage of trucks allegedly under the control of the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) carrying weapons destined for jihadis in neighboring Syria. This, the newspaper observed, stood in stark contradiction of the Turkish government’s claim that the trucks were carrying aid to Turkmen living in Syria – a claim also later refuted by representatives of the Turkmen community inside Syria. The video footage showed a routine search of the vehicles in question by police and border control officials. It subsequently briefly appeared on Turkish websites, though was swiftly removed by the authorities. It is claimed that ‘dozens’ of the police and other officials who carried out the routine interception of this illicit traffic have since been charged with espionage and attempting to overthrow the Turkish government. Several of these officials are said to face potential life sentences for their alleged ‘crimes’. In June, a criminal complaint was filed by Turkish President, Recep Erdoğan, against the Editor in Chief of ‘Cumhiriyet’, the president allegedly saying that the Editor ‘must pay a heavy price’ for the revelations. Weekly Turkish news magazine, Nokta, also claims that the lettering on the armament boxes indicates that the weapons and ammunition originated from Libyan stockpiles.

Meanwhile, early June this year saw the collapse of a trial at London’s Old Bailey Crown Court against a Swedish national accused of aiding terrorism in Syria. Prosecutors reportedly reviewed the decision to prosecute after it became clear that British intelligence services had been arming the same ‘rebel groups’ that the defendant had been charged with supporting. It emerged at the trial that both Britain’s MI6 and the US government’s CIA had been involved in the transfer of arms from Gaddafi’s former stockpiles to selected groups in the Syrian armed opposition. Concurrently, a CIA document, declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, said that ‘the US and it’s allies weren’t only supporting and arming an opposition they knew to be dominated by extreme sectarian groups, they were prepared to countenance the creation of some sort of “Islamic state”…’.

In the United States, Marc Turi is being prosecuted for allegedly violating the 2011 UN arms embargo on Libya by diverting weapons to Al-Qaeda-affiliated militia in Libya via Qatar and the UAE. The initial defence motion asserted that although Mr Turi had received State Department approval to conduct arms brokering discussions with both Qatar and the UAE, no weapons had in actuality been transferred. As the case unfolded in court, it transpired that Mr. Turi was in fact CIA employee and had in 2011 been involved in covert weapons transfers on behalf of the CIA to several Middle Eastern States, including Qatar and the UAE. These states had allegedly been chosen as conduits for covert arms supplies to Libyan militias – an operation subsequently uncovered by agents of the new Libyan authorities. The case continues to drag on.

In Europe, the European Parliamentary Research Service published its report on illicit small arms and light weapons – an analysis focusing on the thorny question of how such arms transfers migrant from the licit to the illicit sphere. The report highlights that “legally authorised” transfers by States “which [nevertheless] contravene international law, form the main part of the grey market.” It blames mainly ‘gaps in legislation’ and ‘fragile States’ for this ‘grey market’. However, as illustrated in Syria and Libya, the reality is more complex: both covert and overt State-sponsored and State-approved arms transfers of various kinds (not just small arms and light weapons) are the most significant contributors to weapons proliferation and flagrant misuse, and thus to insecurity.

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Arms Trade Treaty

Canada should sign arms trade treaty | 2 June 2015 | The Record

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government cares little about what goes on outside of our own borders, unless there are political implications at home. Therefore, as Cesar Jaramillo points out in his May 29 column, our country is one of a handful of rogue states, like North Korea, that have refused to sign the United Nation Arms Trade Treaty. There are two reasons for our government’s stance: political and economic.

NRA: the global arms trade’s best friend | 7 June 2015 | Scholars and Rogues

… What will it take to end the trade? Current efforts focus on embargoes, ending the legal import of weapons into volatile areas. The only problem is they don’t work very well… A step in the right direction is the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), a United Nations’ proposal to assert some sanity over the trade by creating stricter standards for all cross-border transfers of weapons.

New Zealand pushes Fiji to join UN Arms Trade Treaty | 9 June 2015 | Radio New Zealand International

New Zealand opposition MP is visiting Fiji this week to encourage its government to join the Arms Trade Treaty.

Why Kenya Must Accede to the Arms Trade Treaty | 15 June 2015 | The Star | AllAfrica

Throughout the long and many stages of negotiations of the ATT lasting nearly nine years, Kenya played, in the words of Ambassador Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, “a key and robust role in its realization,” which statement is fully supported by the many actions taken by Kenya during the Treaty’s negotiation period. Despite these efforts, Kenya has until now, remained conspicuously absent from the list of countries who signed, ratified or acceded to the Treaty.

México destaca relevancia del Tratado sobre Comercio de Armas | 6 July 2015 | Informador

México destacó hoy la relevancia del Tratado sobre el Comercio de Armas (ATT, por siglas en inglés), que entró en vigor el pasado 25 de diciembre y cuya primera conferencia mundial de sus Estados parte se llevará a cabo en Cancún del 24 al 27 de agosto.

Les députés togolais autorisent le gouvernement à ratifier trois textes internationaux | 10 July 2015 | Le Temps

L’Assemblée nationale, lors de sa première session extraordinaire, a voté à l’unanimité le 9 juillet à Lomé, la ratification de trois lois relatives à la lutte contre la corruption, la peine de mort et au commerce des armes.

Communiqué de presse. Conseil du Gouvernement – Mardi 14 juillet 2015 | 14 July 2015 | Primature Madagascar

Adoption du projet de loi autorisant la ratification du Traité sur le Commerce des Armes. Au titre du Ministère des affaires Etrangères.

Trinidad and Tobago bids to host Arms Trade Treaty secretariat rent free | 15 July 2015 | TT Newsday

Trinidad and Tobago’s offer to host the Arms Trade Treaty secretariat includes the provision of rent free, furnished accommodation for 15 years plus payment of 50 percent of the cost of utilities for five years.



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Global Arms Trade

‘Hyundaization’ Clarified | 8 June 2015 | The Diplomat

What does it mean to talk about the “Hyundaization” of the global arms trade, and what are the key implications? I welcome Richard A. Bitzinger’s contribution in “The Global Arms Trade and the ‘Hyundaization’ Threat.” Bitzinger’s article makes many good points, but some of its contentions address the wrong arguments or worry about the wrong things. In other areas, it addresses claims that weren’t found in my Wall Street Journal article – which is finally open to the public.

Illicit small arms and light weapons: International and EU action | 16 July 2015 | European Parliamentary Research Service

Small arms and light weapons (SALW) are the main tools used in today’s conflicts, the scourge of illicit SALW has only relatively recently drawn international attention. While the global legal trade in SALW and their ammunition has greatly increased in the past decade, so has the question about how to deal with the diversion of SALW from the licit to the illicit sphere…

The Failings and Structural Irrelevance of the U.N.’s Small-Arms Process | 20 July 2015 | The Heritage Foundation

On June 1–5, 2015, the Second Meeting of Governmental Experts (MGE2) under the PoA was held in New York City. The purpose of MGE2 was to allow nationally nominated experts to address technical issues raised at the Fifth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS5). The MGE2’s agenda focused on polymer firearms (i.e., so-called plastic guns); modular firearms (i.e., guns with interchangeable parts); 3-D printed firearms; and calls from some U.N. member nations for increased foreign aid. These four subjects are supposedly central to controlling the illicit arms trade.

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China close to first FTC-2000 supersonic trainer sale in Africa | 18 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

China has signed a preliminary contract with an African country for the first sale of its low-cost Chengdu/Guizhou FTC-2000 supersonic trainer.

North Africa

Kamov to demo Ka-52 in Algeria | 25 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Russian Helicopters subsidiary Kamov will demonstrate its Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters later this year, the Russian news agency TASS reported on 23 June.

The Arming of Benghazi | 27 June 2015 | Fox Business

The United States supported the secret supply of weapons to Libyan rebels while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State according to federal court documents obtained by Fox News.

UN refuses to lift arms embargo on Libya | 16 July 2015 | Middle East Monitor

The United Nations has refused a request submitted yesterday by Libya’s UN Ambassador Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi to lift an embargo on arms imports imposed on the country. The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Bernardino Léon said in a statement that “such a request should come from a national unity government which represents all the Libyan parties.

Arms dealer claims Obama DOJ prosecuting me to protect Hillary | 22 July 2015 | WND

Defense filings in the Department of Justice prosecution of arms dealer Marc Turi allege the Obama administration is willing to prosecute an innocent man to cover up the role former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played shipping weapons to Libya illegally in 2011.

Obama admin framing arms dealer | 27 July 2015 | WND

A member of the independent Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi believes the Obama administration positioned arms dealer Marc Turi to take the fall for illicit arms deals to Libya orchestrated in 2011 by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department.

Greek customs seizes 16 Libya-bound armoured vehicles | 28 July 2015 | DefenceWeb

Customs service officials in the Greek port of Piraeus have sixteen armoured vehicles to Libya in violation of the United Nations arms embargo. Officials from the Piraeus Sixth Customs Directorate boarded the MV Tychy at the nearby port of Keratsini on July 21 and found eight Streit Group Typhoon 4×4 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, five armoured Toyota Land Cruisers, two armoured BMW sedans and one armoured Mercedes sedan. The vehicles were impounded while the ship was allowed to continue on its way.

Britain Quietly Resumes Multi-Million-Pound Arms Deals With Egypt | 31 July 2015 | Newsweek

The British government has quietly resumed multimillion-pound arms deals with Egypt two years after the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, was overthrown in a coup led by the current president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, new figures have revealed.

East Africa

Djibouti parades Chinese tank destroyer | 28 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Djiboutian Armed Forces (FAD) displayed a single Norinco WMA301 Assaulter tank destroyer during the country’s independence day parade on 27 June.

Why is Israel turning a blind eye to South Sudan arms sales? | 7 July 2015 | Al Monitor

As expected, the resolution adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on July 3, condemning Israel based on the report of the UN panel probing Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, provoked scanting criticism on Jerusalem’s part. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to condemn the condemners, stating that Israel not only assiduously upholds the equal rights of all its citizens, but also “acts in accordance with international law.” Once again claims were heard that the UNHRC picks on Israel, which adheres strictly to its “purity of arms” military ethical doctrine, while ignoring far worse crimes against humanity committed by other states.

West Africa

Embraer Defense & Security and Republic of Mali sign contract for six A-29 Super Tucano at the Paris Air Show | 15 June 2015 | Embraer Press Release | PR Newswire

Embraer Defense & Security and the Ministry of Defense and Veterans from the Republic of Mali have signed today a contract for the acquisition of six A-29 Super Tucano light attack and advanced training turboprops at the Paris Air Show. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense from the Republic of Mali, Tieman Coulibaly. The contract includes logistic support for the operation of these aircraft and also provides a training system for pilots and mechanics of the Mali Air Force. The A-29 Super Tucano will be deployed for advanced training, border surveillance, and internal security missions.

I’ll Ask Zuma About U.S.$9.3 MIllion Botched Arms Deals | 17 June 2015 | Daily Trust | AllAfrica

Buhari Demands Seized $9.3m Arms Money from S/Africa | 17 June 2015 | Nigeria Communications Week

President Muhammadu Buhari has said the $9.3m arms deal cash which South African authorities seized from two Nigerians and an Israeli last September was “not correctly transferred” to Nigeria. He said he would ask South African President Jacob Zuma about the money during his proposed visit to Nigeria.


Arms Proliferation in Nigeria Worries Ecowas | 18 June 2015 | Daily Trust | AllAfrica

The annual meeting of National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NATCOMs) has expressed concerns over small arms proliferation, saying despite several protocols signed by member nations of ECOWAS, nothing has changed. At a meeting of National Commissions on Small Arms of the Economic Community of West African States in Calabar yesterday, President of ECOWAS, Kadre Desire Ouedraogo, said: “the case of the Sahel region and northern Nigeria in particular reveals deficiency in the reinforcement capacity of security forces in the control of illegal movement of arms in Nigeria and in the region.”

Embraer Defense & Security sells five A-29 Super Tucano to the Ghana Air Force | 19 June 2015 | Embraer Press Release | PR Newswire

Embraer Defense & Security and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Ghana have signed a contract for the acquisition of five A-29 Super Tucano light attack and advanced training turboprops. The contract includes logistic support for the operation of these aircraft as well as the set-up of a training system for pilots and mechanics in Ghana that will provide the autonomy of the Ghana Air Force in preparing qualified personnel.

Ecowas – EU Small Arms Project Launched in Liberia | 27 June 2015 | FPA | AllAfrica

Deputy Defense Minister for Operations says the proliferation of small arms and illegal use of light weapons poses extreme danger to any society, community or country. Mr. Jerome Labalee stressed that conflict prevention mechanisms are important steps needed to help reduce the use of small arms and light weapons within the Mano River Union Basin and the Sahel Region.

Japan and UNDP Team Up to Take Small Arms Off the Streets of Côte d’Ivoire | 9 July 2015 | UNDP | AllAfrica

The Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are extending a vast initiative to curb the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Côte d’Ivoire, just three months ahead of the country’s presidential election.

How 2015 electioneering campaigns elevated criminality | 9 July 2015 | Daily Trust

There is no doubt that Nigeria recorded drastic increase in the rate of crime since the commencement of electioneering campaigns for the 2015 general elections with cases of kidnapping, ritual killings, armed robbery, high profile assassinations, cultism, theft, cattle rustling and other nefarious activities on the increase. Daily Trust Crime Watch investigation revealed that the increase in the rate of criminal activities is associated with the mass circulation of arms and ammunitions provided to political thugs by top politicians that armed them (thugs) with a view to attacking their political opponents and in some cases, serving as their masters’ armies of destruction and ballot box snatching.

Sierra Leone Rated High in Small Arms Control | 14 July 2015 | Concord Times | AllAfrica

A report published by the Ghana-based Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) on compliance with the ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms and Light Weapons has rated Sierra Leone as the only country to have domesticated the Convention in its Arms and Ammunition Act 2012, demonstrating preparedness towards complete harmonisation with other international treaties

Feds allow military exports, despite ‘abysmal’ rights record | 17 July 2015 | Embassy News

The (Canadian) federal government has allowed military exports from the Canadian private sector to the Nigerian government, whose human rights record the foreign minister last year described as “abysmal.” While the government has cited human rights concerns in limiting its own military aid to the Nigerian government, it has let Canadian companies sell armoured vehicles to the country in recent years while Nigeria’s military has been fighting the militant insurgent group Boko Haram.


Southern Africa

Malawi Renegotiates $145m Arms Deal With Paramount | 8 June 2015 | Nyasa Times | AllAfrica

Malawi government set to renegotiate a deal worth $145 million (about K58 billion) with Paramount Group, Africa’s largest private defence and aerospace firm, which signed deals with the Malawian government for agriculture, fuel and military contracts through a network of investment firms.

Swaziland’s Massive Military Spending | 28 June 2015 | Swazi Media Commentary (Gaborone)| AllAfrica

A new report shows Swaziland spent US$259.8 million on its military in the past three years.

Firearms Control Act to Stop Illegal Gun Ownership | 10 July 2015 | (Tshwane) | AllAfrica

The Firearms Control Act is aimed at strict and efficient gun control, says Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu. Contrary to the cries that, through this legislation, the government is limiting the rights of citizens to protect themselves, this Act, the Deputy Minister said was not formulated to compromise the rights of civilians to defend themselves.

Gun Licences ‘Dished Out Like Sweets’ | 16 July 2015 | The Namibian | AllAfrica

Police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga yesterday said the force is working on a law that will tighten the possession and use of firearms by members of the public in the country.



Turkey arming Syrian jihadis

Video Shows Turkey Smuggling Arms to Syrian Jihadists | 29 May 2015 | Arutz Sheva

(Video) (İşte Erdoğan’ın yok dediği silahlar – Original webpage censored by Turkish government)

Images and video footage allegedly showing trucks belonging to Turkey’s state intelligence service carrying weapons en route to jihadist rebels in Syria were published Friday in a Turkish daily. The Turkish government has vehemently denied earlier claims that it is arming rebels fighting in Syria and accused dozens of prosecutors, soldiers and security officers involved in the searching of trucks of attempting to bring it down by suggesting that it is doing so.


Gov’t hastily secures gag order for Syria-bound arms footage | 29 May 2015 | Todays Zaman

Turkish daily faces terrorism probe after publishing alleged photos of arms on MİT trucks | 29 May 2015 | Todays Zaman

A Turkish daily’s damning publication of pictures of weapons carried by Syria-bound trucks run by Turkey’s intelligence organization prompted the government to immediately secure a gag order from a judge in order to contain the fallout from the scandal. The Cumhuriyet daily’s headline story on Friday discredited the government’s earlier claim that the trucks were carrying humanitarian aid to Turkmens in civil war-torn Syria.


Davutoğlu says MİT trucks ‘nobody’s business’ | 31 May 2015 | Todays Zaman

Following a recent news report revealing that some of the Syria-bound trucks operated by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) contained weapons, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that it is “none of anybody’s business” what the trucks contained.

Erdoğan personally sues journalist Dündar over Syria trucks report | 2 June 2015 | Todays Zaman

Erdoğan files criminal complaint against Dündar, press advocacy bodies show solidarity with journalist | 2 June 2015 | Todays Zaman

CPJ condemns Erdoğan over threat against journalist behind Syria trucks coverage | 2 June 2015 | Todays Zaman

Journalist will pay ‘heavy price’ says Erdogan | 2 June 2015 | Al monitor

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has sued Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Can Dündar over the publication of video footage that the newspaper said showed the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MİT) trucks carrying weapons to Syria. Erdoğan filed a criminal complaint against Dündar for “participating in an act with the members of the [parallel] organization … by publishing fake footage and information leaked to him by the parallel organization.” The term “parallel structure” has been invented by Erdoğan to refer to alleged sympathizers of the Gülen movement, also known as Hizmet, within the state bureaucracy.


Turkey’s statistics institute reveals scale of arms exports to Syria | 3 June 2015 | Todays Zaman

An official report released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) has revealed the scope of arms exports to Syria, a definitive confirmation that weapons have been sent to Syria despite the government’s firm denial.

HRW calls on Turkey to drop probe against Cumhuriyet for reporting on MİT trucks | 3 June 2015 | Todays Zaman

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has harshly criticized Turkey over a criminal investigation started against the Cumhuriyet daily and its editor-in-chief for the daily’s report on Syria-bound trucks carrying arms from Turkey, stating that the probe targeting the daily should be dropped immediately.


Cumhuriyet publishes more photos from scene of intercepted trucks | 4 June 2015 | Todays Zaman

Turkish Cumhuriyet daily on Thursday published photos showing a violent confrontation between gendarmes and intel operatives who were transporting illegal arms to opposition groups in Syria on trucks operated by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The exposé followed an earlier story by Cumhuriyet that included still shots from video footage of heavy arms and mortars that were being taken to Syria. The original video footage was uploaded to the daily’s website.


Turkey denies report of sending weapons, fighters to ISIL | 11 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

Ankara has dismissed a recent report claiming that Turkey’s intelligence service transferred arms and fighters to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), calling the allegations “a part of the smear campaign” against Turkey and “slander.” In its main story last Thursday, Turkey’s Cumhuriyet daily published photos and video of drivers admitting they transferred people with thick beards and cargo to ISIL.


Turkish magazine traces intercepted Syria-bound arms to Libya | 15 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

The Nokta newsweekly magazine published an investigative piece on Monday, revealing the secretive arms trade between Libya and Syria via Turkey that has enriched senior officials on the back of violence and conflict.


Turkish officials involved in supplying arms to radical Syrian groups, prosecutor says | 18 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

Turkish officials, including intelligence agency personnel, have been involved in the supply of weapons and ammunition to radical Syrian Islamist groups, particularly Ahrar ash-Sham, according to the team of prosecutors who previously carried out investigations into terrorist activities, including the infamous intervention into the weapon-laden trucks headed for Syria in January 2014.


Ex-prosecutor Karaca: Interception of trucks carrying arms was legal | 18 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

Former Adana Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Ahmet Karaca, who oversaw the case concerning trucks carrying arms intercepted en route to Syria in January 2014, has said in his defense that everything was done according to legal procedures.


Turkish gov’t plotted with smuggler in Syria | 22 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

The landmark defense put up by Turkey’s veteran anti-terror public prosecutors — who were unjustly detained in an Islamist-led hush-up of investigations into the government record of aiding and abetting radical groups in Syria including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) — has helped to assemble the larger Turkish jigsaw puzzle by putting more pieces into the public domain.


MİT truck convoy said to have also carried drugs and money | 23 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

It has emerged that trucks allegedly carrying weapons to radical organizations in Syria may also have been carrying illegal narcotics and large sums of money, according to the report submitted by the gendarmerie forces who searched the trucks.


Turkish media’s deafening silence on arms-laden MİT trucks linger due to fear | 27 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

Following the release of testimony from the arrested prosecutors who are accused of espionage and treason for ordering and being present for the stopping and searching of weapon-laden trucks in January 2014 last week, with few exceptions the Turkish media still turns a blind eye to the sensational information in the testimony due to fear and political pressure.


Fatih Yağmur receives EU journalism award for MİT truck news | 29 June 2015 | Todays Zoman

Fatih Yağmur was awarded the Best Investigative Report of 2014 at the EU Investigative Journalism Awards on Monday for his article exposing the guns and munitions sent to Syria by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), which was published in the Radikal daily on Jan. 3, 2014.


Indictment seeks life sentence for prosecutors, military commander who stopped MİT trucks | 3 July 2015 | Todays Zaman

An indictment filed in a Turkish court is seeking a life sentence for four prosecutors and a colonel who were involved in a search of Syria-bound trucks in January 2014.


Turkish media’s deafening silence on arms-laden MİT trucks linger due to fear | 3 July 2015 | Todays Zaman

Following the release of testimony from the arrested prosecutors who are accused of espionage and treason for ordering and being present for the stopping and searching of weapon-laden trucks in January 2014 last week, with few exceptions the Turkish media still turns a blind eye to the sensational information in the testimony due to fear and political pressure.


Prosecutors, colonel involved in MİT trucks case referred to appeals court for trial | 15 July 2015 | Todays Zaman

A local Turkish court has accepted an indictment seeking a life sentence for four prosecutors and a colonel who were involved in a search of Syria-bound trucks in January 2014 and referred the suspects to the Supreme Court of Appeals for trial.


Jurist says MİT truck case will fall apart when reaches trial stage | 16 July 2015 | Todays Zaman

The case of the January 2014 interception of Syria-bound trucks belonging to the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) will fall apart when it reaches the trial stage, the head of a law foundation has said, after a court recently accepted an indictment seeking life sentences for four prosecutors and a colonel who were involved in a search of trucks in January 2014, referring the suspects to the Supreme Court of Appeals for trial.


YARSAV criticizes HSYK for persecuting prosecutors who investigated Syria-bound trucks | 23 July 2015 | Todays Zaman

A judicial association has harshly criticized the top judicial authority over its indirect responsibility for a bombing in Suruç, calling for the authority to apologize for its actions that led to the attack.


ICJ acknowledges request for inquiry into Syria-bound MİT trucks | 30 July 2015 | Todays Zaman

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has acknowledged receipt of an email sent by a Turkish political party requesting an investigation into the case of arms-filled trucks bound for Syria and operated by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) that came to national attention after they were intercepted on the orders of a prosecutor in southern Turkey last year.



Other arms transfers to Syria/Iraq


Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq | 3 June 2015 | The Guardian

The war on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more grotesque contortions. On Monday the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, collapsed after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.

U.S. quietly starts channeling arms from $1.6 billion fund to Iraq | 5 June 2015 | Reuters

The United States has quietly started delivering promised arms for Iraqi soldiers from a $1.6 billion fund approved by Congress last year, officials said, following mounting Iraqi frustration over the pace of coalition assistance.


US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State | 2 July 2015 | The Telegraph

The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, The Telegraph has learnt. Some of America’s closest allies say President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including David Cameron, are failing to show strategic leadership over the world’s gravest security crisis for decades.


Leaked documents show Israel sought to arm Syrian rebels | 9 July 2015 | Haaretz

The Lebanese news website Al-Akhbar, considered affiliated with Hezbollah, reported on Thursday that it has obtained documents showing that Israeli officials tried to coordinate the transfer of weapons to Syrian opposition forces.


Weitere Munition aus Deutschland im Irak eingetroffen | 10 July 2015 | Bundeswehr

Am frühen Abend des 9. Juli landete erneut ein Transportflugzeug vom Typ Antonov AN-124 mit Waffen und Munition im nordirakischen Erbil. Die Unterstützung der Sicherheitskräfte der kurdischen Regionalregierung aus Deutschland wird damit fortgesetzt. Dieser Transport umfasste rund 60 Tonnen.


Iraq Apathetic to U.S. Equipment Offer | 29 July 2015 | US News & World Report

The Iraqi government has accepted only a fraction of fighting vehicles the U.S. has offered to provide it, indicating leaders in Baghdad desperately holding their country together amid the Islamic State group onslaught may be trying to appease multiple masters.



Rest of Asia


Russia to expand weaponry sales to Southeast Asia | 1 June 2015 | TASS

Russia is ready to develop military and technical cooperation with new markets in Southeast Asia, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said at an Asia-Pacific security forum on Monday.


Tel Aviv arms trade show braces for protest against South Sudan delegation | 2 June 2015 | Haaretz

Human rights activists want Israel to halt weapons exports to the African state, amid allegations of war crimes.


Japan, Philippines agree to discuss defense equipment transfer | 4 June 2015 | Global Times

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and visiting Philippine President Benigno Aquino have agreed on the start of negotiations to sign an accord over the transfer of defense equipment during their summit meeting Thursday, local media reported.


Tank maker seeks to increase exports on land armaments | 5 June 2015 | China Daily

In an effort to increase sales of its tanks in the face of declining global demand, China North Industries Group Corp, the country’s biggest developer and maker of land armaments, is turning to a popular smartphone social networking app.


Lebanese Super Tucano procurement confirmed | 9 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) confirmed on 9 June that the United States is providing the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) with six Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano light attack and surveillance aircraft.


Deutsche Gewehre im Jemen. Bundesregierung gibt Lücke bei Waffenexport-Kontrolle zu | 12 June 2015 | Der Spiegel

Bundesregierung räumt Rüstungskontroll-Probleme ein | 12 June 2015 | Die Zeit

Deutsche Gewehre im Jemen. Bundesregierung verlangt Aufklärung von Saudi-Arabien | 20 June 2015 | Der Spiegel

Saudi-Arabien darf Waffen der deutschen Firma Heckler & Koch nur für den Eigenbedarf herstellen. Offenbar hält sich das Land aber nicht an die Absprache.


China Exercises Strict Control over Military Trade | 13 June 2015 | CRI English

China says it has exercised strict and effective control over military trade. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei made the remarks in response to a report saying China-made man-portable air defense systems had fallen into the hands of militants in Iraq and Syria.


Russia mulling participation of its Sukhoi-35 jet in bidding contest in Indonesia | 18 June 2015 | TASS

Rosoboronexport official said that the Russian manufacturers and exporters should boost the export capabilities of the Sukhoi-35’s.


Textron sees significant Arab interest in armed Shadow UAVs | 21 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Several Arab states are interested in acquiring Textron unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including armed versions of the Shadow, according to Tarek Mekhail, the US company’s vice president for the Middle East operations.


Uzbekistan Buying European Military Planes? Photos Say Yes. | 23 June 2015 | EurasiaNet

Uzbekistan appears to have bought four military transport aircraft from Airbus, as it continues to try to get new military equipment from Western partners.


France says Saudi Arabia to order H145 helicopters | 24 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Saudi Arabia plans to order 23 Airbus H145 light helicopters as part of a series of deals worth USD12 billion, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius told reporters on 24 June.


Russian S-300 air defence system manufacturer signs deal with Iran | 25 June 2015 | TASS

Russian S-300 air defence system manufacturer Almaz-Antey and Iran’s Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation have signed a cooperation agreement, Almaz-Antey said in a statement on Thursday.


Southeast Asia’s Arms Market: Growing ‘Commoditisation’? | 27 June 2015 | Eurasia Review

If arms sales are increasingly a commodity business, governed mainly by price, it could increase regional militaries’ access to advanced military equipment and technologies. Still, other factors affect any true “commoditisation” of the regional arms market.


Regierung genehmigt Rüstungsgeschäft mit Saudi-Arabien und Qatar | 27 June 2015 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Saudi-Arabien darf laut einem Bericht Patrouillenboote von Deutschland kaufen. Die Bundesregierung sieht keinen Grund für Kritik: Mit den Booten seien Menschenrechtsverletzungen nicht möglich. An Qatar soll ein Kampfpanzer geliefert werden – zu Erprobungszwecken.


Did Moscow’s ‘air defense’ diplomacy land Saudi deal? | 30 June 2015 | Al Monitor

A profound, nearly civilizational rift and continuously escalating strife in the Middle East are prodding Russia to exercise exceptional flexibility as it seeks to hold on to a foundation of friendly relations with key, if not all, regional players that have taken many decades to build. The nature of these relations is determined by historical memories, as Russia had never been a colonial power in the area, and during the Soviet era invariably supported Arab national liberation movements, helped create industrial potential in many nations in the region and backed the Palestinian cause. In more recent years, however, it has had to work to mitigate the fallout of the conflict in Chechnya in the 1990s, as a number of Middle Eastern states sympathized with the separatists, and of its policy stance regarding the ongoing Syrian conflict. With respect to the latter, regional players have been showing signs of better understanding Russia’s position.


Iraq receives four more Russian combat helicopters | 1 July 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 2 July that it has taken delivery of four more “advanced combat helicopters” from Russia.


Russia ready to export Iskander missile complexes to Saudi Arabia | 3 July 2015 | TASS

The announcement comes across as a new development, since officials of the St Petersburg-based Machine-Building Design Bureau have said previously the Iskanders will not be exported.


Rosoboronexport to supply to China Zubr landing craft ordered in Ukraine | 3 July 2015 | TASS

The Morye shipyard that designed these Zubr vessels is a Russian plant, so the task is to fulfill this contract signed between Ukraine and China, Rosoboronexport deputy CEO Igor Sevastyanov explains.


U.S. Defends Giving Armored Vehicles To Uzbekistan | 5 July 2015 | EurosiaNet

State Department officials have defended the provision of armored vehicles to Uzbekistan against criticism that it is irresponsible to reward a government with such a poor record of treating its citizens, while more military aid to Tashkent appears to be in the works.

Gun culture fuels illegal arms trade | 6 July 2015 | Daily Mail (India)

Growing gun culture and a rising crime rate has swelled the demand for illegal arms and arms licences in Haryana, Punjab and neighbouring, including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and New Delhi. The Ferozepur police recently unearthed a network of illegal weapon suppliers, who were active in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


US Congress okay weapons transfer to Jordan amid anti-ISIL campaign | 8 July 2015 | Middle East North Africa Financial Network

The House passed legislation on Tuesday that would facilitate US weapons transfers to Jordan in the fight against Islamic State militants.


Washington’s Military Gift to Uzbekistan Questioned | 9 July 2015 | The Diplomat

Earlier this week, Eurasianet’s Joshua Kucera flagged an interesting, largely overlooked bit in last month’s U.S. congressional hearing on civil and political rights in Central Asia. Speaking before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central Asia Dan Rosenblum took a break from discussing Washington’s fledgling, floundering focus on human rights in the region to discuss a move with which his name has become synonymous: America’s decision to give some 300 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to the Uzbek regime, the largest single military donation the U.S. has ever offered the region.


Yemeni forces seize Saudi arms airdrop meant for terrorists | 13 July 2015 | PressTV

The Yemeni army, along with popular committees, has reportedly seized weapons Saudi military aircraft dropped to the terrorists operating in the southern part of the country.


Japanese firms enter arms race after five decades | 14 July 2015 | The Hindu

Some of Japan’s biggest companies, best known for motorcycles, washing machines and laptop computers, are pitching a new line of global products: military hardware. Quiet-running attack submarines. Amphibious search-and-rescue planes. Ship-mounted radar systems that use lasers to help pinpoint approaching enemies.


Lockheed wins U.S. approval to upgrade fighter jets for South Korea | 15 July 2015 | Yahoo

The U.S. government on Wednesday said it had approved Lockheed Martin Corp to upgrade 134 U.S.-made F-16 jet fighters for South Korea with new mission computers, radars and other equipment in a deal worth an estimated $2.5 billion.


Sale of Uzi manufacturer highlights Israeli hypocrisy towards arms trade | 21 July 2015 | Middle East Monitor

Israeli Military Industries (IMI), the state-owned weapons designer and manufacturer, has been put up for privatisation. If there is one company that encapsulates Israel’s hypocritical approach to the arms trade, crime and human rights, it is IMI; and if there is one weapon, it is IMI’s “Uzi”, the iconic sub-machine gun which for many decades was the company’s darkest jewel.


Iran vows to buy weapons ‘wherever and whenever possible’ and says it will sell arms to ‘whomever it considers appropriate’ | 23 July 2015 | Daily Mail

A top Iranian politician who led the recent historic talks with Western leaders over the country’s nuclear ambitions has vowed to continue buying and selling arms around the world, it is claimed.




The Blue Amazon. Brazil Asserts Its Influence Across the Atlantic | 11 June 2015 | Foreign Affairs

After years of shoring up security alliances in Latin America and the Caribbean, Brazil is now looking eastward, asserting its influence across the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil started quietly, providing Africa with technical assistance in science, technology, and professional development.


Bell cautions surplus OH-58s may undermine new military helo sales | 17 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Bell Helicopter is pressing the US government to limit the number of surplus army OH-58A-D Kiowa and Kiowa Warrior scout helicopters it offers for sale to foreign operators in case these undermine the company’s efforts to sell its latest platforms, the CEO said at the Paris Air Show on 17 June.


El Congreso de México pide investigar compra ilegal de armas a Alemania | 18 June 2015 | Sputnik Mundo

El Congreso pide a Hacienda y a PRG investigar ingreso ilegal de armas alemanas a México | 19 June 2015 | Imparcial

El pasado 20 de abril tres medios alemanes publicaron un informe de la Fiscalía de Stuttgart el cual detalló que la empresa Heckler & Koch vendió a México 9 mil 472 fusiles de alto poder G 36; de los cuales 4 mil 767 de esas armas se distribuyeron de forma ilegal por zonas con conflictos armados.


American company starts producing and selling Kalashnikov assault rifles in United States | 1 July 2015 | TASS

US-based Kalashnikov USA started producing and selling Kalashnikov assault rifles in the United States, company’s representative Andrew Breneman told TASS on Wednesday.


Rosoboronexport hopes to sell Russian helicopter carriers to Latin American countries | 1 July 2015 | TASS

Russia’s universal amphibious assault ships, currently being developed by a number of affiliates of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, will have a vast potential in international markets, including those in Latin America, the deputy CEO of Russia’s arms exporter Rosoboronexport, Igor Sevastianov, told the international naval show in St. Petersburg.


Tráfico ilegal de armas de fuego | 29 July 2015 | El Universal

Gran parte del debate sobre tráfico de armas de fuego de Estados Unidos a América Latina se ha centrado en México. Según un informe publicado por la Oficina en Washington para Asuntos Latinoamericanos (WOLA por sus siglas en inglés) y el Violence Policy Center (VPC) existen rifles de asalto semiautomáticos importados a los Estados Unidos desde el extranjero que representan una parte “significativa” de los arsenales de narcotraficantes en México.




French arms exports in 2014 ‘best in 15 years’ | 2 June 2015 | Expatica

French arms exports rose 18 percent in 2014, according to a defence ministry report published Tuesday, the country’s best export performance for 15 years.


Britain urged to end arms trade with Saudi Arabia after blogger ruling | 8 June 2015 | The Guardian

Campaigners have called for a radical shift in Britain’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, the UK’s biggest arms market, after the Saudi supreme court upheld the sentence of 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison given to blogger Raif Badawi.


Russia’s arms export orders stand at $50 bln | 16 June 2015 | TASS

China, India and other countries of the East are Russia’s major customers, with new customers appearing on the African continent.


Russia negotiates cooperation with over 20 countries at Army-2015 forum | 17 June 2015 | TASS

Russia’s arms trading firm Rosoboronexport is negotiating military-technological cooperation with delegations of over 20 countries attending the Army-2015 International Military-Technological Forum, Rosoboronexport’s representative told journalists on Wednesday.


Georgia Finalizes Controversial Air Defense Deal With France | 17 June 2015 | EurasiaNet

Georgia and France have finalized a blockbuster air defense deal that was the source of a major political crisis in Tbilisi last year, though many of the details of the deal and the crisis remain shrouded in mystery.


KBM says Verba MANPADS now being sold internationally | 18 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Russian defence company KBM officially unveiled its new-generation 9K333 Verba (Willow) manportable air defence system (MANPADS) during the Army-2015 international forum and declared for the first time that it has been cleared for export sales.


Russian arms exporter has foreign bids for 25-30 new Il-76MD-90A planes | 18 June 2015 | TASS

Russia’s arms exporter Rosoboronexport has received bids from foreign customers for the purchase of 25-30 military transport aircraft Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A, head of the company’s delegation to the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Sergey Kornev told reporters on Thursday.


Russia may reconfigure Yak-130 into attack jet for foreign clients | 18 June 2015 | TASS

Russia may re-configure its combat training plane Yakovlev-130 into a fighter-bomber for those foreign customers who may wish to have it, the chief delegate of Russia’s weapons exporter Rosoboronexport, Sergey Kornev, said at the Le Bourget air show on Thursday.


Russia Trying To Maintain “Parity” In Arms Sales To Armenia, Azerbaijan | 19 June 2015 | EurasiaNet

Moscow is driven by the principle of “parity” in its arms supplies to rivals Armenia and Azerbaijan, a senior Russian defense official has said, in comments that are likely to further erode Armenia’s confidence in its ostenible military ally, Russia.


Lib Dem’s Tim Farron calls for changes to arms export laws to halt sales to repressive regimes | 21 June 2015 | The Independent

A major overhaul of arms exports policy to prevent British-made weapons being used for internal repression and military aggression is being demanded by the frontrunner in the contest for the Liberal Democrat leadership. Tim Farron is calling for the law to be changed to require ministers to approve personally each sale to countries with poor human rights records, such as China, Russia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


Deutschland führt deutlich weniger Waffen ins Ausland aus | 24 June 2015 | Der Tagesspiegel

Im Jahr 2014 hat Deutschland Waffen im Wert von 6,5 Milliarden Euro ins Ausland exportiert, das sind 1,8 Milliarden weniger als im Vorjahr. Vor allem auf Einzelgenehmigungen für Staaten wie Saudi-Arabien liegt ein großes Augenmerk.


Swedish representatives pushing for stricter export rules | 25 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Ten members of a Swedish parliamentary committee set-up to look into Sweden’s growing military export market have written an editorial calling for greater caution in sales to countries with “democratic shortcomings” in a piece published by Sweden’s Dagens Industri newspaper on 25 June.


Irish arms trade with Israel criticised in the Irish parliament | 29 June 2015 | Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Independent TD Clare Daly, and Sinn Fein’s Pádraig Mac Lochlainn raised the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s campaign to end the Irish arms trade with Israel in the Dail (Irish parliament) last Thursday 25th June. Unfortunately, Minister for Defence Simon Coveney’s answer is merely the same tired old sloganeering about “a lasting peace process and a lasting solution” seemingly without being willing to take any concrete, meaningful action whatsoever to advance such an outcome.


Patria cleared of Slovenian bribery charge by appeals court | 30 June 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Four people accused of bribery as part of an export contract for Finnish company Patria with Slovenia have been cleared of charges, the company announced on 30 June.


Arming Apartheid. UK Complicity in Israel’s Crimes against the Palestinian People | 1 July 2015 | War on Want

Our new report, ‘Arming Apartheid’, details how trading arms with Israel makes the UK complicit in Israel’s continuing violations of human rights and international law. We call on the UK government to implement an immediate two-way arms embargo to end all arms sales to and purchases from Israel.


Russia’s military-industrial complex development unaffected by sanctions says deputy PM | 1 July 2015 | TASS

Last year, the total profit of the military industry enterprises grew by 29.4% and the net profit saw an almost 2.6-fold increase.


Portfolio of export orders for Russian defense industry stands at $49 billion says deputy PM | 1 July 2015 | TASS

Russian defense companies supplied military equipment to 32 countries in 2014, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin noted.


Russia’s Once-Mighty Fighter Jet Firm MiG Struggling as Rivals Make Gains | 2 July 2015 | Moscow Times

Once one of the world’s most famous aircraft designers, Russia’s MiG aircraft company has fallen on hard times. Though MiG aircraft continue to populate almost 30 world air forces, the firm has not won a major design competition or aircraft tender in its post-Soviet history.


Elbit Systems Awarded an Approximately US$150 Million Contract to Supply Advanced Systems to the Armed Forces of the Benelux Countries | 2 July 2015 | Elbit Systems Press Release | PR Newswire

Elbit Systems Ltd., announced today that its subsidiary, Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd., was awarded a contract from the Dutch Ministry of Defense, to supply advanced systems for the infantry soldiers in the Benelux countries – Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The contract, valued at approximately US$150 million, will be performed over a five-year period. Elbit Systems will serve as the program prime contractor and Thales Netherlands B.V (“Thales”) will be its main sub-contractor. Other local companies will take part in the project, providing support and immediate response to the customer’s needs.


Sanctions have not significantly affected civilian arms export — Kalashnikov concern | 2 July 2015 | TASS

Civilian arms export of Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern hit by western sanctions dropped by just 2%, the Russian rifle-maker said in the annual report released on Thursday.


Russia holding talks on supplies of Iskander-M missile systems to Armenia | 2 July 2015 | TASS

The systems will not be exported until 2016, the design bureau representative says.


Russia fosters Armenian dependency with $200M weapons loan | 3 July 2015 | Washington Times

The Russian government has agreed to loan $200 million to Armenia as part of a deal that will see the former Soviet Republic buy sophisticated weapons from Moscow at a discount, according to a report on Friday.


United Shipbuilding Corporation loses no foreign clients over sanctions | 4 July 2015 | TASS

Russia mainly oriented itself in military export to its traditional partners – India, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, a few states of the Mediterranean region.


Protests close four factories owned by Israeli arms firm Elbit | 6 July 2015 | Electronic Intifada

Protesters today shut down four different factories owned by Israel’s biggest arms company, Elbit Systems. The protests mark the one-year anniversary of the 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza. Police issued an injunction against protests at one of three UK sites, a drone engine factory near Shenstone, Staffordshire. Despite this, a number of activists have been locked-on at UAV Engines Limited (UEL) since early this morning, blocking the road and entrance to the factory. Hundreds of Palestine solidarity campaigners are supporting them. Police have made at least 10 arrests.


Germany further tightens defence export regulations | 8 July 2015 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Alemania aprueba control de armas tras el escándalo de envíos ilegales de H&K a México | 8 July 2015 | SinEmbargoMX

Entscheidende Verbesserung bei Kontrolle von Rüstungsexporten | 8 July 2015 | Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Germany has further tightened regulations relating to exports of defence and security equipment, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) announced on 8 July.


UK Government lifts remaining restrictions on arms sales to Israel after year-long review | 16 July 2015 | The Independent

The Government has lifted any remaining restrictions on arms sales to Israel following a year-long review of 12 export licences for weaponry which it admitted may have been used in last year’s bombardment of Gaza. Business Secretary Sajid Javid’s department said it was now satisfied that the licences for material including components for military radar and tanks meet the UK’s export criteria, which ban any sale of arms where there is a “clear risk” that they may be used to commit serious breaches of human rights.


From Yemen to Gaza and beyond: UK arms export controls are broken | 17 July 2015 | Open Democracy

We are forever being told of the ‘rigorousness’ and ‘robustness’ of UK arms export controls, but the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is less to do with legislation and more to do with a lack of political will. In theory UK arms exports are supposed to work on the basis of a risk assessment. This means that arms should never be licensed if there is a ‘clear risk’ of them being used in violation of international humanitarian law or for internal repression. By any reasonable interpretation this should block all arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Arms companies warned not to rip off the taxpayer, as defence budget rises | 17 July 2015 | The Telegraph

Arms companies are to be warned that the Government’s Budget commitment to boost military spending is not a licence to rip off the Ministry of Defence, which will “not tolerate inefficiency or poor performance”. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon will use a keynote speech on Friday evening at the world’s largest military airshow to fire the warning shot across the bows of some of the UK’s biggest companies.


Ehemaliger Rüstungsmanager angeklagt | 20 July 2015 | Frankfurter Allgemeine

Einem ehemaligen Manager des deutschen Panzerbauers Krauss-Maffei Wegmann droht ein Prozess in München: Er wurde wegen Verdachts der Steuerhinterziehung bei einem Geschäft mit Griechenland angeklagt.


La Audiencia Nacional ya investiga los contratos de DEFEX en Camerún y Arabia Saudí | 21 July 2015 | CADENA SER

El juez de la Audiencia Nacional, José de la Mata, ha decidido abrir una pieza separada, que permanece secreta, para investigar los contratos de la comercializadora pública de armamentos DEFEX con los países de Camerún y Arabia Saudí.


España aprueba la ley que prohíbe las minas antipersonas y las armas de efecto similar | 22 July 2015 | El Confidencial

La Comisión de Asuntos Exteriores del Senado aprobó el pasado martes con competencia legislativa delegada la nueva ley de prohibición de las minas antipersonas y armas de efecto similar, con lo que la norma fue dada por buena definitivamente por las Cortes Generales. El Gobierno remitió el texto el 13 de septiembre de 2013 a las Cortes, que aprobó el pasado 17 de junio el Congreso y ayer rafificó el Senado con el voto favorable de todos los grupos, excepto ERC, y tras rechazar la mayoría popular las 16 enmiendas presentadas por la oposición.


La Suisse a exporté davantage d’armes | 28 July 2015 |

Schweiz liefert Waffen für 32 Millionen an Indonesien | 28 July 2015 | Tages Anzeiger

La Suisse a exporté davantage de matériel de guerre au premier semestre de cette année. Les ventes d’armes sont en hausse de 17% au regard de la même période en 2014. Une augmentation qui s’explique par les livraisons de systèmes de défense aérienne à l’Indonésie.


An die Grenzen der Neutralität | 29 July 2015 | Tages Anzeiger

Luc Meier* kontrolliert für das Seco, wie Schweizer Waffen in Krisenländern verwendet werden. Wenn andere fliehen, checkt er im Hotel ein.


Alliance Nexter/KMW – naissance d’un “Airbus” de l’armement terrestre | 29 July 2015 | AFP | DHNet

Europas neuer Rüstungsriese | 30 July 2015 | Die Welt

Le groupe français Nexter et l’allemand KMW, constructeurs emblématiques des chars Leclerc et Leopard, scellent leur alliance mercredi pour créer un géant européen des blindés capable de rester dans la course à l’international.


To find weapons, Ukraine should look to home as well as abroad | 30 July 2015 | Kyiv Post

As Russia’s war with Ukraine rages on, there is increasing pressure in the country and abroad for Ukraine to be given lethal weapons. At the same time, Ukraine is still a major arms exporter, and experts say most of the weapons needed to fend off Russian aggression, can, and should, be found in-country.


Export Surveillance Technology: Italian company Hacking Team


Leaked Documents Show FBI, DEA and U.S. Army Buying Italian Spyware | 6 July 2015 |

The FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Army have all bought controversial software that allows users to take remote control of suspects’ computers, recording their calls, emails, keystrokes and even activating their cameras, according to internal documents hacked from the software’s Italian manufacturer.


A Detailed Look at Hacking Team’s Emails About Its Repressive Clients | 7 July 2015 |

Documents obtained by hackers from the Italian spyware manufacturer Hacking Team confirm that the company sells its powerful surveillance technology to countries with dubious human rights records. Internal emails and financial records show that in the past five years, Hacking Team’s Remote Control System software — which can infect a target’s computer or phone from afar and steal files, read emails, take photos and record conversations — has been sold to government agencies in Ethiopia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. An in-depth analysis of those documents by The Intercept shows Hacking Team’s leadership was, at turns, dismissive of concerns over human rights and privacy; exasperated at the bumbling and technical deficiency of some of its more controversial clients; and explicitly concerned about losing revenue if cut off from such clients.


Hacking Team | 8 July 2015 | Wikileaks

Today, 8 July 2015, WikiLeaks releases more than 1 million searchable emails from the Italian surveillance malware vendor Hacking Team, which first came under international scrutiny after WikiLeaks publication of the SpyFiles. These internal emails show the inner workings of the controversial global surveillance industry.


Hacking Team Emails Expose Proposed Death Squad Deal, Secret U.K. Sales Push and Much More

| 9 July 2015 |

Late Sunday, hackers dumped online a massive trove of emails and other documents obtained from the systems of Italian surveillance firm Hacking Team. The company’s controversial technology is sold to governments around the world, enabling them to infect smartphones and computers with malware to covertly record conversations and steal data.


Führte der Lauschangriff-Export über Deutschland? | 9 July 2015 | Die Welt

Die italienische Firma Hacking Team hat Spionage-Software nicht nur an Armeen und Geheimdienste von Diktaturen verkauft, sondern auch an ein mysteriöses Unternehmen aus Bayern. Was steckt dahinter?


How Hacking Team Created Spyware that Allowed the FBI To Monitor Tor Browser | 18 July 2015 |

In July of 2012, FBI contractor Pradeep Lal contacted the customer support department of the Italian company Hacking Team, a maker of spyware for law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide. Lal needed help; he had used Hacking Team software to break into and monitor an investigative target’s computer, but the monitoring wasn’t working as well as Lal expected. It reported what addresses his target visited in normal web browsers, but not when his target used Tor Browser, software designed to mask sensitive web surfing.


Hacking Team and Boeing Subsidiary Envisioned Drones Deploying Spyware | 18 July 2015 |

There are lots of ways that government spies can attack your computer, but a U.S. drone company is scheming to offer them one more. Boeing subsidiary Insitu would like to be able to deliver spyware via drone.


What the hack? | 18 July 2015 | New Internationalist Blog

The leak hasn’t only highlighted the serious moral failings of Hacking Team as a company. It has also illustrated the double standards and hypocrisy at the heart of the arms trade and the so-called ‘security’ industry. Vincenzetti himself has hinted at this in saying: ‘We did [sell tools to Libya] when suddenly it seemed that the Libyans had become our best friends.’ While we can be appalled by his lack of any remorse or sense of personal responsibility, he does have a point. Every single one of these sales has only happened because compliant governments have signed them off.


Wassenaar, la pseudo dualité des armes électroniques et l’hypocrisie internationale | 24 July 2015 | Reflets Info

Dans la masse de données fuitées suite au piratage de la société italienne Hacking Team, un petit document, d’apparence assez anodin, devrait nous fournir une base de réflexion sur l’immense hypocrisie qui entoure l’exportation d’armes électroniques, considérées en droit international comme des technologies « duales ». Ce document est une simple lettre à destination des douanes, spécifiant que le produit exporté par Hacking Team, une arme électronique offensive, est faite dans les règles de l’art, conformément aux traités internationaux en vigueur et aux règlements européens. Le produit vendu est son système d’intrusion, le pays, c’est le Kazakhstan.


Former AK-47 Dealer Goes Cyber, Supplied Surveillance Tools to Honduras Government | 27 July 2015 |

Ori Zoller made headlines over a decade ago selling thousands of AK-47s that eventually found their way into the hands of terrorists in Colombia. Now, according to recently leaked documents, the former small arms dealer is working as cyber arms dealer, supplying the government of Honduras with powerful surveillance tools used to spy on computers and cell phones.

Banner image: Copyright US DoD