Arms Trade Highlights: January – February 2016

In our last editorial, we cautioned not to overlook government-approved arms transfers to unstable regions in the face of a focus on the illicit trafficking of arms used in terrorist attacks. Current events, especially surrounding arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and the situation in Yemen, confirm this concern.

The conflict in Yemen continues to escalate.

Various exporting countries are profiting from the conflict in Yemen. In Canada, Trudeau went to the elections with a promise to sign the Arms Trade Treaty, though it seems the country’s $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia is off-limits. Meanwhile, the gun barrels of Canadian manufactured armoured vehicles will be made in Belgium. Indeed, Belgium too exports small arms and ammunition, amongst others, to Saudi Arabia. The Walloon socialist trade union has declined an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, allegedly because this would only prove beneficial to the competitors of Belgian companies. In the United Kingdom, David Cameron has boasted of efforts to help the UK sell arms to Saudi Arabia, whilst another steady provider of weapons to this state has been the United States. In short, the below news overview shows that the stream of countries supplying Saudi Arabia with defence equipment continues unabated, many of these countries being European or ATT states parties: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Russia, Slovakia, Georgia, France … Meanwhile, the European Parliament has called for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, as numerous reports (a legal opinion by Matrix Chambers, the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen) highlight the serious abuses of international humanitarian and human rights law being perpetrated in the conflict in Yemen.

In the face of strong indications of a risk that arms deliveries to the Saudi-led coalition will contribute to the commission of human rights violations, the governments of supplying states have resorted to creative argumentation to nevertheless justify continued deliveries. These arguments bear witness to the double standards by which arms transfers are still handled. Take, for example, the newly elected liberal Canadian government: despite expressing its intent to sign the ATT, it has managed to bypass it’s professed commitment to the Treaty’s principles to evade any compromise concerning its lucrative arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Using a formalist approach, the government argues that the ATT’s criteria, which would ordinarily present an obstacle to the arms transfers at issue, should not apply since Canada is not a state party to the ATT. Genuine commitment to the values and principles of the Arms Trade Treaty would entail a very different approach to this scenario. The UK government’s rhetoric is equally evasive. When first confronted with the report of the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen, the British government contended that this report should not yet have been officially published and that, as such, so far, no concrete evidence of the alleged violations of international law should yet have been presented. The UK government’s stance since the official publication of the report, seems to have shifted little, remaining premised on contesting the reliability of of the report’s findings.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has withdrawn its $3 billion aid package to the Lebanese armed forces. Instead it is alleged that Saudi Arabia has offered Sudan a $5 billion military aid package. Iran has stepped into the void and offered Lebanon a military aid package.

In the United States, the CIA continues to defend the notion that “relatively moderate rebels” in Syria should be covertly armed with surface-to-air weapon systems. It would seem that the CIA has not read the Wassenaar Arrangement “Elements for Export Controls of Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS)” as amended in 2007 (“Recognizing the threats posed by unauthorized proliferation and use of Man-Portable Air Defence Systems, especially to civil aviation, peace-keeping, crisis management and anti-terrorist operations, Participating States affirm that they apply strict national controls on the export of MANPADS….”) nor United States policy statements (“….In 2006 the U.S. government established the Interagency MANPADS Task Force to coordinate U.S. efforts to mitigate the threat posed by the illicit availability and use of MANPADS in every region of the world….Since early 2011, the MANPADS Task Force has played a key role in U.S. efforts to combat the proliferation of advanced conventional weapons from Libya, Syria, and other countries suffering from internal instability or regime collapse.…”). Indeed, these ‘moderate’ rebels are offering their weapons for sale using Facebook. Luckily, of course, US government officials have identified the true proliferators of this world, pointing the finger elsewhere: “That’s true that particularly North Korea is a proliferator. That’s one of the principal ways they attempt to generate revenue is through proliferation. I worry, frankly, about more mundane things like MANPADS, which the North Koreans produce and proliferate throughout the world, which poses a great threat to — to aviation. So, I think our role in the intelligence community is to be as vigilant as we can about this, and report when proliferants spread. And that — it is a great concern, and certainly — particularly in the Mideast.” (James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, February 9, 2016. Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, “Worldwide Threats”).

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Arms Trade Treaty

Gage de confiance entre les Etats | 7 January 2016 | République Togolaise

90 jours après sa ratification, le traité sur le commerce des armes (TCA) est entré en vigueur mercredi au Togo.

Top 10 Areas for Congressional Action on the Arms Trade Treaty in 2016 | 14 January 2016 | The Heritage Foundation

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which Congress has rightly opposed, entered into force on December 24, 2014. The U.S. signed the ATT on September 25, 2013, but the Administration has yet to transmit the treaty to the Senate. The first Conference of States Parties (CSP) to the ATT was held in Cancun, Mexico, on August 24–27, 2015. The CSP set out the rules of procedure for future CSPs, created a treaty Secretariat, and established a funding mechanism for both the Secretariat and future CSPs.

General Arms Trade

Ghost Soldiers And Overpriced Jets: How The Arms Industry Fuels Corruption | 19 January 2016 | Forbes

orruption in defense spending is eroding African countries’ capacity to meet rising security challenges and undermining public trust in governments, according to a report released today by the NGO Transparency International.

Amnesty fordert Waffenembargo gegen Konfliktparteien im Jemen | 29 February 2016 | ZEIT ONLINE

Die Menschenrechtsorganisation Amnesty International hat ein Waffenembargo gegen alle Konfliktparteien im Jemen gefordert. Amnesty veröffentlichte den Appell am Montag in Genf vor einer Konferenz des Vertrags über den Waffenhandel (ATT).


Armements: six pays africains recevront des armes légères des forces américaines | 24 February 2016 | Agence d’Information d’Afrique Centrale

Cinq firmes américaines fourniront des armes légères « non-standard » à une demi-douzaine de pays africains.

Central Africa

Un réseau terroriste de trafic d’armes démantelé en Tchad | 2 January 2016 |

Quatre personnes ont été arrêtées par la police alors que d’importantes quantités d’armes et des voitures volées, ont été saisies dans un dépôt à N’Djamena.

Burundi rebels say trained by Rwandan military – U.N. Experts | 3 February 2016 | Reuters

A confidential report to the United Nations Security Council accuses Rwanda of recruiting and training Burundian refugees with the goal of ousting Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Lutte contre la prolifération d’armes légères et de petit calibre en RDC | 24 February 2016 | Radio Okapi

La commission nationale de contrôle des armes légères et de petit calibre du ministère de l’Intérieur a lancé vendredi 19 février dernier la campagne de sensibilisation pour les opérations du désarmement civil en RDC. Ceci pour répondre à la recommandation universelle de lutte contre la prolifération des armes légères et de petit calibre dans le milieu des civils.

East Africa

South Sudan army admits acquisition of surface-to-air missiles | 2 January 2016 | Sudan Tribune

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), an official army of South Sudan, has admitted to have recently acquired supplies of shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles brought through the neighboring countries of Kenya and Uganda, prompting United States government to warn its citizens of danger to fly in South Sudan.

South Sudan deploys S-125 SAM system | 5 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

South Sudan has had S-125 (SA-3 ‘Goa’) surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems since at least 2013, IHS Jane’s can reveal.

Turkey set to build a military training center in Somalia | 5 January 2016 | Todays Zaman

Turkey has started to build a military training base in Somalia as part of its pledge to build up the national army for the Somali government, a senior Turkish diplomat has said.

South Sudan needs arms embargo | 26 January 2016 | Reuters | Thomson Reuters Foundation News

The United Nations Security Council should place an arms embargo on South Sudan, while the oil-rich country’s President Salva Kiir and a rebel leader qualify to be sanctioned over atrocities in a two-year civil war, U.N. sanctions monitors said in an annual report.

Russia opposes South Sudan arms embargo, sanctions on leaders | 29 January 2016 | Reuters

Russia said on Friday it was opposed to placing a United Nations arms embargo on South Sudan or blacklisting President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar as such moves were not helpful to the implementation of a peace deal agreed by the pair in August.

Uganda imports armoured police cars ahead of February 18 general election | 4 February 2016 | The Star

Uganda has imported armoured police cars, similar to those Kenya acquired at the end of January, ahead of its general election set for February 18.

Kenya receives 30 Norinco VN4 armoured vehicles | 5 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Kenyan police commissioned 30 Norinco VN4 light armoured vehicles on 1 February in a ceremony attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ugandan police receive 35 CS/VP3 armoured vehicles from China | 11 February 2016 | Defenceweb

The Ugandan police are receiving 35 CS/VP3 armoured personnel carriers as well as riot control vehicles from China’s Poly Technologies.

Saudi Arabia gives Sudan $5 billion in military aid | 22 February 2016 | Sudan Tribune

Saudi-Sudan alliance reportedly cemented with $5bn in military aid | 23 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Saudi Arabia has granted five billion dollar military assistance to Sudan initially dedicated to the Lebanese army, multiple sources told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

Media focus on Saudi assistance to Sudanese military | 23 February 2016 | APA | StarAfrica

Sudanese newspapers have focused on the mutual relations with Saudi Arabia and the probable participation of Sudan in the Arab military coalition in Syria, revealing that the Saudi government has given US5 million to Sudan. Sudan Tribune (English) newspaper disclosed that the Saudi Arabia has granted five billion dollars military assistance to Sudan initially dedicated to the Lebanese army, multiple sources told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

North Africa

DSCA: Le Maroc, 2ème bénéficiaire mondial des surplus d’armes du Pentagone | 1 January 2016 | Ya Watani

Washington : ‘The Defense Security Cooperation Agency’ (DSCA) est une agence américaine du pentagone, chargée de notifier et délivrer les visas d’exportations d’armes US, à l’étranger. DSCA a indiqué que le Maroc arrive à la 2ème place sur la liste des pays étrangers, bénéficiaires des EDA (Excess defense articles), les surplus d’armement des armées américaines, l’US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, les Marines et la garde nationale.

Algerian Su-32 order makes progress | 5 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Algeria has taken a step towards acquiring Sukhoi Su-32 bombers from Russia, according to Sergei Smirov, the director of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association (NAPO) plant.

Saudi Arabia to finance Moroccan military industry to the tune of $22 billion | 11 January 2016 | Defenceweb

Saudi Arabia will apparently grant Morocco $22 billion to help finance its military industry, according to reports. The money will be invested through 2019.

L’Espagne s’inquiète du « surarmement » du Maroc | 18 January 2016 |

Il y a quelques jours, la presse marocaine, dont Al Massae, avait fait état de la signature d’un accord entre l’Arabie Saoudite et le Maroc prévoyant l’octroi d’une aide de 22 milliards de dollars pour faire du Maroc un pays producteur d’armes.

Mauritania deploys new armoured vehicles for peacekeeping mission | 18 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Mauritania Acquires Turkish-made Cobra APCs | 29 January 2016 | Defense News

Mauritania has acquired Turkish-made Otokar Cobra armoured vehicles, it was revealed when President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz inspected a battalion before it joined the UN mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) on 12 January.

Egypt to get first Ka-52 helicopters in 2017 | 19 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The first Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters being built for export will be delivered in 2017, according to a report posted on the official website of Russia’s Primorsky Krai region, the home of the Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company that makes the helicopter.

Streit opens Egypt office | 5 February 2016 | Defenceweb

Armoured vehicle specialist Streit Group has inaugurated its new office in Egypt, which will support the Egyptian security forces’ Streit fleet through the provision of technical and administrative support.

North African MiG-29 order announced | 7 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

An unspecified North African country has ordered 50 MiG-29M/M2 fighters, RIA Novosti cited Alexei Beskibalov, the head of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, as saying on 5 February.

Armement: 50 avions de chasse russes seront livrés à l’Algérie | 9 February 2016 |

Pas moins de 50 chasseurs bombardiers de type MiG-29M/M2 vont être livrés à l’Algérie, annonce le vice-directeur général du groupe MIG, Alexeï Beskibalov. C’est le plus gros contrat jamais signé dans l’histoire de ce groupe.

L’Algérie 11e importateur d’armement | 10 February 2016 | Liberté-Algérie

Les dépenses militaires algériennes ont plus que triplé en dix ans. Avec 11,3 milliards de dollars américains en 2014, le budget militaire algérien est le plus important du continent africain.

Saisie du conteneur d’armes: Beaucoup de zones d’ombre et d’imprécisions ! | 10 February 2016 | Espace Manager

Informée, selon des sources concordantes par Interpol, l’organisation internationale de police, la brigade des enquêtes douanières a réceptionné, hier, mardi 9 février 2016, à Nabeul, un conteneur contenant un véritable arsenal de guerre.

Algerien erhält Kriegsschiff und Hubschrauber für eine Milliarde Euro | 22 February 2016 | Deutsche Welle

Das teilte Vizekanzler Gabriel dem Bundestag nach einer Sitzung des Bundessicherheitsrats mit. In Brüssel sprach sich das EU-Parlament derweil für ein Waffenembargo gegen Saudi-Arabien aus.

Algérie-Tunisie : «J’ai passé la frontière avec un trafiquant d’armes» | 26 February 2016 | El Watan

Plus de cinquante pick-up sont déjà garés. L’avant du véhicule est systématiquement tourné vers la piste, prêt à démarrer en trombe en cas d’alerte. On n’entend que le ronronnement des moteurs restés allumés.

Southern Africa

South African president gets final report on controversial arms deal | 3 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

South African president Jacob Zuma has received the final report on a commission created to investigate claims of impropriety surrounding a 1998 series of deals to purchase a wide range of military equipment, the government announced on 30 December.

Finmeccanica To Supply Angola With Maritime Surveillance Equipment, Craft | 5 January 2016 | DefenseNews

The Angolan government has signed an agreement to acquire two fast-attack naval craft and several coastal radar and repeater station systems worth €122 million from two subsidiaries of Italy’s Finmeccanica.

Rippel’s less lethal range ready for market | 20 January 2016 | Defenceweb

Pretoria based Rippel Effect Systems has after two years completed development of its new six-shot RLL37/38/RLL40 Less Lethal Launcher, which is now ready to go to market.

Major 155 mm artillery round contract for Rheinmetall Denel Munition | 26 January 2016 | Defenceweb

Rheinmetall Denel Munition will produce and supply around €130 million worth of 155 mm artillery rounds for an international customer, with deliveries taking place up to the end of 2019.

Denel partners with VR Laser to form Denel Asia | 29 January 2016 | Defenceweb

State-owned defence industry conglomerate Denel is extending its footprint in the Asia/Pacific region with the establishment of a joint venture company in Hong Kong.

Mechem supplying armoured vehicles to UN under new long-term contract | 12 February 2016 | Defenceweb

Ten Casspir armoured personnel have been shipped to Sudan as the first part of a new long-term agreement with the United Nations that will see Mechem supply mine-protected vehicles for its peacekeeping operations in Africa.

Denel Asia could be unlawful | 17 February 2016 | Defenceweb

The joint venture involving Denel that has apparently given the politically connected Gupta family an in to particularly Far Eastern defence markets has apparently not been approved by either Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown or the National Treasury.

West Africa

Ghana to get Mi-35 helicopter | 4 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Ghanaian Air Force is in the process of acquiring one Mil Mi-35 assault helicopter, Chief of Air Staff Air Vice Marshal Michael Samson-Oje revealed in his end-of-year message.

Weapons in state armouries to be marked | 6 January 2016 | Graphic Online

The security agencies have initiated a programme to mark all weapons in state armouries to prevent them from being diverted to unauthorised persons. The initiative is also meant to facilitate the tracing of weapons which are removed from the armouries without the requisite authorisation.

Nigeria to become first JF-17 export operator | 7 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Nigeria’s plans to acquire three CAC/PAC JF-17 Thunder multirole fighters in 2016, Nigeria’s Punch newspaper reported on 6 January.

Armament and the prevailing influx of small arms and light weapons in Ghana | 11 January 2016 | GhanaWeb

In almost every country or state, the existence of Small and Light Weapons SALW is an important necessity. These weapons have had to their credit a very good solid and impressive impact in the maintenance of both national and continental peace and security. As history of the nation`s state testifies, the role of small arms and light weapons in deterring aggression, combating crime, maintenance of internal peace and security seems to have been more important than any other element in any state.

UK team deploys to train Nigerian forces fighting Boko Haram | 13 January 2016 | UK Ministry of Defence

A UK military training team will deploy to Nigeria as part of the ongoing efforts to train local forces to combat Boko Haram.

Cameroon’s BIR operates Ratel armoured vehicles | 14 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Cameroon’s Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) has acquired South African-made Ratel armoured vehicles, a Cameroonian military source has told IHS Jane’s.

Nigerian ex-military chiefs in arms fraud probe | 15 January 2016 | BBC

The Nigerian president has ordered 20 former military chiefs and officers to be investigated over alleged arms procurement fraud.

Lutte contre Boko Haram : la France offre des véhicules et de l’armement au Cameroun | 21 January 2016 | La Nouvelle Tribune

La France manifeste à nouveau son soutien au Cameroun dans la lutte contre l’organisation terroriste Boko Haram. L’ambassadrice de France au Cameroun a officiellement remis ce jeudi 21 janvier 2016, onze véhicules tactiques français complètement équipés d’armements ainsi que des casques, des gilets pare-balles et du matériel de transmission au ministre camerounais de la Défense, Joseph Beti Assomo.

Nigeria re-militarises two Alpha Jets | 26 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) announced on 26 January that it has successfully armed two of the four demilitarised Alpha Jets bought from the United States in 2015.

Cameroon receiving Mi-24s | 19 February 2016 | Defenceweb

Cameroon has apparently received the first of two refurbished Mi-24 attack helicopters from Russia, as part of an order for six.

French PM pledges more military support for Sahel to fight insurgents | 20 February 2016 | Reuters

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Saturday pledged greater military assistance to the former French colony of Burkina Faso and other countries in the Sahel region in the face of a growing Islamist insurgency.


Dans l’oeil du cyclone, veillée d’armes électorale | 2 January 2016 |

A la mi-décembre, l’exécutif américain a donné son feu vert à un projet de ventes d’équipements militaires à Taïwan en 2016, d’une valeur totale de 1,83 Mds de $ dont l’essentiel est composé de 2 frégates lance-missiles de la classe Perry (premières mises en service il y plus de 40 ans), d’un système de gestion rapide de données informatiques, de missiles anti-chars, de véhicules d’assaut amphibies et de canons anti-aériens à tir rapide, adaptables sur des navires de combat.

Canada: polémique autour d’un contrat d’armes avec l’Arabie saoudite | 6 January 2016 | i24news

Le gouvernement canadien est sous le feu des critiques à la suite de la signature d’un contrat d’armes de 15 milliards de dollars avec l’Arabie saoudite, en dépit des protestations internationales après l’exécution de 47 personnes dont le chef religieux chiite Nimr al-Nimr samedi 2 janvier à Ryad.

Elbit Systems Joint Venture in Brazil, Harpia Sistemas, to be Wound Up | 6 January 2016 | Elbit Systems | IHS Jane’s

Elbit Systems Ltd., announced today, that a decision has been made to wind up the activities of Harpia Sistemas S.A. (Harpia), a joint venture in Brazil, of Elbit Systems subsidiary AEL Sistemas S.A , owned in conjunction with Embraer Defesa e Seguranca and Avibras Divisão Aérea e Naval S.A. Harpia was formed in September 2011 in order to explore the unmanned aerial vehicles market. The decision for partnership wind – up occurred amicably given the current budget constraints in Brazil.

Contracts For January 6, 2016 | 6 January 2016 | U.S. Department of Defense

AM General, South Bend, Indiana, was awarded a $24,965,954 modification (P00012) to foreign military sales (Iraq) contract W56HZV-15-C-0155 for 120 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles.

Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba | 7 January 2016 | Wall Street Journal

An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe for training purposes was wrongly shipped from there to Cuba in 2014, said people familiar with the matter, a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind.

Boeing reports 3% increase in defence deliveries in 2015 | 7 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

The Boeing Company has announced a small rise in the number of major military platforms it delivered during 2015.

Ottawa a aidé à la vente d’équipement militaire au Koweït et aux EAU | 14 January 2016 | 98,5 fm

L’armée canadienne a acquiescé à trois demandes depuis 2012 pour fournir un véhicule blindé léger (VBL) et un équipage au secteur privé canadien afin de faire des démonstrations de matériel militaire dans deux pays voisins de l’Arabie saoudite.

Ottawa can’t reveal arms-export numbers | 15 January 2016 | The Globe and Mail

The federal government cannot tell Canadians how many applications to export weapons and military technology have been rejected in the past 10 years.

John Kerry Hires New Arms Sales Gatekeeper at State Dept. | 19 January 2016 | Foreign Policy

Secretary of State John Kerry has tapped one of Congress’s longest serving overseers of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to become the State Department’s new gatekeeper of arms sales to foreign countries.

Ottawa could stop Saudi arms deal if human rights situation worsens | 20 January 2016 | The Globe and Mail

The Trudeau government says it reserves the right to suspend or cancel exports in the controversial $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia if events warrant, a shift in message after weeks of framing the contract as a done deal. Prepared remarks released by Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion’s main spokesman on Wednesday suggest the Liberals want to demonstrate they are mindful of the scrutiny of Canada’s largest military export contract as Saudi Arabia’s standing in world opinion declines.

Canada’s weapons exports grew more than 89 per cent under Harper | 20 January 2016 | iPolitics

Canada’s arms exports shot up while Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was in office, fuelled by higher sales to countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Mexico and Austria, an analysis by iPolitics has found.

US clears more weapons for Iraqi F-16s | 20 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The US State Department has approved the sale of over 16,000 bombs and missiles for Iraq’s Lockheed Martin F-16 multirole fighters, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on 20 January.

Third Super Puma helicopter delivered to Bolivia | 21 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The third Airbus Helicopters AS332C1e Super Puma ordered by the Bolivian Government arrived at Cochabamba International Airport on 21 January.

The Saudi arms deal: What we’ve learned so far, and what could happen next | 26 January 2016 | The Globe and Mail

In 2014, Ottawa struck a $15-billion deal to sell military vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Critics are worried the Saudis would use them to crush dissent at home – which could put Canada in violation of its arms-trading rules.

Facebook verbietet Nutzern Waffenhandel | 30 January 2016 | Spiegel Online

Facebook dient Nutzern offenbar vermehrt zur Anbahnung von Waffenkäufen. Das will das soziale Netzwerk nun ändern: Künftig sind solche Geschäfte nicht mehr gestattet.

Un año de prisión preventiva contra militares acusados de tráfico ilegal de armas de fuego | 3 February 2016 | El nuevo diario

El Tribunal de Atención Permanente impuso un año de prisión como medida de coerción a seis de siete militares acusados de ingresar al país unas 220 armas de fuego con apariencia lícita.

La industria militar de México busca la autosuficiencia a cien años de su creación | 3 February 2016 | Infodefensa

A cien años de haber sido creada, la industria militar mexicana busca la autosuficiencia en la producción de armas, cohetes aire-tierra, municiones y aeronaves. Así lo dio a conocer el secretario de la Defensa Nacional, general Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, en el marco de las celebraciones por el centenario. El objetivo de reducir costos, así como la independencia del extranjero, se pretenden alcanzar para el año 2018.

Contracts For February 4, 2016 | 4 February 2016 | U.S. Department of Defense

General Dynamics Land Systems, Sterling Heights, Michigan, was awarded a $15,944,272 cost-plus-fixed-fee foreign military sales contract (Egypt) with options for technical services supporting domestic Egyptian M1A1 production.

Raids on military and police arms warehouses in Venezuela increase the armed capacity of organised crime groups | 8 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Country Risk Daily Report

Gunmen took a police station by assault on 8 February in the locality of San Pedro in Los Teques, the capital of the state of Miranda. The gang stole 10 Glock 9mm pistols and a shotgun.

Saudi arms deal exempt from global treaty, Ottawa says | 9 February 2016 | The Globe and Mail

Canada’s controversial $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia will be exempt from a global arms trade treaty that the Trudeau Liberals promised they would sign if they won office, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion’s department says.

Canada’s all about human rights in the Middle East, unless you want to buy our military vehicles | 10 February 2016 | National Post

If you thought the federal government’s newly revealed mission against the Islamic State (ISIL) was incoherent, you won’t like its policy on selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia. During the election campaign, the Liberals promised that, if elected, they would have Canada sign the Arms Trade Treaty, an international agreement achieved in 2014, which restricts weapons sales to countries that violate human rights.

Saudi arms deal reflects Liberals’ mindset | 15 February 2016 | Ottawa Citizen

Aside from the contortionist reasoning and the cognitive dissonance, it’s all so simple. The Liberal government supports a certain arms trade treaty. The government’s top advisers and party veterans have criticized a certain arms deal. This makes sense: the arms deal has Canada selling combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia, which could violate the principles of the 2014 Arms Trade Treaty, which tries to keep weapons away from human rights abusers, which would all damage Canada’s international reputation, which Liberals just can’t have.

General Atomics confirme les MQ-9 Reaper pour l’Espagne | 18 February 2016 | Le Journal de l’Aviation

L’Espagne va bien acquérir des drones MALE MQ-9 Reaper pour ses missions ISR. Le contrat FMS (Foreign military sale), notifié par l’agence américaine d’exportation d’armement en octobre 2015, a été confirmé par General Atomics le 17 février.

Pentagon, CIA Chiefs Don’t Think Russia Will Abide by Syria Cease-Fire | 23 February 2016 | Wall Street Journal

President Barack Obama’s top military and intelligence advisers, convinced Russia won’t abide by a cease-fire in Syria, are pushing for ways to increase pressure on Moscow, including expanding covert military assistance for some rebels now taking a pounding from Russian airstrikes.

Hillary Clinton freute sich über F-15-Deal mit Saudi-Arabien | 23 February 2016 | RT Deutsch

Zu Weihnachten 2011 freute sich Hillary Clinton über ein besonderes Geschenk. Ein hoher saudischer Beamter bestätigte einen riesigen Waffendeal mit den USA. Sein Name: Salman al-Saud – der heutige König der Ölmonarchie. Mit den damals verhandelten Kampfflugzeugen zerstört Saudi-Arabien heute den Jemen. Die UNO sprt von Kriegsverbrechen. The Intercept veröffentlicht Clintons E-Mails.

Boeing and Northrop Grumman Team Up to Protect Airplanes From Missiles | 28 February 2016 | The Motley Fool

Around the world, the use of cheap and deadly shoulder-launched infrared guided missiles is “growing in popularity among terrorist groups and in third world countries.” So warns Northrop Grumman. Lucky for flyers, though, Northrop Grumman has a solution to this threat: Directional Infra-Red Counter-Measures for on-plane missile defense.


UAE to get 12 more HIMARSs | 3 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will get another 12 Lockheed Martin M142 High Mobility Artillery rocket Systems (HIMARSs) under a USD143 million contract announced by the US Department of Defense (DoD) on 30 December.

India, France smooth out Rafale deal | 4 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

India has completed all negotiations and formalities to procure 36 Dassault Rafale fighters in flyaway condition and delivered all documentation related to the purchase to Paris on New Year’s Eve, official sources have said.

Handelspartner Saudi-Arabien: Gutes Geschäft zu jedem Preis? | 6 January 2016 | Handelsblatt

Saudi-Arabien ist ein geschätzter Handelspartner europäischer Länder und den USA. Doch nun zwingt der Konflikt zwischen Teheran und Riad die Partner dazu, ihre Haltung zu überdenken. Unsere Korrespondenten berichten.

Otokar’s Cobra II 4×4 receives its first orders | 6 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Otokar has received its first two orders for its Cobra II 4×4 armoured tactical vehicle, the company has announced.

Georgia ratifies loan agreement for new air defence systems | 6 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Missiles & Rockets

Georgia’s Parliament has ratified a five-year multimillion euro loan agreement with France’s Société Générale financial and banking services group that will enable Tbilisi to acquire an unspecified number of air-defence systems under contracts signed with ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) and MBDA in June/July 2015.

Riyadh renews bid for further defence collaboration with Pakistan | 7 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Saudi Arabia appears to have renewed an earlier bid for wider defence collaboration with Pakistan as the desert kingdom remains locked in a military campaign against the Houthi militia in Yemen, Pakistani government officials and Western diplomats have told IHS Jane’s .

Defense Ministry Seal Can Make or Break Israeli Arms Exporters | 8 January 2016 | Haaretz

The Israeli defense establishment sends foreign clients dozens of letters every year attesting to the quality of Israeli-made weapons, giving the country’s arms exporters a key advantage over foreign competitors. The Defense Ministry’s International Defense Cooperation Directorate, better known by its Hebrew acronym Sibat, sends letters signed by the agency’s chief confirming that the weapons were tested by Israeli soldiers.

Indian pressure stalls Pakistani JF-17 sale to Sri Lanka | 10 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Diplomatic and political pressure by India is believed to have stalled Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) plans to procure JF-17 Thunder fighters from Pakistan, which the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) developed jointly with China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC).

Myanmar expands defence industrial production capabilities | 10 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Myanmar’s defence industrial capabilities are expected to be boosted by the acquisition of five heavy manufacturing facilities owned by the country’s Ministry of Industry, local media has reported.

New Saudi LAVs to come with Cockerill turrets | 10 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

More details of Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion dollar armoured vehicle order have emerged, indicating it includes fire support and infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) variants of the General Dynamics Lands Systems (GDLS) 8×8 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).

Afghanistan orders additional MD 530F helos | 11 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Afghanistan has ordered a further 12 MD Helicopters Inc (MDHI) MD 530F Cayuse Warrior (‘Jengi’ [Warrior]) light attack platforms to add to the 16 it currently fields, the company announced on 11 January.

Rheinmetall reveals Thai air-defence contract | 11 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Germany’s Rheinmetall has announced it has secured a contract from the Royal Thai Army (RTA) for four Skyguard air-defence systems.

Zu teuer und zu späte Lieferung: Saudis lehnen US-Angebot für Kriegsschiffe ab | 12 January 2016 | Contra Magazin

Da die Zeiten des übermäßigen Geldflusses vorüber sind und Riad sparen muss, had die Saudi-Führung den Kauf von vier Fregatten nun abgelehnt. Sie seien zu teuer und die Lieferzeit wäre zu lange, so die Begründung.

New guided artillery rocket to enter Israeli service | 13 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

A new guided artillery rocket called the Romah will soon be declared operational by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), IHS Jane’s has learned.

Japan reveals details of joint missile project with UK | 13 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The recently announced joint Japan-UK programme to develop a new air-to-air missile will be supported by a successfully conducted project to integrate Japanese seeker technologies into MBDA’s Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM), the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in Tokyo has revealed to IHS Jane’s .

Indonesia and Denmark to pursue industry collaboration | 14 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Indonesia and Denmark are discussing a potential defence industrial collaboration programme featuring the co-production of naval vessels and accompanying mission systems, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Jakarta has said.

Western Powers Protect Arms Markets Ignoring Civilian Killings | 14 January 2016 | Inter Press Service | AllAfrica

The West continues its strong political and military support to one of its longstanding allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia – despite withering criticism of the kingdom’s battlefield excesses in the ongoing war in neighbouring Yemen.

Meet China’s Killer Drones | 14 January 2016 | Foreign Policy

From Iraq to Nigeria, countries looking for cheap, armed drones are increasingly turning to China — and leaving the United States behind.

L’Arabie saoudite lorgne sur le char français Leclerc | 15 January 2016 | Le Point

Le pays pourrait acquérir “plusieurs centaines de chars” français Leclerc. Le contrat représenterait plusieurs centaines de millions d’euros.

Le Hezbollah pourrait attaquer des navires israéliens avec des missiles russes | 16 January 2016 | i24news

La Syrie possède des missiles russes Yakhont, et il semblerait que cette arme soit également tombée entre les mains du Hezbollah, selon un officier de la marine israélienne, a rapporté le Jerusalem Post.

First four A-29 Super Tucanos arrive in Afghanistan | 17 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Four Embraer/Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft destined for service with the Afghan Air Force (AAF) arrived at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, on 15 January.

Iran Plans Huge Arms Deals With Russia | 17 February 2016 | Sputnik News

On February 15-16, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan was on an official visit to Moscow. He held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu as well as Russian presidential aide Vladimir Kozhin and Deputy Premier Dmitry Rogozin.

Turkey invites Indonesia to cooperate in defense industry | 18 January 2016 | Antara News

Turkey has invited Indonesia to cooperate in the defense industry and arms equipment domains by involving strategic partners in the country.

China Is Suddenly a Leading Exporter of Armed Drones | 18 January 2016 | World Politics Review

With a regularity almost approaching that of the tides, there has recently been a frenzy of fevered pronouncements about China becoming a major arms exporter—and perhaps even giving serious competition to the traditionally front-running United States. Most of this is hype, but there is some truth to all the mania.

South Korean defence exports over USD3 billion in 2015 | 18 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

South Korea secured defence exports worth USD3.49 billion in 2015, a slight decrease against sales in 2014 but the third year in succession that the value of international sales has exceeded USD3 billion.

China gears up for aero-engine sector consolidation | 19 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

China’s aero-engine industry is reportedly gearing up for consolidation as part of continuing efforts to bridge long-standing capability gaps.

Liban : le contrat d’armement franco-saoudien bloqué par Riyad | 19 January 2016 | Le Monde

Officiellement, tout va bien : « Ce contrat se déroule de façon tout à fait normale, les discussions ont repris normalement fin 2015, la prochaine livraison aura lieu au printemps. » Selon l’entourage du ministre français de la défense, la fourniture de matériels aux Forces armées libanaises, ou contrat « Donas », financé par un don de l’Arabie saoudite, est bien sur les rails. Pourtant, alors qu’elle est gelée depuis avril 2015, date d’une première livraison partielle, cette vente de 2,3 milliards d’euros est loin d’avoir repris un cours normal.

Kuwaiti air force commander confirms intention to buy Super Hornets | 20 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Kuwait Air Force commander Major General Abdullah al-Foudari confirmed to Reuters on 21 January that his service still intends to acquire Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet multirole fighters.

China’s AVIC pledges to expand international presence through acquisitions | 21 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

State-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has pledged to expand its international presence through acquisitions during China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).

China’s NORINCO implements new export regime to curb weapons proliferation | 21 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

One of China’s biggest military manufacturers, China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), has announced the implementation of a new export regime to curb weapons proliferation.

German Bundeswehr weapons reportedly resold by Kurdish peshmerga fighters | 21 January 2016 | Deutsche Welle

Assault rifles and pistols from German military stocks have reportedly been resold by members of the Kurdish peshmerga in northern Iraq. The fighters allegedly sold them after not being paid for months.

Germany urges Kurdistan to keep better tabs on arms | 22 January 2016 | al Arabiya

Germany on Friday called on the government of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region to ensure that arms provided by Berlin were only used by Kurdish peshmerga fighting ISIS.

The Pentagon Has No Clue How Many Weapons It Has Lost to ISIS | 22 January 2016 | Mother Jones

For more than a decade, the United States has supplied huge quantities of weapons and military hardware to the Iraqi government—and a large chunk of that equipment has disappeared and landed in the hands of ISIS fighters and members of Iranian-backed Shiite militias responsible for massacring civilians. Everything from M-16s and bullets to Humvees and tanks have been lost. But neither the US nor Iraqi governments can say how much US-supplied materiel has been diverted to militant groups or how it’s ending up there.

UAE Eyes Moving Mirage Fighters to Iraq’s Kurdish Areas, Procuring Rafales | 23 January 2016 | Defense News

The United Arab Emirates is awaiting final assurances from France and the Iraqi government to sell its fleet of Dassault Mirage 2000-9s before completing their deal for 60 Rafale fighters, Defense News has learned.

Moscow Completing Firearms Delivery to Afghanistan | 24 February 2016 | Sputnik News

Moscow is completing the delivery of a batch of firearms to Kabul under the latest contract between the two states, Zamir Kabulov, the head of the department in the Russian Foreign Ministry responsible for Afghanistan, said Wendesday.

Indonesia announces new aerospace design centre | 25 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Indonesian government plans to establish an aerospace design centre to propel the country’s capabilities in developing aircraft and related technologies for commercial and military applications.

Bau von Patrouillenbooten für Saudis gestartet | 25 January 2016 | Ostsee Zeitung

Die Lürssen-Werft in Wolgast hat mit dem Bau von 15 Patrouillen-Booten für die saudische Küstenwache begonnen. Das bestätigte die Werft. Die Grünen werfen Bundeswirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel ein „Täuschungsmanöver“ vor.

Georgia, Kazakhstan Announce First Big Arms Export Deals | 26 January 2016 | Eurasianet

Georgia and Kazakhstan have both announced the first major arms sales of their nascent defense industries, both for armored vehicles: Georgia’s to Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan’s to Jordan.

Saudi Arabia Is Killing Civilians With US Bombs | 26 January 2016 | TeleSur | Truthout

Saudi Arabia has engaged in war crimes, and the United States is aiding and abetting them by providing the Saudis with military assistance. In September 2015, Saudi aircraft killed 135 wedding celebrants in Yemen. The air strikes have killed 2,800 civilians, including 500 children. Human Rights Watch charges that these bombings “have indiscriminately killed and injured civilians.”

Life Terms for Turkish Journalists who Reported Shipping Arms to Syria Militants | 27 January 2016 | AFP | Al-Manar News

Turkish prosecutors demanded life sentences for two top journalists who reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government tried to ship arms to insurgents in Syria.

Patria AMV vehicle selected by the United Arab Emirates | 28 January 2016 | Patria

The General Headquarters of the United Arab Emirates’ Armed Forces has ordered Patria AMV 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicles. All details of the contract are classified.

United Arab Emirates To Acquire Finnish Patria AMVs | 28 January 2016 | Defense News

The United Arab Emirates armed forces has ordered Patria AMV 8×8 armored wheeled vehicles.

Indien will der größte Waffenlieferant der Welt werden | 28 January 2016 | Finanzen100

Wo kaufe ich nur die Waffen für meinen nächsten Krieg, wenn ich die USA und Russland nicht mag? Schaut doch einmal beim indischen Waffenhändler Eures Vertrauens nach – der rüstet bald mächtig auf. Denn Indien will bis 2026 einer der größten Exporteure der Welt werden.

IAI confirms joint venture with South Korea’s Hankuk Carbon | 1 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and South Korean firm Hankuk Carbon have signed an agreement to establish a joint venture (JV) to build vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), IAI announced on 1 February.

India and Brunei sign defence industry co-operation accord | 2 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

India and Brunei have agreed to collaborate on defence industrial activities, it was announced on 2 February. The accord was signed during Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari’s visit to the Southeast Asian country.

Saudi Arabia takes delivery of Georgian armoured MEDEVAC vehicles | 2 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Saudi Arabia has taken delivery of armoured medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) vehicles made by the Georgia’s Delta research centre.

More details emerge on new Chinese light tank | 3 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

A recent Chinese report and the first close-up image have revealed details of a new light tank that first appeared on Chinese web pages in late 2011.

Lebanon’s armoured vehicle order is finalised | 4 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Lebanese military is to receive more than 200 French-made armoured vehicles as part of a pledged USD3 billion grant from Saudi Arabia to upgrade its capabilities.

Punj Lloyd and Israel Weapon Industries form joint venture | 4 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Indian company Punj Lloyd has formed a joint venture (JV) with Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) to produce a range of firearms for the Indian defence and security markets.

India receives final Mi-17V-5 helos, plans to order more | 4 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has received the last of the Mil Mi-17V-5 ‘Hip’ medium-lift platforms it ordered from Russian Helicopters, ahead of the expected signing soon of a contract for more, it was announced on 2 February.

Court accepts indictment against jailed journalists Dündar, Gül | 5 February 2016 | Todays Zaman

A Turkish court on Friday accepted an indictment that seeks a sentence of life imprisonment for two leading journalists, Can Dündar and Erdem Gül, for their newspaper’s coverage of an alleged illegal arms transfer to Syria.

HAL rolls out long-delayed HTT-40 trainer | 7 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has rolled out the first prototype of its basic trainer in Bangalore after nearly six years of development.

China offers latest FT-series precision-guided bombs for export | 7 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Missiles & Rockets

With the release of the improved FT-3A, FT-6A, and FT-7 variants earlier this year, Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co Ltd (ALIT), an intermediary subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC), is now promoting the complete Fei Teng (FT) series of precision-guided bombs (PGBs) to the international market.

Renault Trucks Defense Focuses on Middle East for Vehicle Export Deals | 10 February 2016 | Defense News

Renault Trucks Defense saw a buoyant year of exports in 2015 and expects deals with Kuwait and Egypt to further boost sales of light-armored vehicles and troop carriers in 2016, chairman Emmanuel Levarcher said.

Sous-marins australiens : la politique d’exportation japonaise à l’oeuvre | 10 February 2016 | IRIS

Dans la compétition pour le renouvellement des sous-marins australiens, Tokyo a assuré le gouvernement australien d’un transfert de la technologie furtive japonaise la plus confidentielle, rapportent les médias australiens lundi. D’après The Australian, le Japon propose d’agrandir son sous-marin de six à huit mètres afin qu’il puisse transporter davantage de carburant et des batteries plus puissantes pour tenir compte des énormes distances parcourues par la marine australienne.

Israël et l’inde devraient conclure un accord sur les armes de 3 milliards $ | 11 February 2016 | The Times of Israël

Israël et l’Inde devraient bientôt signer une série de transactions d’une valeur de 3 milliards de dollars, ce qui placera Israël parmi les trois premiers fournisseurs de l’armée de New Delhi, a signalé le Times of India cette semaine.

Le Pentagone approuve la vente de huit avions de combat F-16 au Pakistan | 13 February 2016 | Boursorama

Le gouvernement américain a annoncé vendredi avoir autorisé la vente au Pakistan de huit avions de combat F-16, fabriqués par Lockheed Martin LMT.N , ainsi que des radars et d’autres équipements dans le cadre d’une transaction valorisée à 699 millions de dollars (621 millions d’euros).

Thailand plans to buy additional batch of Russian Mi-17V-5 helicopters | 18 February 2016 | TASS

Thailand may order this year an additional batch of Russia’s Mi-17V-5 (NATO reporting name “Hip”) helicopters, a source in the Russian military-technical cooperation sector told reporters on Thursday.

Specific dates of supplying S-300 to Iran undetermined yet | 18 February 2016 | TASS

Specific dates for supplying S-300 air defense systems to Iran have not been determined yet, because they have not been paid for, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

L’Iran, du S-300 au SU-30 | 18 February 2016 | de defensa

Il apparaît de plus en plus évident que l’Iran est en train d’engager un tournant stratégique décisif au niveau de ses équipements militaires vers la Russie, impliquant une intégration stratégique avec ce pays (la Russie) prolongé à ses propres partenaires stratégiques (la Chine principalement, l’Inde éventuellement, etc.– c’est-à-dire en élargissant, le bloc BRICS/OCS).

La livraison prévue d’avions russes à l’Iran contraire aux résolutions de l’ONU | 19 February 2016 | i24news

Le contrat de livraison prévu à l’Iran de chasseurs russes Sukhoi Su-30SM constituerait la violation d’un embargo imposé par l’ONU à Téhéran, a déclaré jeudi le gouvernement américain, selon l’agence d’information AP.

Saudi Arabia halts $3 billion package to Lebanese army, security aid | 19 February 2016 | Reuters

Saudi Arabia said on Friday it suspended a $3 billion aid package for the Lebanese army in what a official called a response to Beirut’s failure to condemn attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran.

No Barrier for Lebanon to Receive Iran’s Military Assistance | 20 February 2016 | Tasnim News Agency

Lebanese Defense Minister Samir Moqbel announced that Lebanon can accept Iran’s offer to supply Beirut with arms and military equipment now that Riyadh has cancelled its plan for arms supplies to Lebanon.

Modern US-Made Missiles in Hands of Ansarullah Houthi Revolutionaries | 22 February 2016 | al Alam

Ansarullah fighters captured Modern US-made missiles after raiding a Saudi military base in Najran province in the Southern part of the kingdom from Saudi Military Bases in Najran.

Saudi Arabia poised to purchase corvettes from Navantia | 22 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Navy International

Saudi Arabia is set to sign a contract with Spanish state-owned shipbuilder Navantia for the purchase of five Avante corvettes.

Rüstungsexporte fast verdoppelt: China steigert Waffenproduktion | 22 February 2016 | FOCUS Online

China legt im Rüstungsgeschäft extrem zu: Das Land hat in den vergangenen Jahren 88 Prozent mehr Waffen ins Ausland verkauft als in den Vorjahren. Das geht aus der Rüstungsstudie des Friedensforschungsinstituts Sipri hervor. Der weltgrößte Waffenhändler bleiben aber die USA.

Saudi-Arabiens steiler Aufstieg als Waffenimporteur | 22 February 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Die neue Studie der Sipri-Forscher listet hohe Zuwachsraten für Rüstungsgeschäfte im Nahen Osten auf. Zwei westeuropäische Länder gehören dabei zu den Hauptexporteuren.

Des rebelles houthis au Yémen posséderaient des armes canadiennes | 22 February 2016 |

Une photo montrant un rebelle houthi du Yémen en possession d’une arme de pointe vraisemblablement fabriquée à Winnipeg relance le débat sur les ventes d’armes du Canada à l’Arabie saoudite.

Waffen, Krieg, Geheimdienste: Die georgische Verbindung | 24 February 2016 | NEOpresse

Die Logistik der Kriege im Nahen- und Mittleren Osten hat eine bislang wenig beachtete Route zum Vorschein gebracht. In der kaukasischen Region, besonders in Georgien liegt ein Schlüssel zu Verbindungen des internationalen Terrors, des organisierten Verbrechens und den Kriegstreibern des US-Geheimdienstes, Israels und der Türkei.

Al Qaeda-linked fighters using Facebook to buy and sell American-made weapons | 24 February 2016 | Washington Times

Rebel fighters in Syria, some linked to Al Qaeda jihadist groups, are using Facebook to buy and sell heavy artillery and ammunition, including “CIA-supplied” rocket launchers.

UAE to fit LAIRCM countermeasures on C-17s | 25 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to equip its fleet of eight Boeing C-17 Globemaster II transport aircraft with the Northrop Grumman AN/AAQ-24(V)N Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) system.

Top court rules jailed Cumhuriyet journalists’ rights violated | 25 February 2016 | Today’s Zaman

Turkish court rules for release of journalists jailed for Syria arms transfer report | 26 February 2016 | Today’s Zaman

Turquie: deux journaliste libérés de prison mais encore poursuivis | 27 February 2016 | RFI

Two Turkish journalists from the critical Cumhuriyet daily were ordered to be freed after spending three months in jail following a Constitutional Court ruling on Thursday that said their imprisonment for publishing a report on Turkey’s alleged illegal arms transfers to Syria amounted to a violation of their rights.

La France détruit un dépôt d’armement en Syrie | 26 February 2016 | Le Figaro

La France a mené hier un raid aérien en Syrie, en coordination avec les forces de la coalition dirigée par Washington, qui a permis de détruire un dépôt d’armements à Raqa, principale base de l’Etat islamique (EI) dans ce pays, a annoncé aujourd’hui le ministère de la Défense.

Les bombes de Daech sont fabriquées avec des composants peu surveillés | 26 February 2016 |

Des transistors fabriqués par STMicroelectronics, une société basée à Plan-les-Ouates (GE), ont été trouvés en Irak. Comment est-ce possible?

«Les armes du Hezbollah, une grave menace pour la souveraineté et la stabilité du Liban», souligne l’Onu | 27 February 2016 | L’Orient-Le Jour

«Les armes détenues par le Hezbollah et d’autres groupes échappant au contrôle de l’État continuent de faire peser une grave menace sur la souveraineté et la stabilité du Liban et sur son aptitude à honorer les obligations que lui imposent les résolutions 1559 (2004), 1680 (2006) et 1701 (2006). Les conséquences de l’utilisation de ces armes pourraient s’avérer dramatiques pour le Liban si un conflit venait à en résulter.»

Dans le ciel de Syrie : des drones vendus à la Russie par Israël | 27 February 2016 | IsraelValley

Des drones russes de fabrication israélienne ont été repérés dans le ciel syrien. Selon Ynet, la technologie israélienne des drones russes aide le régime syrien et sa milice supplétive, l’organisation terroriste chiite libanaise du Hezbollah, contre les rebelles et les djihadistes.

Russia donates 10,000 AK-47s to Afghanistan | 28 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Russia has donated 10,000 AK-47 assault rifles and about one million rounds of ammunition to Afghanistan as part of its military aid to the country. The arms and ammunition arrived on 24 February in a Russian aircraft at the military airport in Kabul. As IHS Jane’s reported earlier, the donation was announced back in November 2015.

Turkey to receive BLU-109 penetrator bomb parts | 28 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Turkey is to receive an undisclosed number of BLU-109 2,000 lb penetrator bomb parts under a USD682.9 million contract awarded by the US Department of Defense (DoD) on 26 February.

Israel pourrait reconsidérer l’acquisition de F-35 | 29 February 2016 | Air & Cosmos

Si en 2008 l’acquisition de JSF paraissait très attirante pour la force aérienne israélienne, il semblerait qu’il en soit tout autrement aujourd’hui. Le F-35 est considéré par Israël comme ayant une autonomie inadéquate, un emport d’armement limité et une furtivité perfectible.

Pakistan argues for US F-16C/D sale approval | 29 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Pakistani officials are making their case in Washington for buying more Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 52 Fighting Falcons, a deal that some in Congress are against, by highlighting the combat aircraft’s counter-terrorism and precision strike applications.


Siemens’ verschwiegene Geschäfte mit dem Pentagon | 1 January 2016 | Die Welt

Der deutsche Technologie-Gigant Siemens macht gute Geschäfte mit den US-Streitkräften. Der Preis für lukrative Auftrgäe ist jedoch Geheimhaltung: Wer bei der US-Tochter nachfragt, stößt auf Schweigen.

UK arms exports escape scrutiny under Tory government | 3 January 2016 | The Guardian

Arms sales from the UK have not been subject to independent scrutiny for more than nine months after the mysterious disappearance of the Commons watchdog on the export of weapons and military equipment. MPs have begun to raise concerns about the fate of the committee on arms export controls, which was not re-established at the beginning of this parliament last May.

Political Executions and the Bombing of Yemen. Britain must Stop arming Saudi Arabia | 4 January 2016 | CAAT | Global Research

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has called for the UK government to condemn the recent execution of 47 people in Saudi Arabia in the strongest terms and end all arms sales to the regime. Since taking office in May 2010, David Cameron’s governments have overseen over £5.6 billion of military licences to Saudi Arabia. It is by far the largest buyer of UK arms. These licences included fighter jets, tear gas military vehicles and targeting equipment.

Trotz Waffenexport-Verbot Schweiz liefert Munition in Krisenregion | 4 January 2016 | Aargauer Zeitung

Bundesbern ist besorgt über die Spannungen zwischen Saudi-Arabien und Iran – 2015 verkaufte die Schweiz Munition und Ersatzteile für Waffen im Umfang von mindestens 5,5 Millionen Franken an Saudi-Arabien.

Germany rethinking arms sales to Saudi Arabia | 5 January 2016 | UPI

The German government is evaluating its sale of military equipment and arms to Saudi Arabia in response to escalating tensions between the kingdom and Iran. The response came in an announcement by German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who condemned Saudi Arabia’s decision to execute 47 prisoners at the start of 2016.

Arms will always be a dodgy business” | 5 January 2016 | The National

Tobias Ellwood, Tory minister for the Middle East, said he was “disappointed to see mass executions” in Saudi Arabia. The understatement, complying with half a century of UK policy, was chosen carefully. Any response to the execution of 47 people on a single day – the highest number in the Gulf dictatorship since 1980 – has to balance Westminster’s military complicity in the House of Saud with paper-thin concerns for human rights.

«Je n’exporterais pas d’armes de la FN Herstal vers l’Arabie saoudite» | 5 January 2016 | Le Soir

Le ministre-président flamand Geert Bourgeois défend le commerce d’armes, mais pas à l’Arabie saoudite « en ce moment ».

Vente d’armes à Ryad: la Flandre équipe elle aussi l’armée saoudienne | 5 January 2016 |

L’armée saoudienne est équipée d’armes flamandes, a fait savoir mardi le “Vlaamse Vredesinstituut” (Institut flamand pour la Paix). Ses avions de combat disposent effet d’un système de radar utilisant une technologie qui vient de Flandre.

Vente d’armes : les métallos de la FGTB mettent en garde contre un embargo | 5 January 2016 | RTBF

Les métallos liégeois de la FGTB ont mis mardi le monde politique en garde contre un embargo wallon sur les ventes d’armes à l’Arabie saoudite. Selon eux, ce genre d’initiative mettrait en grand danger la FN Herstal.

Sweden completes phasing out of FXM defence export agency | 6 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Sweden has completed the phasing out of the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (Försvarsexportmyndighetens – FXM) and will no longer actively promote military export activities.

Klein, smart und wendig – Moskaus neue Killermaschine | 7 January 2016 | Stern

Russland stellt einen Mini-Kampfroboter vor. Der Minirex RS1A3 ist extrem klein und eine weitere High-Tech-Waffe, die das Land weltweit exportieren wird.

La Wallonie vend toujours plus d’armes | 7 January 2016 | Le Soir

L’Arabie saoudite était le principal client de la Région en 2014. Un gros contrat de 3,2 milliards d’euros pose question. Alors que la Flandre a décidé de ne pas accorder une licence d’exportation d’armes vers l’Arabie saoudite, la Wallonie est « coincée » par l’importance du marché que cela représente pour son économie.

Menschenrechtsinstitut fordert erneute Debatte über Kriterien für Genehmigung deutscher Rüstungsexporte | 8 January 2016 |

Anlässlich der Hinrichtung von 47 Menschen in Saudi-Arabien fordert das Deutsche Institut für Menschenrechte eine grundsätzliche Debatte über die deutsche Rüstungsexportpolitik. Bundesregierung und Bundestag müssen sich sicherheits- und menschenrechtspolitische Aspekte von Rüstungsexporten erneut vornehmen.

Saudi arms sales are in breach of international law, Britain is told | 9 January 2016 | The Guardian

The government has been put on notice that it is in breach of international law for allowing the export of British-made missiles and military equipment to Saudi Arabia that might have been used to kill civilians.

Saudi-Arabien setzte deutsche Waffen gegen Demonstranten ein | 9 January 2016 | Spiegel Online

Die Kritik an deutschen Rüstungsexporten nach Saudi-Arabien wächst. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen zeigen Fotos, wie das Regime offenbar mit Blendgranaten von Rheinmetall gegen die schiitische Protestbewegung vorgegangen ist.

Estonia buys extra CV90s from Norway | 11 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Estonia has bought additional CV90 armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) for its armed forces, signing a contract for 35 more CV90 hulls from Norway on 8 January.

Mistral : DCNS envisage de lancer une procéure en contentieux vis-à-vis de la COFACE | 11 January 2016 | La

Le groupe naval envisage de lancer une procédure en contentieux vis-à-vis de l’expert en assurance-crédit internationale pour se faire rembourser du montant de tous ses coûts liés à l’annulation de la vente de deux bâtiments de surface et de projection (BPC) de type Mistral à la Russie.

Serbia interested in developing military cooperation with Russia | 11 January 2016 | TASS

Serbia is interested in developing military and technical cooperation with Russia, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in Belgrade on Monday.

Bundeswehr will israelische Kampfdrohnen kaufen | 12 January 2016 |

Die Bundeswehr erwirbt mehrere israelische Drohnen. Dies ist allerdings nur als vorübergehende Lösung gedacht. Langfristig ist die Entwicklung einer „Euro-Drohne“ geplant.

Deutsche U-Boote für Israel: Umstrittener “Meeresgott” | 12 January 2016 |

Es ist das teuerste und größte U-Boot der israelischen Marine: “Rahav” – hebräisch für Gott der Meere. In Kiel gebaut, wird das Schiff heute in Haifa in Betrieb genommen und ist, wie viele deutsche Rüstungsexporte, umstritten.

Bizarrer Deal: Bundesregierung will für 580 Millionen Euro israelische Kampfdrohnen anschaffen | 13 January 2016 | RT Deutsch

Die Entwicklungen im Bereich unbemannter bewaffneter Flugzeuge wecken weiter das Interesse der Bundesregierung. Wie Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen gestern bekannt gab, sollen nun 580 Millionen Euro für den Erwerb von bis zu fünf israelischen Heron TP-Systemen zurückgestellt werden.

Des investisseurs franco-américains veulent racheter la FN Herstal: la Région wallonne vendra-t-elle? | 13 January 2016 | RTL info

Un groupe d’investisseurs franco-américains, soutenu par Burnham’s Securites, ambitionne de prendre le contrôle de 75% des parts du groupe Herstal (FN Herstal et Browning), rapporte L’Echo mercredi. Ce projet de rachat remonte à décembre 2014, mais les investisseurs en question ont réitéré leur intérêt pour l’entreprise alors que le débat sur sa privatisation est revenu sur le devant de la scène.

Durchsuchungen bei Bremer Rüstungsunternehmen Atlas Elektronik | 13 January 2016 | Zeit Online

Aufgrund neuer Korruptionsvorwürfe haben Ermittler am Dienstag und Mittwoch die Geschäftsräume des Bremer Rüstungsunternehmens Atlas Elektronik durchsucht.

Fekter: Granaten-Export wurde “gesetzeskonform” abgewickelt | 13 January 2016 |

Ex-Innenministerin Maria Fekter und auch Ex-Außenminister Michael Spindelegger bestreiten die Vorwürfe des grünen Abgeordneten Peter Pilz.

Made in Britain | 13 January 2016 | London Review of Books blog

The share prices of BAE Systems, Qinetiq and other British arms firms rose in November as the likelihood of Britain launching airstrikes against Syria increased. After the House of Commons voted in favour of military action on 2 December, there were three sorties in five days, then nothing until Christmas Day, when a Reaper drone hit an Isis checkpoint south of Raqqa. The much lauded Brimstone missiles were at last deployed on 10 January, to destroy a small supply truck. The Telegraph recently quoted a military aviation expert saying that Britain’s air campaign is ‘a non-event which can have had little, if any, impact on the balance of power on the ground’. A Reaper attacked another checkpoint in Syria on Monday, and yesterday evening Typhoon FGR4s from RAF Akrotiri dropped Paveway IV bombs (manufacturer: Raytheon UK) on a compound in Mosul.

Österreich genehmigte 2010 Granatenexport nach Saudi-Arabien | 13 January 2016 | Kleine Zeitung

Österreich hat vor sechs Jahren den Export von 9.000 Splittergranaten nach Saudi-Arabien genehmigt. Das Exportansuchen sei im Jahr 2009 gestellt worden und im Jänner 2010 bewilligt worden, sagte Innenministeriumssprecher Karl-Heinz Grundböck gegenüber der APA am Mittwoch im Vorfeld einer Pressekonferenz des Grünen Sicherheitssprechers Peter Pilz zu dem Thema.

Ukrainian firms look to upgrade business on Polish PT-91s | 13 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Ukraine’s state-owned defence industrial holding UkrOboronProm is in negotiations on possible participation in an upgrade programme centred on Poland’s PT-91 Twardy (Hard) main battle tanks.

Lithuania orders more Unimog trucks | 14 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Lithuania has ordered an additional 340 Unimog military trucks, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 12 January.

Russian Helicopters to establish MRO centre in Serbia | 14 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Serbia’s Ministry of Defence announced on 12 January that the country had signed an agreement with Russia to establish a maintenance facility in Serbia to undertake maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations on helicopters throughout the region.

Gabriel plant Rüstungsexportgesetz | 15 January 2016 | Deutsche Welle

Die Ausfuhr deutscher Waffen soll künftig noch eindeutiger geregelt werden. Das zumindest schwebt dem Bundeswirtschaftsminister vor. Nun ist eine Expertenkommission am Zuge.

Wettrüsten mit Wunschzetteln auf dem Balkan | 15 January 2016 | Deutsche Welle

Es ist von einem Wettrüsten auf dem Balkan die Rede: Kroatien möchte amerikanische Artilleriesysteme, Serbien einen russischen Abwehrkomplex. Im Hintergrund erkennen manche den geopolitischen Erzkonflikt.

Deutsche Waffen in den Händen des IS | 16 January 2016 | Deutschlandradio Kultur

Die zurzeit gefährlichste Terrororganisation der Welt, der sogenannte Islamische Staat, ist bis an die Zähne bewaffnet. Fotos und Videos im Netz zeigen die Kämpfer mit wahren Waffenbergen. Auch mit Waffen made in Germany.

Armement: Dassault, MBDA et DCNS, le tiercé gagnant de l’export en 2015 | 18 January 2016 | La

En 2015, la France a vendu pour 16 milliards d’euros de commandes fermes d’armements. Le Proche et Moyen Orient ont représenté 13 des 16 milliards des matériels vendus par les industriels français.

Russland plant Waffenlieferungen an Saudi-Arabien | 18 January 2016 | Eurasisches Magazin

In einer Analyse von Kommersant-Dengi ist heute davon die Rede, dass Russland ein Paket an Waffenlieferungen für Saudi-Arabien vorbereitet. Darin sollen Flugzeuge du Flugzeugbewaffnung ebenso enthalten sein wie Luftabwehrsysteme unterschiedlicher Reichweite.

Czech arms maker Ceska Zbrojovka pulls out of Brazilian joint venture | 20 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Industry

Czech small arms maker Ceska Zbrojovka has announced that it is suspending a joint venture in Brazil that was to include the opening of a fully licensed production facility in the country.

Bulgarische Nahrung für den Krieg in Syrien | 21 January 2016 |

Saudi-Arabien, die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate und die USA haben Millionen Dollar in die bulgarische Waffenproduktion investiert. Das Ziel der Transaktionen: Der Krieg in Syrien sollte Munition bekommen.

Vente d’armes européennes: un code de bonne conduite de multiples interprétations | 21 January 2016 | RTBF

Ce mercredi, le groupe de travail COARM s’est réuni à Bruxelles. Il s’agit d’un groupe de travail européen dans lequel les États membres tentent de s’accorder sur des positions communes en matière de vente d’armes. Côté belge, la région wallonne comptait interpeller ses partenaires européens sur la situation en Arabie Saoudite.

Kreuzlinger Rüstungsfirma Mowag baut über 300 Panzer für Dänemark | 22 January 2016 | Südkurier Online

Das Kreuzlinger Rüstungsunternehmen Mowag, Tochter von General Dynamics, hat einen Großauftrag aus Dänemark erhalten. Dänemark bestellte laut hiesiger Medien 309 Panzer für 600 Millionen Franken.

Bundeswehrwaffen auf dem nordirakischen Schwarzmarkt | 23 January 2016 | bundeswehr-journal

Auf nordirakischen Waffenmärkten werden derzeit offenbar Sturmgewehre und Pistolen aus Bundeswehrbeständen angeboten, die aus offiziellen Lieferungen der Bundesregierung an die kurdische Autonomieregierung stammen könnten.

Belgium orders 108 Fox special forces vehicles from Jankel | 24 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Belgium has ordered 108 Fox 4×4 Rapid Reaction Vehicles (RRVs) from Jankel, the company announced on 19 January.

Czech Republic to donate Vz. 58 assault rifles to Iraq | 25 January 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

The Czech government announced on 25 January that it would donate 3,000 new and 3,600 surplus Ceská zbrojovka Model 58 (Vz. 58) assault rifles to Iraq’s central and Kurdish governments, along with 7.2 million rounds of ammunition.

Deutschlands gefährlichste Exporte | 25 January 2016 | Zeit Online

Die Bundeswehr hat Tausende Sturmgewehre an die Kurden im Irak geliefert. Nun tauchen diese Waffen auf dem Schwarzmarkt auf – und verbreiten sich immer mehr.

Spain’s military exports to Saudi Arabia hit new highs in 2015 | 25 January 2016 | El Pais

Spain has broken a new record in terms of its military arms trade with Saudi Arabia by selling some €447.6 million in weapons to Riyadh during the first quarter of last year, the Cadena SER radio network reported on Monday. This figure represents 26% of all Spanish arms exports during the same period.

Echec probable du contrat sur l’achat d’hélicoptères Caracal par la Pologne | 26 January 2016 | Libération

Les pourparlers sur l’achat par la Pologne de 50 hélicoptères multirôle européens Caracal risquent un échec «probable», compte tenu des «grandes divergences» entre les parties sur le programme d’investissements compensatoires (offset), a déclaré mardi un vice-ministre polonais de la Défense.

Jeder kommt an eine Kalaschnikow | 26 January 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Sich privat aufzurüsten, ist ein Kinderspiel, wie ein Prozess in Schweinfurt zeigt. Man muss nur eine Dekowaffe kaufen. Es ist zwar illegal, sie umzubauen, aber in vielen Fällen ist es sehr einfach.

Russland liefert Hubschrauber für halbe Milliarde Dollar an Peru | 26 January 2016 | Sputnik Deutschland

Russland hat alle im Vertrag von 2013 vorgesehenen Hubschrauber vom Typ Mi-171 an Peru geliefert, wie das russische Zentrum für Analyse des globalen Waffenhandels mitteilte.

Verkaufsverhandlungen zu Airbus-Rüstungselektronik dauern an | 26 January 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Der angestrebte Verkauf von Teilen des Airbus-Rüstungsgeschäfts ist noch nicht unter Dach und Fach. “Wir können bestätigen, dass die Verhandlungen mit den letzten beiden Bietern und mit der Bundesregierung andauern, eine letzte Entscheidung ist aber noch nicht gefallen”, sagte ein Airbus-Sprecher am Dienstag.

Waffenexporte sind mit der Neutralität nicht vereinbar | 26 January 2016 | Haufe – News & Fachwissen

Im Nahen Osten hat sich die politische Gewalt in letzter Zeit verstärkt konfessionalisiert. Unter Führung Saudiarabiens und des Iran spitzen sich die Konflikte zwischen Sunniten und Schiiten zu. Etwa ein Viertel aller militärischen Güter, welche die Schweiz in den letzten zehn Jahren exportierte, gingen in die sunnitischen Golfstaaten.

Wie ein deutscher Student zum Darknet-Waffenhändler wurde | 26 January 2016 | WIRED

Lukratives Geschäft: Ein Schweinfurter Student hat auf Darknet-Marktplätzen Maschinenpistolen und Munition vertrieben. Jetzt steht er vor Gericht — im ersten deutschen Verfahren gegen einen Darknet-Waffenhändler überhaupt.

UK-Saudi Arabia-Arms Trade: Written question and answer – HL5160 | 27 January 2016 | British Parliament

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their response to the legal opinion issued by Philippe Sands QC concerning alleged violation of national, European and international arms transfer control law by their continued authorisation of arms exports to Saudi Arabia, especially in the context of their alleged use in Yemen; and what action they are taking in this regard.

Schäuble offen für höhere Rüstungsausgaben | 27 January 2016 | OnVista

Bundesfinanzminister Wolfgang Schäuble hat wohlwollend auf die Forderung von Verteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen reagiert, den Rüstungsetat in den kommenden Jahren deutlich aufzustocken.

Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia – House of Commons Debate | 28 January 2016 | Daily Hansard

To ask the Secretary of State to make a statement on arms sales to Saudi Arabia in the light of the report of potential breaches of international humanitarian law in Yemen.

La France avance vers la pénalisation des violations d’embargos après dix ans de surplace | 28 January 2016 | RTL info

Dix ans après son dépôt, les députés ont adopté jeudi en première lecture un projet de loi visant à pénaliser toutes les violations d’embargos décidés par l’ONU ou l’Union européenne, en renforçant les possibilités de poursuivre des Français livrant des armes depuis l’étranger, comme le réclamaient des ONG.

Armement : Paris livre trois “Rafale” à l’Egypte | 29 January 2016 |

L’Egypte devrait recevoir, jeudi, trois nouveaux avions de combat Rafale français, selon un responsable français de l’ambassade du Caire.

Les sous-marins vendus à la Malaisie refont surface devant la justice française | 29 January 2016 | RTBF

L’affaire des sous-marins français vendus à la Malaisie en 2002 refait surface devant la justice: une première mise en examen a été prononcée contre l’ancien patron d’une filiale internationale de Thalès, soupçonné d’avoir corrompu l’actuel Premier ministre malaisien.

Luxemburg kontrolliert Waffenhandel zu wenig | 29 January 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Amnesty International stellt den luxemburgischen Banken ein katastrophales Zeugnis aus. Die Gründe dafür haben demnach vor allem Waffenhändler lange Zeit erfreut.

Russian weapons exported to Fiji at its official request | 29 January 2016 | TASS

Russian weapons are being supplied to Fiji at the official request from that country and will be used to boost the efficiency of a peacekeeping mission in the Golan Heights, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday.

La France ne vend pas des armes aux parties du conflit du Haut-Karabakh | 2 February 2016 | APA

L’ambassade de France a commenté les rapports diffusés sur les réseaux sociaux sur la vente d’armes à l’Arménie.

Czech, Lithuanian Militaries Enhance Transport Capacities With New Acquisitions | 2 February 2016 | Defense News

The Lithuanian Armed Forces have awarded a contract to Germany’s Daimler AG to acquire 340 Unimog trucks as part of its efforts to establish another infantry brigade in the country’s land forces. The 5-ton trucks are to be procured by 2021, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Livraison d’armes françaises au Liban : la partie blindés signée | 2 February 2016 | L’Orient-Le Jour

Le contrat pour la fourniture d’environ 200 véhicules blindés français au Liban, via un financement saoudien, a été conclu après des “mois de tergiversation”, a annoncé le président de Volvo Group Governmental Sales et président-directeur général de Renault Trucks Defense, Emmanuel Levacher.

Mehr Waffen aus dem Hafen exportiert | 2 February 2016 | Die Welt

Über den Hamburger Hafen sind 2015 Waffen in einem Gesamtwert von rund 360 Millionen Euro exportiert worden. Dies geht aus einer Antwort des Bundesfinanzministeriums auf eine Anfrage des Linken-Abgeordneten Jan van Aken hervor.

Russia proposes to Iran to organize licensed production of Russian T-90S tanks | 3 February 2016 | TASS

Russia’s Uralvagonzavod company is ready to organize in Iran licensed production of the T-90S gun launcher-armed tanks if restrictions on military-technical cooperation with that country are lifted, the corporation’s deputy director general Alexey Zharich said on Wednesday.

Russia to render maximum assistance to Tajikistan by supplying arms | 3 February 2016 | TASS

Russia will provide all possible assistance to Tajikistan’s army by supplying weapons and military equipment, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told Tajik Defense Minister Sherali Mirzo on Wednesday.

Lenders Cite Complex Factors in Arms Export Loans | 3 February 2016 | Defense News

Commercial banks weigh business, ethical and legal factors as they consider, with a clock racing, whether to lend money to fund an arms export deal, financial specialists said Tuesday at a conference organized by Thomas More Institute, a think tank.

Rüstungsgegner Jürgen Grässlin geht auf Lesereise | 3 February 2016 |

Das Projekt “Tödliche Exporte”, an dem Grässlin mit Daniel Harrich beteiligt war, ist für den Grimme-Preis nominiert. In diesem Jahr stehen bereits mehr als 30 Termine für Vorträge und Lesungen fest.

Nexter Munitions develops new rounds | 4 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s International Defence Review

To enhance the firepower of the Nexter Systems Vehicule de Combat d’Infanterie (VCI) 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), of which 520 have now been delivered to the French Army, Nexter Munitions is now under contract to the Direction générale de l’armement (DGA) to develop a new 25 mm round.

U.S. Embassy Condemns Czechs For Refusing To Extradite Suspects | 4 February 2016 | Radio Free Europe

The U.S. embassy in Prague has criticized a decision by the Czech Republic’s justice minister not to extradite a Lebanese man to the United States to face weapons smuggling charges. Prague’s Municipal Court on February 4 ordered the release of Ali Taan Fayad after Justice Minister Robert Pelikan refused to allow Fayad’s extradition.

BAE Systems vend un second OPV à la Thaïlande | 5 February 2016 |

Après le Krabi, mis en service en 2013, la marine thaïlandaise a passé commande d’un second patrouilleur hauturier conçu par BAE Systems. Comme son aîné, ce bâtiment sera réalisé localement sous licence. Longs de 90.5 mètres pour 13.5 mètres de large, ces OPV affichent un déplacement de 2450 tonnes en charge. Capables d’atteindre la vitesse de 24 nœuds et de franchir 5500 milles à 12 nœuds, ils sont armés par un équipage de 40 marins et peuvent accueillir une quarantaine de passagers. Leur armement comprend une tourelle de 76mm et de l’artillerie légère.

Illegaler Waffenhandel: Drei Männer in U-Haft | 5 February 2016 | Augsburger Allgemeine

Kalaschnikow-Gewehre, Pistolen und jede Menge Munition: Ermittlern ist in Oberbayern ein Schlag gegen den illegalen Waffenhandel gelungen.

Das bundesrätliche Moratorium wankt | 6 February 2016 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Rüstungsgeschäfte mit Staaten wie Saudiarabien sind wegen des Jemen-Konflikts seit Monaten blockiert. Der Wirtschaftsminister will die Praxis offenbar lockern, trifft im Bundesrat aber auf Widerstand.

Russia retains positions on world heavy armor market | 8 February 2016 | TASS

Russia’s main armor market programs are expected to focus on the production of T-72B3/T-90 main battle tanks, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers based on the BTR-80 APC.

Russia and Belarus agree Su-30 deal | 8 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Russia has reached a preliminary agreement to supply Belarus with an undisclosed number of Sukhoi Su-30 ‘Flanker’ combat aircraft, national media reported on 5 February.

Schweiz ist strenger als EU-Staaten | 9 February 2016 | St. Galler Tagblatt

Ein heikler Export von Kriegsmaterial in den Nahen Osten ist im Bundesrat umstritten. Andere sind weniger restriktiv: Paris liefert Qatar Kampfjets, Berlin Panzer. Für die neutrale Schweiz sei eine harte Linie berechtigt, sagen Politiker.

La France table sur une nouvelle année record en 2016 | 11 February 2016 | Les Échos

Le délégué pour l’armement table sur plus de 16 milliards d’euros d’exportations. La DGA demande 500 postes de plus pour accompagner cet envol.

“Russische Rüstungsbranche erstarkt”: Günstiger Zeitpunkt für Waffen-Deals mit Irak | 11 February 2016 | Sputnik Deutschland

Moskau und Bagdad haben derzeit gute Chancen darauf, ihre militärtechnische Kooperation auszubauen: Die russische Rüstungsindustrie ist wieder stark und der Irak braucht neue Waffen. Das sagen Experten mit Blick auf den aktuellen Bagdad-Besuch des russischen Vizepremiers Dmitri Rogosin. Dieser bietet dem Irak gemeinsame Industrieprojekte an.

La Russie livre des missiles Pantsir-S1 à l’Irak | 12 February 2016 | Sputnik France

La Russie s’est acquittée de ses obligations contractuelles en livrant à l’Irak un important lot de systèmes de défense antiaérienne Pantsir-S1 (carapace, ndlr), rapportent les médias russes.

British arms sales to Bahrain total £45m since Arab Spring – while claims of torture and oppression continue | 13 February 2016 | The Independent

The UK has drawn even closer to Bahrain, despite years of crackdowns, torture and oppression in the Gulf state, according to human rights campaigners. On the fifth anniversary of uprisings in the kingdom, activists in Britain held several events last week to remember victims of the brutal crackdown during the Arab Spring of 2011 that led to dozens of deaths and thousands of people being imprisoned.

500.000 internautes appellent l’UE à suspendre la vente d’armes à Riyad | 15 February 2016 | Sputnik France

Plus de 500.000 personnes ont signé une pétition exhortant les autorités européennes de ne plus livrer d’armes à l’Arabie saoudite.

Russland kündigt Raketenlieferung an den Iran an | 15 February 2016 | Die Welt

Nach dem Ende der Iran-Sanktionen rückt der Vollzug des ersten Rüstungsgeschäfts näher. Moskau will mit der Lieferung von S-300-Luftabwehrraketen beginnen. Dies stößt im Westen auf heftige Kritik.

The Michael Ranger Files, parts 1 -3 | 15 February 2016 | Arms Control Wonk

Andrea Berger over at RUSI has access to 500 pages of court transcripts relating to the prosecution

of an arms dealer named Michael Ranger, who was convicted of brokering the sale of MANPADS

in violation of arms embargoes on North Korea and Azerbaijan. The transcripts are filled with

insights about DPRK arms sales. Andrea was kind enough to write a three-part series on juicy bits related to DPRK arms marketing.

Russia plans to sign new contract with India on supply of 48 Mi-17V-5 helicopters | 16 February 2016 | TASS

Russian Helicopters plans to sign a contract for supplying 48 Mi-17V-5 utility helicopters to India in 2016, the company’s Deputy CEO Alexander Shcherbinin said at the Singapore Airshow 2016 on Tuesday.

Banning boycotts of Israel will protect Britain’s national security, Government says | 17 February 2016 | The Independent

The Government says it is banning public boycotts of Israeli goods because the practice undermines “community cohesion” and Britain’s “international security”. Ministers have now issued a so-called procurement policy note notifying public authorities that they would face “severe penalties” if they continue procurement boycotts on ethical grounds.

Foreign customers received over 1,800 Russian-made military helicopters in 1991-2014 | 17 February 2016 | TASS

Helicopters of the Mi-8/17 family topped the list of the exported rotorcraft in terms of numbers while the second most-exported type was the attack helicopters of the Mi-24 family.

Österreich genehmigte 285.000 Granaten für Emirate | 17 February 2016 |

Der grüne Sicherheitssprecher Peter Pilz erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen Innen- und Außenministerium. Es geht um Waffen, die aus Österreich an die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate (VAE) geliefert wurden. Seit 2006 waren das 285.379 Granaten, 16.128 Panzerminen und 399 Gewehre, rechnete Pilz am Mittwoch unter Berufung auf das Innenministerium vor.

Millionen aus Liechtenstein für russische Waffen? | 18 February 2016 | Tages-Anzeiger Online

Weil ein nigerianischer Diktator über 300 Millionen Dollar ausser Landes geschafft hatte, wird die Schweiz jetzt zur Kasse gebeten. Was Liechtenstein und russische Waffen damit zu tun haben.

Russia unveils Su-30SME fighter export version at Singapore Airshow | 18 February 2016 | TASS

Russia has unveiled the export version of the Sukhoi Su-30SME (NATO reporting name: Flanker-C) multipurpose fighter jet at the Singapore Airshow 2016, a source in the defense and industrial sector said.

Russia will supply first four Su-35 fighters to China by end of 2016 | 19 February 2016 | TASS

Russia will supply first four Su-35 jets to China by the end of this year in accordance with the contract signed last year, a source in military-technical cooperation sphere told TASS on Friday.

Deutsche Rüstungsexporte sind deutlich gestiegen | 19 February 2016 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Der Wirtschaftsminister hält den Großteil der Geschäfte für unproblematisch. Dennoch sind Panzer an Qatar gegangen – dabei versprach Gabriel, die Rüstungsexporte einzuschränken

A watershed year for Russia’s Sukhoi combat aircraft on the global arms market | 20 February 2016 | TASS

The current year seems to be a watershed one for Russia’s Sukhoi fighters and bombers at the global arms market. As a high-ranking military-diplomatic source told at the Singapore Airshow 2016, a number of countries had already revealed their keen interest to Russian fixed-wing aircraft.

Höchster Schweizer Waffenexport seit sieben Jahren | 22 February 2016 | Der Bund

Die Schweiz hat 2015 so viele Rüstungsgüter verkauft wie seit langem nicht mehr. Welche Länder beliefert werden.

Studie zeigt: Deutschland halbierte seine Rüstungsexporte | 22 February 2016 | Huffington Post Deutschland

Die deutschen Waffenexporte haben sich in den vergangenen fünf Jahren halbiert. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine nun veröffentlichte Studie des schwedischen Sipri-Instituts. Erst am Freitag hatte Wirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) bekannt gegeben, das Gesamtvolumen der erlaubten Waffenexporte habe sich im Jahre 2015 auf 7,5 Milliarden Euro deutlich erhöht.

Strong franc blamed for drop in export of Swiss war materiel | 23 February 2016 |

Exports of war materiel from Switzerland have reached their lowest level in nearly ten years, according to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. Presenting detailed figures from 2015, senior officials said exports dropped to CHF446.6 million ($449 million), down 21% from the previous year.

Oral Answers to Questions – House of Commons Debates | 23 February 2016 | Daily Hansard

A recent UN report suggested that, in a disturbing violation of human rights, Saudi Arabia’s military operation in Yemen is targeting civilians. Is the Minister confident that the UK Government are fulfilling their obligations under the arms trade treaty in relation to Saudi Arabia?

Proposition sur les armes à feu: les conséquences sur les citoyens qui respectent la loi ont dominé le débat en commission parlementaire | 24 February 2016 | Parlement Européen (Communiqué de presse)

Lors d’un premier débat en commission du marché intérieur mardi, la plupart des députés ont fait part de leurs craintes concernant les conséquences qu’une révision de la directive européenne sur les armes à feu pourrait avoir sur les détenteurs légaux d’armes à feu dans l’UE, comme les tireurs sportifs, les chasseurs, les collectionneurs et les musées. La proposition de révision a été présentée par la Commission européenne après les attentats terroristes de Paris du 13 novembre 2015.

Azerbaijan sends note of protest to Russia over arms supply to Armenia | 24 February 2016 | TASS

Baku “is expecting guarantees from the exporting country” that weapons and equipment will not be deployed along Azerbaijan’s border with Armenia or in Nagorno-Karabakh.

La vente d’armes à l’Arménie de la Russie – tentative de déstabilisation de la région | 25 February 2016 | APA

La vente d’armes russes à l’Arménie est une manifestation de deux poids deux mesures et une tentative de déstabiliser la situation dans la région, Ali Ahmadov, vice-président et secrétaire exécutif du Parti du Nouvel Azerbaïdjan, vice-premier ministre a déclaré aux journalistes jeudi.

European Parliament calls for Saudi arms embargo | 25 February 2016 | Reuters

The European Parliament called on the European Union to impose an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia on Thursday, saying Britain, France and other EU governments should no longer sell weapons to a country accused of targeting civilians in Yemen.

David Cameron boasts of ‘brilliant’ UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia | 25 February 2016 | The Guardian

David Cameron has boasted of his efforts to help sell “brilliant things” such as Eurofighter Typhoons to Saudi Arabia on the day the European parliament voted for an arms embargo on the country over its bombardment of Yemen.

Croatia approves OH-58D buy | 28 February 2016 | IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Croatia has approved the procurement of 16 surplus OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armed reconnaissance helicopters from the United States, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 25 February.

Waffenhandel im “Darknet” | 29 February 2016 |

Die Polizei hat in Deutschland und in sechs weiteren Ländern bei Razzien gegen Betreiber und Nutzer illegaler Internetplattformen mehrere Verdächtige festgenommen. Bei den Ermittlungen geht es um illegalen Handel unter anderem mit Waffen, Drogen und Falschgeld.