The mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Delve Country Profile

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In partnership with DELVE, the platform for artisanal and small-scale mining data, IPIS produced a profile of the ASM sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This country profile provides elements on the mining historical context in the country and gives an overview of the geographical scope, gender participation, employment and production levels for key ASM minerals.

In the DRC, armed group interference in the exploitation of natural resources during conflicts raised concerns on the role of mining activities in the perpetuation of violence. While safety and working conditions are a persistent issue, ASM also presents a high potential for development, therefore encouraging formalisation and responsible sourcing initiatives. This profile details the contribution of the ASM sector to local livelihoods and the Sustainable Development Goals and summarises the mineral governance framework currently in force.

By compiling available information on the mining sector in the DRC, this profile offers an extensive bibliography and allows to identify remaining key knowledge and data gaps.

Supplementing the profile is a webpage which displays key information and provides dynamic visual representations on the artisanal mining sector in the DRC:

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