Deadly Movements. Transportation Controls in the Arms Trade Treaty

Effective regulation of the global trade in conventional arms must include adequate provisions to control the physical movement of arms across international borders. The proposed Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) should be designed to prevent unauthorised or irresponsible international transfers of weapons, munitions and related equipment internationally: it must therefore require states to impose effective controls […]

Fuelling Conflict – Foreign Arms supplies to Israel/Gaza

With fragile ceasefires now in place in Gaza and southern Israel, the full extent of the devastation caused in recent weeks is becoming increasingly clear. Amnesty International researchers visiting Gaza and southern Israel during and after the fighting found evidence of war crimes and other serious violations of international law by all parties to the […]

Tirana-Kabul, e bufera sulla Rice

Il dipartimento di stato Usa nella bufera: nascosto al Congresso il trasferimento di tonnellate di munizioni dall’Albania all’Afghanistan, in violazione delle leggi statunitensi. Le pessime condizioni dell’arsenale non preoccupano gli americani: a morire a causa di armamenti difettosi saranno solo i soldati di Kabul. Download in pdf or open with issuu reader.  

Blood at the Crossroads: Making the Case for an Arms Trade Treaty

The world is reaching the crossroads where governments must decide which approach to take in order to control the increasingly globalised trade in conventional arms. If the current practice of allowing irresponsible transfers of military and security equipment and related items across borders is allowed to continue, millions more lives and livelihoods will be destroyed […]

Verweer tegen gedwongen verdwijning

Publicatie An Vranckx in: Internationaal Humanitair Recht in de kijker. Dit is de naam en de doelstelling van de publicatie van Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen ter promotie van het internationaal humanitair recht. Hiermee loopt dit tijdschrift in de voetsporen van ‘Zoeklicht’ dat van 1991 tot 2004 zijn licht liet schijnen over de laatste trends en ontwikkelingen in […]

Democratic Republic of Congo: arming the east

Amnesty International is concerned that, during the peace process in the DRC, military aid has been provided from agents close to the Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC governments to armed groups and militia in eastern DRC who have committed grave human rights abuses. This document presents only a partial picture of the trade in arms […]