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Mijnbouw in Peru

January 2, 2007

Metalen en mineralen worden massaal ontgonnen. De mijnbouwindustrie uit het Noorden vaart er bijzonder goed bij, terwijl de exploitatie in het Zuiden vaak ten koste van lokale gemeenschappen gaat. Het Zuiden telt dan ook tal van mijnbouwconflicten en Peru, een traditioneel mijnbouwland, ontsnapt daar niet aan. De argumenten van de lokale gemeenschappen in Peru zijn als volgt samen te vatten: mijnb

Sudan: New photographs show further breach of UN arms embargo on Darfur

January 1, 2007

Amnesty International today (24 August 2007) released new photographs showing that the Sudanese government is continuing to deploy offensive military equipment in Darfur despite the UN arms embargo and peace agreements. Download in pdf or open with issuu reader.

Jaarverslag 2006 IPIS

December 31, 2006

Download in pdf or open with issuu reader.

Have African-based Diamond Monopolies Been Effective?

June 16, 2001

Allegations of links between certain monopoly members and illicit activity will be assessed, with several cases highlighted to provide a more complete picture of the dynamics within the monopolies. Above all, this article seeks objectivity in attempting to separate fact from fiction, and in citing the possible sources, and reasons behind, numerous rumours in circulation – and how these rumours may

Mineral Exports by RCD-Goma in 2000

June 6, 2001

The following is a summary of gold, colombo-tantalite (coltan) and diamond exports in 2000 from territory controlled by the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie-(RCD-Goma) rebels in Eastern Congo. These figures were obtained from the RCD Department des Terres, Mines et Énergie in Goma, March 2001, with copies of the documents in the possession of IPIS. The data supplied below is an abridged

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