Responsible gold in Beni

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) engaged IPIS to prepare the ground to support the development of a responsible artisanal gold mining sector in Beni-Mbau, in line with international due diligence requirements. The research is part of a larger stabilization programme “Ensemble pour Beni”, implemented by a consortium that is led by IOM. 

Gold mining and trade has seriously decreased over the last decade in the collectivité Beni-Mbau, and even almost entirely stopped around the Beni-Eringeti axis, due to prolonged insecurity.

IPIS and its DRC-based partners ASADHO and ASSODIP, developed a baseline assessment of the gold sector to provide an in depth understanding and a comprehensive overview of mines and trading networks in the area. The baseline study also allowed Congolese mining authorities and the local multi-stakeholder committee to select mining sites for official qualification and validation, and for future pilot projects to promote due diligence. ASADHO, ASSODIP and IPIS have also supported local authorities in Beni to establish a local multi-stakeholder committee to monitor gold supply chains, and to organise monthly meetings throughout 2020.

In the framework of this project, IPIS also engages the Bukavu-based organisation CEGEMI, to train cooperatives in order to promote responsible gold trade in the Beni area. Finally, a range of local civil society organisations have been trained, and will be engaged to promote the “Kufatilia” platform to local ASM stakeholders. The platform allows for anonymous incident reporting in mining areas. The CSO’s have also been trained, and will be equipped to secure follow up to reported incidents.


Project Coordinator

ken matthysen

Ken Matthysen