Monitoring gold in eastern DRC: Ground-based incident reporting

With the support of the European Partnership for Responsible Minerals (EPRM), IPIS set up an independent, transparent and participatory platform for incident reporting and community empowerment in responsible sourcing in the Eastern DR Congo gold sector.

IPIS has engaged in capacity enhancement of 7 mining cooperatives through a series of trainings and follow-up visits led by CEGEMI (Centre d’Expertise en Gestion du secteur Minier). In parallel, IPIS developed “Kufatilia“, an incident monitoring mechanism for gold supply chains, with the support of Ulula. The tool allows civil society organisations in eastern DRC to monitor incidents (mine accidents, violence, illegal taxation, fraud, interference of armed groups, forced labour, child labour, road blocks) reported by members of mining communities. 



Erik Gobbers


Monitoring Tools

ASM Security Tracker

ASM Incident Tracker

The ASM Incident Tracker is a tool for Congolese civil society organisations to report and monitor incidents in Eastern DRC in a transparent, independent and participatory way.


Dashboard of Incidents in Eastern DRC

This dashboard has been conceived to allow local authorities and other stakeholders to visualise validated incidents and their status regarding follow-up by partner organisations