Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition

IPIS is a member of the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KP CSC). This is a grouping of civil society organisations from Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Belgium. It has observer status to the Kimberley Process, which is an intergovernmental forum with a mandate to stop the flow of conflict diamonds. The KP CSC represents communities affected by diamond mining and trade. It not only acts as watchdog to the Kimberley Process, but also works to improve diamond sector governance more broadly. 

Through the local and regional expertise of the Coalition’s members, the KP CSC follows up on  responsible diamond sourcing on the ground and articulates a grassroots perspective on the diamond  sector at national, regional and international fora. The KP CSC has repeatedly voiced its concerns over the functioning of the Kimberley Process. It has been calling for meaningful reforms, both on the scope of the definition of conflict diamonds and the internal controls of governments to ensure a clean, conflict-free and legal diamond supply. 

IPIS supports the Coalition logistically and contributes to its work based on IPIS’ expertise and experience in researching the (ir-)responsible exploitation of natural resources.

Project Coordinator

Hans Merket

Researcher and Policy Manager