My GIS internship at IPIS – A goodbye from our latest intern Philip Knirsch

March 20, 2023

During the second half of 2022, I had the chance to complete a GIS internship at IPIS in Antwerp. As a student pursuing a degree in both African Studies and Geography, I was eager to apply my existing knowledge from both fields and gather valuable insights and experience.  The main tasks of the GIS and data analysis team, and thus of my internship, included supporting other researchers in col

A goodbye from our latest student assistants in the GIS and data Team

April 7, 2022

At the end of 2021, as part of a university course on peace research, I started diving into the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its current production of minerals. During this research I came across IPIS and its Open Data Dashboard, which impressed me a lot. When I saw that there was a student job opportunity for the GIS and data analysis team, I applied; and beginning of 202

Alistair Steward

Shining a light on IPIS data – A goodbye from our latest GIS intern

November 6, 2020

With the world going into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, late March 2020 was perhaps not the optimum time to move to a new city and begin a six-month internship. My bewilderment was quickly alleviated: IPIS staff did a great job of welcoming me on to the team and provided training on various software remotely, so I was soon up and running as a GIS intern. The internship was the concludi

My GIS internship experience – a word of goodbye from our latest intern

December 19, 2019

It was early September when I started my internship at IPIS, but the story started way earlier. During my Master’s degree, I came across this research centre and used part of the extensive information it provides on artisanal mining and conflict in eastern DRC. Eventually, I ended up writing my thesis based on IPIS data. It seemed then very natural to apply for an internship in IPIS GIS team in or

My GIS internship experience – A goodbye from our latest intern

September 25, 2019

This summer I joined IPIS as a GIS intern between my first and second year of master and discovered a group of professionals whose work drive insights for decision-making and governance through research and technology. Walking into the building, I was warmly greeted by the staff and discovered the vast collection of books in the library of this research institute. The last three months were full o

Working on conflict mapping through GIS – A goodbye from our latest GIS intern

May 29, 2019

I arrived at IPIS in January of this year with the purpose to further improve my GIS skills and work on the topic of conflict mapping. Entering the IPIS premises and meeting the staff, my first impression of IPIS was that of a friendly and professional organization. They are lucky enough to be housed in an old monastery which seems like a small oasis in the middle of the loud and crowded city. Tha

A beginners guide to an internship at IPIS – A goodbye from our latest GIS intern

April 17, 2018

Hi, I’m Maryam, and I just finished a 4-month internship at IPIS. As I am leaving the team with a handful of experiences and prepare for my next challenge, here are some thoughts I wanted share about my internship! What do you do as a GIS intern, you might ask. Well, during the first week of my internship things got serious pretty fast as I helped organise one of the Missing Maps Mapathons which a