Artisanal gold monitoring pilot in eastern DRC


In April 2016, the Public Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade (PPA) granted IPIS funds to
implement a pilot monitoring system for gold production and trade in eastern DRC. The monitoring system aims to enhance local capacities to monitor gold supply chains according to a system that balances data accuracy with safety/security, and cost. The second objective is to facilitate access to useful data for a variety of stakeholders in support of sector transparency, good governance and responsible sourcing. In doing so, the pilot will examine the scalability and sustainability of the monitoring system.

So far the Phase I (Hub selection, preparatory assessments and methodological development) and Phase II (Pilot initiation and capacity-enhancement) progress reports are available. The Phase III progress report, final monitoring report and interactive webmap will be available soon.

Progress report August – September 2016

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Progress report October – December 2016

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