Madini – Strengthening regional stability in the Great Lakes

In December 2019, IPIS joined the consortium of International Alert, EurAC, OGP and Justice Plus to implement the Madini kwa Amani na Maendeleo (Minerals for Peace and Development) project, which aims to improve security, social cohesion and human rights in the conflict-ridden mineral-rich regions of eastern DRC.

To achieve this objective, the Madini project plans to strengthen regional stability in the Great Lakes region by (a) reducing levels of violent conflict and improving security in the targeted mining areas of South Kivu and Ituri and (b) improving regional security and stability through cleaner chains and more effective governance of mining chains at all levels.

The project builds on IPIS’s global research and technical expertise, including longstanding experience in monitoring incidents at mining sites in eastern DRC. IPIS takes the lead on the high-level research and monitoring studies that form the basis of all advocacy activities within the project.

IPIS’ work began with mapping and data collection on nearly 200 mines in South Kivu and Ituri. In subsequent phases, IPIS will conduct regular site monitoring activities and develop reports based on these missions that will be shared with key decision-makers at provincial and national levels. In addition, IPIS is also playing a role in engaging with national stakeholders, supporting local civil society organisations and sharing project results and recommendations with other key influencers in Europe and the US.


Project Coordinator

Guillaume De Beer

Guillaume de Brier