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Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition  (KP CSC) IPIS is a member of the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KP CSC). The KP CSC has observer status in the KP as one of its three pillars next to governments and industry. Representing communities affected by diamond mining, the KP CSC advocates for durable peace, sustainable development, […]


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The thematic division of our library corresponds to the key themes of our research: arms trade/security, the exploitation of natural resources, and corporate social responsibility. In addition to this, there is a separate section with reference books and general publications on Sub-Saharan Africa (for example politics, history etc.). The formation of the collection is the […]


Alexeï Delanghe Research & Communication Intern e-mail Ali Malik Finance Analyst e-mail Amin Sofla Finance Manager e-mail Anne Hullebroeck Office Manager e-mail Elard Mawala Liaison Officer Tanzania e-mail Erik Gobbers Researcher e-mail Filip Reyniers Director e-mail Guillaume de Brier Researcher e-mail Han Verleyen Programme Manager e-mail Hans Merket Researcher e-mail Jan Leysen Project Manager e-mail […]


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Jobs at IPIS IPIS is a horizontal and inclusive organization where the input of staff members is valued equally: We believe the ideas of our workers are more important than their position in the organigramme. Liaison Officers in several African countries support our fieldwork while our offices are in Antwerp, Belgium. Job openings IPIS has […]


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Open the webmap in full screen with filters Natural Resources Empowering Tanzanian communities and civil society to foster justice & human rights in natural resource governance Analysing the Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers in an Artisanal Mining Zone in Maniema Province, DRC Understanding Artisanal Mining Supply Chains and Conflict Financing in DRC Matokeo – Data […]

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Since the second half of the 1990s, IPIS has conducted numerous research projects related to conflicts and their root causes in African regions south of the Sahara. Conflict is not just armed violence and durable peace is much more than the absence of such violence. Our research, therefore, focuses not only on conflict analysis but also on all aspects of structural […]



Mission Statement IPIS is an independent research institute that provides tailored information, analysis and capacity enhancement to support those actors who want to realise a vision of durable peace, sustainable development and the fulfilment of human rights. Throughout the years, IPIS has developed a geographic focus on sub-Saharan Africa and a thematic focus on natural […]