IPIS on BNNR’s Training Day: “Natural Resources: Stakes, Consequences, Alternatives”

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On Saturday, October 3rd 2020, the Belgian Natural Resources Network (BNNR) will welcome you for a day of training on the stakes of natural resources, the consequences of their exploitation and the alternatives to be built.

Our human societies consume more and more natural resources and exceed the planet’s capacity for renewal. The unequal and unreasonable exploitation of these resources can fuel violent conflicts. Consequently, building alternatives to our production and consumption patterns is essential.
Natural resources provide an interesting framework for addressing economic, geopolitical, ecological and human rights issues.

This training will therefore offer you to learn more about natural resources through three different modules :

  • Introduction to natural resource issues.
    Training given by Claire Mathot, from Justice et Paix.
  • Case study: Congolese minerals, source of conflicts or development?
    This training will be given by Guillaume de Brier, researcher at IPIS.
  • Alternatives to the (over)consumption of natural resources.
    Training given by Romain Gelin from GRESEA.

This training day will take place from 9 am to 4.30 pm in Brussels (11.11.11, Rue de la Linière 11, 1060 Saint-Gilles) with an entry price of 5 euros. Everyone is welcome (researcher, citizen, teacher)

Reminder :  COVID-19 measures impose certain restrictions. Masks are mandatory, social distancing of 1,5m will be required and no catering will be organised).

Register here 

Note: The training will be is given in Dutch at the same time and place.