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Opportunities at IPIS

Jobs at IPIS

Job openings

IPIS is recruiting a researcher, starting as soon as possible.

This is a 90% FTE permanent contract. The recruitment will also serve to establish a small recruitment base for additional hirings for long and short term contracts. Therefore, eligible candidates are highly encouraged to participate.

Job description: Based in the IPIS office in Antwerp, you will carry out research projects and capacity enhancement activities on issues related to peace, development and human rights. You will disseminate structured information and analysis through written publications and presentations. You will specifically execute research projects related to the (ir)responsible sourcing of natural resources impacting sustainable development.

Selection process: Please send a recent CV, cover letter and a 700 word writing sample (in English or French) to before 14/02/2020, 17.00 Brussels time. In the cover letter please briefly explain the reason for your interest in the post, why you would be best suited for the position and why you have chosen the writing sample you have submitted.

More details are available here

Internships at IPIS

IPIS offers three main types of internship:

  • Through partner organisations. These partner organisations use their own recruitment processes.
  • Through calls issued for specific projects. These will be made through our website (below), in the weekly briefing, and in some instances through universities networks.
  • Through approaches from those with a specific research project that they wish to pursue within our organisation. Such interns can publish their papers as an intern paper publication or in some instances as a co-author.

Speculative applications without a specific research project may be considered on an ad hoc basis.

Internships typically last three to six months, and are in-house (Antwerp). The number of days per week can depend on requirements and availability. An evaluation is planned after one month.

Internship offers generally involve the following benefits:

  • Personal supervision by one of our researchers
  • Office space and use of office equipment
  • Use of our working library
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses within Belgium

Internship openings

There are currently no vacancies.

Spontaneous applications

Even when we’re not actively looking for someone or when the position you’d like to apply for is not amongst those we’re currently seeking, you’re always welcome to let us know you’re interested to work or collaborate for/with us. Send a CV, a cover letter outlining your motivation and availability and a recent writing sample (article or paper) or a project (printed map, webmap, or data analysis) you made to Filip Reyniers. Should your application be of interest to us, we will return to you to discuss the matter further.


IPIS welcomes the opportunity to work with non-governmental organisations from our focal region. Such work can take the form of joint research projects or capacity building through editorial assistance, skills / knowledge transfer and training. If your organisation would like to discuss the possibility of such a partnership, please contact Filip Reyniers.