Maps of DRC

ASM Incident Tracker (2019)

The ASM Incident Tracker is a tool for congolese civil society organisations to report and monitor incidents in Eastern DRC.

Conflict Mapping in Eastern DRC (2011)

Bisie. A one-year snapshot of the DRC’s principal cassiterite mine (November 2011)

Simplified maps illustrating the link between natural resources and armed conflict in the DR Congo (January 2011)

Conflict Mapping in Eastern DRC (2010)

An analysis of the mining sector in the Kivu Hinterlands (December 2010)

Mining concessions in the DR Congo (August 2010)

Mapping conflict motives: Province Orientale (March 2010)

Conflict Mapping in Eastern DRC (2008)

Mapping conflict motives: Katanga (May-September 2008)

Mapping conflict motives: Katanga (December 2007 – May 2008)

Mapping conflict motives: Eastern DRC (March 2008)