E-Learning: The Arms Trade Treaty (English version)

Module 6 – Export Risk Criteria

This Module explains the criteria set out in Article 7(1) and 7(4) of the Arms Trade Treaty for a State Party to assess the risks of an export of conventional arms and/or related items if it were to be authorised.

Module 8 – Regulating Imports

This Module provides an overview of the rights, obligations, and suggested measures contained in various provisions of the Arms Trade Treaty that States Parties apply when importing conventional arms and related items covered by the Treaty.

Module 9 – Regulating Transit and Trans-shipment

This Module outlines ways that State Parties can interpret and implement Article 9 in accordance with their other overlapping obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty and with other relevant obligations in international agreements on transit and trans-shipment to which they are a party.

Module 10 – Regulating Brokering

This Module provides an overview of the obligations and suggested measures that States Parties of the Arms Trade Treaty take to regulate the brokering of conventional arms and related items.

Module 11 – Preventing Diversion

This Module explains what is meant by the diversion of conventional arms transfers and relates its key features to the main provisions of Article 11 of the Arms Trade Treaty as well as other relevant international standards designed to prevent the diversion of such arms.