In order to ensure that our research and expertise reach as wide an audience as possible, IPIS often complements research with capacity building. Increasingly, IPIS also offers stand-alone capacity building, designed to meet the needs and knowledge gaps identified by partners and clients.

IPIS’ capacity building activities entail a wide range of support and collaboration:

  1. Collaborative research
  2. Co-authored publications and editorial advice
  3. Methodological and thematic training modules

Our trainings are tailored to specific time-frames, geographies and needs. A training module can be reshaped in a way that will allow our audiences get the most out of it. This includes translation of materials in other languages and context-specific adaptation of the module’s content.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of the capacity building modules we offer and / or have recently conducted. We can also be commissioned to offer capacity building on new topics, provided they lie within IPIS’ existing themes and expertise.

Thematic Modules

  • What does “business & human rights” mean, and how can we bring about a healthy relationship between the two?
  • Implementing due diligence requirements in the supply chains of minerals from high risk areas
  • The human right to water and sanitation
  • Strategic stakeholder engagement (SSE) in large-scale projects

Methodological Modules

  • Legal research
  • Planning and executing a research project
  • Online database for arms trade research
  • GPS Techniques on the field
  • Production of maps