Sergio Finardi

The Arms Flyers. Commercial Aviation, Human Rights, and the Business of War and Arms

In the last decades, the “business of war” has attracted thousands of civilian transport and logistics companies, especially in the aviation sector. State and non-State actors engaged in armed conflicts or in military operations that require substantial logistic support have increasingly resorted to the services of civilian transport operators to fulfill their transport and logistics […]

The Karamoja Cluster of eastern Africa: Arms transfers and their repercussions on communal security perceptions

Nomadic peoples are often, if not universally, perceived as a problem by the governments of the nation states who have responsibility for them; this is particularly so in the case of the three nations with which this report is concerned, viz: Kenya, Uganda and (southern) Sudan. The pastoralist societies within the Karamajong cluster have been […]

Mapping the Labyrinth: more on the strange weapons flight of 4L-AWA

This research report is the third in a series about the case of a IL-76 aircraft used for an apparently clandestine arms flight in provenance from Pyongyang – in contravention of the United Nations arms embargo on North Korea -, which was impounded by Thai authorities during a technical stop in Bangkok December 12, 2009. […]

From deceit to discovery: The strange flight of 4L-AWA

On Saturday 12 December 2009 Thai authorities seized an aircraft at Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport. The Ilyushin-76 had stopped on the 11th December for refuelling while en-route from Pyongyang to Tehran, and was carrying 35 tonnes of arms and ammunition. While the media rushed to make unproven claims about the plane and alleged former owners […]

Tirana-Kabul, e bufera sulla Rice

Il dipartimento di stato Usa nella bufera: nascosto al Congresso il trasferimento di tonnellate di munizioni dall’Albania all’Afghanistan, in violazione delle leggi statunitensi. Le pessime condizioni dell’arsenale non preoccupano gli americani: a morire a causa di armamenti difettosi saranno solo i soldati di Kabul. Download in pdf or open with issuu reader.