Jeroen Cuvelier

Guide to Current Mining Reform Initiatives in Eastern DRC

US legislation has brought on a variety of initiatives aiming at mining reform in EDRC. This paper describes the basic elements of these initiatives, their genesis, the current state of affairs, the inkages between the initiatives and the main challenges they face. Further, the paper briefly evaluates the initiatives while focussing on the steps ahead. […]

The complexity of resource governance in a context of state fragility: The case of eastern DRC


A host of publications over the last decade have highlighted the important role played by artisanal and small-scale mining of coltan, gold and cassiterite in the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), yet there is still little awareness of the modus operandi of the various actors involved in the exploitation and trade […]

La complexité de la gestion des ressources dans un contexte de fragilité de l’État : le cas de l’est de la RDC


Bien que de nombreuses études publiées au cours de la décennie qui vient de s’écouler aient souligné le rôle central joué par le coltan, l’or et la cassitérite dans les conflits qui continuent de secouer la région, le mode opératoire des différents acteurs participant à l’exploitation et au commerce de ces minerais reste mal connu. […]

Culprits or scapegoats? Revisiting the role of Belgian mineral traders in eastern DRC

Ever since the eruption of the second Congo war in August 1998, the mining sector in eastern DRC has been under scrutiny of UN Sanctions Committees, academics, NGOs, and local and international media, who have been worried and disturbed by the links between natural resource exploitation and armed conflict in the region. It has been […]

Supporting the War Economy in the DRC: European Companies and the Coltan Trade

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Since the outbreak of the second Congolese war in August 1998, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been caught up in a fight over their country’s vast natural resources. Six neighbouring states and several rebel groups compete to extract maximum commercial and material benefits at an exorbitant human cost for millions of […]