The thematic division of our library corresponds to the key themes of our research: arms trade/security, the exploitation of natural resources, and corporate social responsibility. In addition to this, there is a separate section with reference books and general publications on Sub-Saharan Africa (for example politics, history etc.).

At the end of 2015, IPIS explored a collaboration with Anet, the library network of the University of Antwerp, connecting about twenty scientific libraries in Flanders. All these libraries use the Brocade Library Services as a system. Brocade is a fully integrated and web-based system, developed by the University of Antwerp since 1998. The catalog contains about 2.500.000 entries. Integrating our library in this system will ensure that the specialised collection of books, journals, and IPIS reports will be opened up to the scientific research community and interested public. The full integration of the IPIS collection into Anet will be concluded at the end of 2016.

The formation of the collection is the responsibility of our researchers. It is of vital importance for their information gathering. By permanently processing purchased and otherwise acquired publications, they can expand their expertise.

Current journals and magazines

  • Africa Confidential
  • Africa Energy Intelligence
  • Africa Mining Intelligence
  • Indian Ocean Newsletter
  • Jane’s Defence Weekly
  • Jane’s International Defence Review
  • La lettre du continent
  • Maghreb Confidential
  • (The) Military Balance
  • NJCM Bulletin 
  • Strategic Survey
  • West Africa Newsletter

We provide open access to our library on Wednesday (1pm – 4:30pm).  Please contact reception on arrival. We do not lend books, but you are welcome to make photocopies at cost.

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