Module 2 – Scope of Arms and Other Materiel

This module deals with scope of the material or physical items whose transfer must be controlled under the Arms Trade Treaty. The main question addressed here is: which types of conventional arms and related items must be and can be covered by the Treaty?

In the first part of this module, you will learn about the types of conventional arms which all State Parties to the Treaty must apply. These obligations are set out in Article 2(1) of the Treaty.

The second part of this module is about the items closely related to those conventional arms that must be covered by the Treaty, namely ammunition/munitions, and parts and components, for the assembly and use of the conventional arms. These obligations are set out in Articles 3 and 4 of the Treaty.

The third part of this module considers the implications of an important provision in Article 5(3) of the Treaty whereby States Parties are encouraged to adopt ‘the broadest range of conventional arms’ in their national control lists beyond the minimum categories required.

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