Central African Republic

Gold and diamonds in the Central African Republic. The country’s mining sector, and related social, economic and environmental issues.

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Gold and diamonds in Central Africa easily conjure up images of conflict, rebel funding, human rights violations, and smuggling. As a country landlocked within an unstable region, neighbouring the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and recently the scene of another coup, the Central African Republic (CAR) might be considered an appropriate candidate for analysis within […]

A Taxonomy of Non-State Armed Actors in the Central African Republic


This report hopes to provide an overview of how the Central African Republic got to where it is now, as well as to present the means to further our understanding of the current situation. First a genealogy of the current situation is provided, which is presented in the form of a narrative literature overview encompassing […]

Cartographie des motivations derrière les conflits : la République centrafricaine

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Peu de zones en République centrafricaine sont réellement sécurisées. Même si le pays est faiblement peuplé, il est déchiré par une multitude d’acteurs armés. Ces combattants recourent aux armes pour des raisons diverses mais ils ont une chose en commun : face à un quelconque Etat bien organisé, ces opposants ne feraient pas le poids. […]

Mapping Conflict Motives: Central African Republic

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Not many areas in the Central African Republic are really secure. Although the country is scarcely populated, it is tormented by a multitude of armed actors. These belligerents use their weapons for a diversity of reasons but they have one thing in common: each of them would be a weak opponent for any well-organised state, […]